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@Sophia when will our mc meet Vince? :smirk:


l would never cheat in a tournament. As for battle I wonder what kind of magic can be used. Magic itself has many uses, I’m also curious to know what else I can use it for. I think healing magic would be very important to know as well.


I hate to break it to you, but the fix is already in. Magic will be used against us.


It is a realm where magic exists so shouldn’t it be used against us? It wouldn’t make sense if it were a world where everyone really was chivalrous


I hear your argument and I agree with it. Here is the thing, so far @Sophia has been trying to take emphasis off of magic. Also, the way she has been describing the tournament, using magic is a disqualifier. (Andus hates magic.)

However, elsewhere in the thread, it has been hinted that the device used to detect magic will be altered in your match, Marxus’, or all of the above. So, magic will be used against you, even if you play by the rules.


Either way it adds a good element to it.


Besides a new update (which I cant play cuz school sucks ans soccer sucks) what did I miss in the last 200 replies


No, YOU suck!!

Didn’t miss much. Sophia played “ask me questions”.


I was more talking about the fact it takes time away from this (And the fact Im ALWAYS defense. I want to score a touchdown :cry:) Also any interesting questions?


…score touchdowns in soccer?? Do you mean goals or football?

I really can’t remember any of the questions/answers, to be honest.


I think it’s when mc visit Lucraex at some point. I forgot what chapter.

You mean this?(and going to tag @Sophia just in case)


did she ever say wich chapter the mc will visit? i dont remember reading that…hmmm :thinking:


Yeah she is, I just search it


that will take some time, damm :laughing:

(am i the only one that want blood already? andus, marxus, vince :thinking::smirk: )


Pretty much… i really just want to know that grandpa king


so you dont want andus, marxus or vince dead? none at all?:thinking:


my? marxus brother in law.


I not kill Marxus unless if he became really intolerable. As for Andus I thinking of letting him life the consequences of his poor decisions as king, since it’s seems like death is easy way out for him with mess(like the rebel for example) he left. And as for Vince as much as I want to also let him life his actions consequence he still quite young, so I probably going to kill him.


i doubt if you let andus live there will be a rebelión… i think that only happen if andus die and marxus take the throne.
(and if you mean a certain general rebelling… if andus live i think that general will die for sure)


I think I recall that @Sophia said there some point where king andus going to… Kinda weakened(?) I won’t surprised if rebellion start at that point. Besides I think the rebellion do start when Andus still a king.