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I changed it. Clithus will get sea sick instead of Sophia.



Version 2.4.2

  • Error mentioned was fixed. (Ughhhh Finallly I’m DONE)

Edit: Doodle Poo(censored bad words)… I forgot to fix the stats! Be right back.


I vote for throwing her on the sea. WALK THE PLANK


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Kinda undecided I see

What can mc do to ease it?

Don’t get your ho-



Nah, better to throw her to the sea monster.


Medicine, and increase her relationship stat.


Does it increase Sophia stats too? I mean we are taking care of her friend. And I need Sophia to be my BFF :thinking:


Going to tag @Legion13 so he not going to forget bring medicine


Welp, I know what my MC will do during the trip. Avoid Sophia, probably look for medicine since he forgot to bring it, and sneak up on Melissa xD (And if Kris is there, prank people together or something xD)


No, not really. :joy: Sophia will stay in her room the whooooleeeee ship adventure, so she will not see your kind act.

Marxus will be in your trip.


Can we push him lff the boat?


And Melissa with her ?


Hell no.

Yes. :slight_smile:


Can we “accidentally” let him get hurt by the sea monster?


What about clithus? I don’t really have idea of where people would be if seasick


I just said ‘sneak up on’. Didn’t say for what, or with what intentions or anything. That was your assumption :laughing: Maybe he’s just showing his rarely-seen playful side. Or maybe he wants to sneak up on her so they can talk without her pulling a roadrunner on him >xD


Oh, so you’ll “accidentally” hurt the person who may save you in that attack?


Feeling Nausea… Vomiting… And Stuff…


And the stat screen is fixed btw. :slight_smile:


Oh, good. I would hate for these two to run into each other at sea. :neutral_face:

hugs Marxus I’m not letting go