Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



AAAAAH! NOOOO! :scream:

That is One creepy… creature.

I meant Sea Serpents, 3 headed creature who lived underneath the ocean, hydra and stuff.


That sounds…creepy. hides I’ll stick with the adorable creature in the pic.


Kraken? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Nooooooo! Just no o.o Let’s not.


Sea Horse ? :horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::racehorse::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing:


Better xD I can live with hippocampi xD


Yeah, something like that.

Uh no?


How they going to be mc pet though? Aren’t they live in area where there a tons of water? Or is there something like… bonds?(I don’t know is this the right term or not)


Nope. :slight_smile: You’ll just battle them. No bonding with sea serpents or Krakens.


Okay, but at when mc going to fight them? Is mc going to travel with ship at some point?


What I’m picturing when Sophia says that:


What I’m hoping she means



Yeah, the mc will travel to Winter North. And ships are needed.

Correct. :slight_smile:


DAMMIT! Why, Sophia, why. The first time I saw that picture in a game traumatized me enough that I still remember it clearly years later. Why? That thing is big enough to crush ships :cry::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I see, this makes me wonder are there RO who may dislike or like on ship?(they probably just feel neutral about it though)

Oh yeah and @Sophia how mc going to fight creature that big?


Sophia = meh

Clithus = sea sick

Melissa = likes it

Kris = Loves it

Stephanie = doesn’t care as long as she controls you.


You always have the choice to escape… Plus it’s fanstasy world! Anything could happen. :smirk:


:sob::sob::sob::sob: I refuse. They can go without me.


my hope is true I have feeling you are seasick when it comes like that.

What can mc do to ease it?

i really hate her…


Not really sea sick, mostly paranoia(in my case). I always thought how deep the ocean is and what happens if I fall or something.


Somehow didn’t picture Clithus and everyone else liking the sea…But Sophia is :ok_hand: xD
@Sophia I feel your pain…I get carsick
Edit: Ah, you changed it! Now Clithus is seasick…Poor Clithus xD