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Sorry for that. It started after I transferred the codes in Notepad++ to CSIDE. I’ll be sure to fix that later. :slight_smile:


Also @Sophia, what is Alonzo, Rafael, Dan, and Ernest personality?


Sophia do you think the MC will be able to discorver new magic and also is there any forbidden magic that only the most powerful mage know about ? @Sophia


The MC will learn how to counter magic and how to manipulate metals similar to Magneto. :sunglasses:


I have no idea. :joy:

Yeah, it will be one of the achievements. You’ll be able to discover and possibly create your own spell.


Oh gee, my imagination could go wild for “Choose your own Spell.” Granted, many of my ideas could send the MC to meet the same fate as Andus’ first love.


Or not… This story is really not focused in magic, so I might not put that idea. Still, I may or may not add it in the features.

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My proposition: You have the arcana stat, the magic stat and lore that states that Reinhardt’s bloodline isn’t bound to any particular affinity so he could potentially master them all. I am not saying to turn this into Avatar but give the MC access to a set branch of spells (player’s choice) that they can discover and hone before whatever qualifies as “the final battle.”

It gives the mage path people some fulfillment in their choice at the expense of not being overly inspiring or a blademaster, etc.


I was playing Skyrim rn and it gave me an idea for some questions I could ask , what types of religion is there in the game , like what are the gods and goddesses like.

Also do the demons have their own cult of followers and how do the demons look like in the game ?

Do the demons have some type of power structure like do they have a king that tells them what to do.

Are all demons that we meet in the book bad or is it going be like game of thrones where there is really no good and bad only grey

Last question what type of mythical creatures will we be able to fight and meet.


This are what I found in game:
The people worshipped Ureus, The Father of Creation, and Aella,The Mother of Life.

Inir is the God of destruction. He brought terror to the mortals after assembling a hord of demons to terrorize the world.


Interesting thanks for the reply, so I guess the demons do have a god they worship I wonder if we will meet him in the last book


I just remember something, @Sophia do you plan to put @Acrylic Melissa fan art there?(if you do ask her first is she want her drawing to be there or not)


I haven’t decided on the name of the religion, and Sabby answered your question.

No. (Is that from CK2? :joy:)

They have horns, some have wings and rarely have tails.

No, they don’t have that since they’re locked up in the stones. But they follow who is stronger than them, in the past.

Are they truly evil? No, not really. They weren’t made to be evil, but to protect the mortals. Unfortunately, the demons were persecuted by the humans cuz of their frightening appearance. That’s why they hated the humans, and attacked them.

Dragons, Wrymm, Sea Creatures, and Polaarr Beaaarssss(jk) and etc.

Yes. :slight_smile:


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What kind of sea creatures?


Horrifying type of…


You mean like this?


images (10)
images (11)

Because this certainly creepy…


Is it just me or the dolphin looks similar to joker


Yeah Thats form CK2 a was playing it for a while rn I only stoped cause my eyes got watery :joy:


Or like this.