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XDD I think you need glasses. There’s quite a difference between hottie Ed Sheeran and Garfield xD
Anyway, I love animals. All kinds. I’ve had cats run away, too. But I love them anyway. I’ve also had other pets. Like iguanas. (Which fully qualifies me to have a smol dragon in game :joy:)


Meh, my cat wasn’t fat. -_-



How about naming cats Oopsies, because of all the times they “accidentally” knock things down or over.


Oh, God. :joy::joy::joy: You have one, don’t you? What would that make dogs?




Hungries? XD :rofl:.


I have several. And dogs would be shadows, since they always follow you around and are very attached to their owners.


That makes them sound mysterious. I approve :+1:
It would be awesome for a fantasy breed of dog. A very loyal and sweet kind, but ominous looking, probably.


You guys are going TOO off-topic…


Have it your way. Will we get to interact with our pet as the story goes along? pictures MCs pet in family portrait



Version 2.4.1

  • Grammar stuff fixed. There may be some errors though…

  • There may be some errors, since I transferred the codes from CS to CSIDE.

  • Added fan-arts.

  • Haffy Birthday @_l1ttleliar!!! (belated)


Will there be a branch of familiar based magic that we have to practice if we get a magical pet.


Ooh, I second this one! raises hand
Thought I wonder if you can just choose a magical pet or if the pet’s magical capability is random…


The only animal I can think of is the Phoenix.


There are unicorns, centaurs, hydra, manticore


@Sophia why the it’s like this?


Edit 2:

Edit to add:

Pretty sure it’s not like this before


Those aren’t pets so much as they’re mythical…
I think it would work better with any pet having the potential of being a familiar, but with the magic capability being random. :thinking: Probably with it being just stronger with some species.
@Sabrinadiza_Balya Yeah, I think Characteristics or Personality would fit better. Or just Traits.


I think it’s not like that before, it’s just kinda messy now, look at the new update Status if you want to know what I mean


I don’t think ‘Craven’ was there before, but wasn’t everything else like that? :confused:
Edit: Ah, the second part is messy. And a little bit the third. Yeah, I see what you mean.


Game is breaking after I “teleport” as a baby. Anyone else getting this “bug?”