Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



Yeah, but I’m changing the name of each specie. :slight_smile:


CANON ACCEPTED!! :joy::joy::laughing:


Cool👍 I just want an adorable little red kitten to name Nutmeg and feed little saucers of milk xD Otherwise serious MC being cute with a kitten is my new canon xD



So what the name going to be?


Depends. I haven’t decided yet.


You could always use the old, original names. That has the added bonus of a knowledgeable fan being able to figure out which is which. Unless you want to give them names unique to Kingdoms, of course.


I see, what can be mc pet besides cat and Griffin? Are there RO who going to likes mc pet?


Ooh, interesting idea. Secret bonus points depending on pet? :+1::+1: Also, I hope I can have a wolf/direwolf or a little dragon :heart_eyes:


Sophia will approve :+1:


Nah, I see Sophia as being more of a cat person. Just as finicky and skittish: hisshiss No touchy scratch I warned you xD
I think Clithus might approve of a griffon. As a knight, she would be impressed/awed at that. She might want to pet it in a rare adorable Clithus moment.


-_- how funny :expressionless:


Yeah she’ll like that




I consider myself someone who doesn’t like cats.


What, how can anyone not like cats! D: What about baby kittens meowing and purring??


Fun fact

She meant Sophia of Lucarex :laughing:


Princess Sophia is based from me.

My orange cat who looked like Ed Sheeran left us. Literally ran away from us.


You mean Garfield right :joy_cat:


Ah, heart break…Wait, it looked like Ed Sheeran?! >xD How even?


Orange. Orangeeeee…

Or maybe it looked like Garfield… :thinking:


It does if your cat fat


How can you do that?!

Garfield is 10000000% more handsome and macho than Ed