Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



Cuz that’s after bath Sophia-cat xD Come on, Sophia’s grumpy 99.9% of the time xD


Come on! Sophia Team I need y’all here! blurts horns, trumpets and bigger horns no one?

Ok so we can’t really judge her now since she’s only had about 60% of screen time Melissa has had and we can’t judge her so soon :worried::expressionless::disappointed::pensive::japanese_ogre:


You got a problem with me? Get your fists up! :joy:

PS. I do have eyes like this -_-


Uh, not true. Why not? She judged us before she even met us. At least we gave her a chance. :smirk_cat:


I’m here m’lady I will protect you till my last breath

Now Let’s Fight!



Dude she’s a character -_-


You led, I followed :laughing:


Ahh, my batterys 1% :astonished::astonished: brb


Oh yeah you do have eyes like that :rofl:

Good luck charge it before it’s dies


Trying, trying :laughing:


I’m sure it’s because of Melissa she’s draining power from your phone :fist::battery::phone:


Nah, must be because of Sophia-cat’s bad vibes. I got it under control, tho :ok_hand:


Sophia won’t kill you or Melissa if you don’t love her but She will… :cupid: put arrow through Sophia first chance she gets


You really are in denial, aren’t you? shakes head with pity Many fireballs await you.


No you are the one in denial not me lady
I’m … … … … pops some pills I’m in my sane mind :no_good_woman:


Of course you are. shakes head sadly
whispers He’s gonna get barbequed…And Clithus will probably shish-kebab him with her sword


Oh it is on now! :fire: I will come back with a terrifying meme to blow you out :dash:


XD I shall be waiting


Actual Sophia-cat after her encounter with Melissa

’What are you looking at, Reinhardt?’


@Sophia Can you get a cat as a pet? And if so, can I choose which kind/color?
If I can, I’m getting a Melissa-cat and naming it Nutmeg xD


And I’ll name her NutMel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: