Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



Wait why am i a dog and not a kitten.


Andus the grouchy Bulldog?


I thought you were a starfish? :confused:


You just seem like a dog person
@Disciple Hmm, possibly. He has to be a scarred and mean one, though.


Uhhhh…dives through window.
@DancingInTheRain279 I have a cat🐈


So, a cat person, huh? Wouldn’t have guessed. So you’re Patrick-cat! Going around and hissing at Andus at every turn. (And probably ending up scratched for it :worried:


Did you just call my cat a car :triumph:
His name was Skittles now I just call him Kitty :cat:


LMAO Didn’t notice the typo :joy::joy::joy:



Vroom Vroom Kitty :cat:


Oh, we forgot Marxus. O.o Marxus needs to be a lion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you sure seems kitten Melissa will like that more.


Actually… I have some of (messy) cat face sketch that probably fitting to princess sophia, Melissa, Kris, and clithus(and probably ugly) Want me to share it?


No never :triumph::no_good_woman::-1: (jk) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m pretty sure RL lions would gladly kill kittens. Also, Marxus’s roaring would scare poor, sweet Melissa-cat.
(Either way, Melissa-cat has to go with Callen. Callen-cat? XD)
@Sabrinadiza_Balya DO IT! ::grinning:


I must charge my battery, but I shall return.


Sure, sorry for the super messy drawing and probably ugly(keep in mind that this is tradisional drawing and just have black and white color since this just sketch…So yeah it’s kinda ugly)



Cat!Kris(I feel like this not really suiting, but oh well)

Cat!Clithus(ugh, this one ugly)

(I just realized all of them have kinda round face :rofl: oh well :woman_shrugging:)


Melissa-cat is so adorable!! :heart: And Kris-cat looks like she’s planning on stealing your stuff :smirk_cat: xD :+1::+1::+1:
I love them, these are great. (Angry Sophia-cat is especially fitting >xD)


Oi! Why’s Sophia grumpy ! That’s stereotypical ya know ! :expressionless:

All others are cute and adorable even Melissa :ok_hand:


Because she kinda is grumpy :laughing:

Good to know it’s suiting :sweat_smile:


Because all of our interactions with Sophia featured her being a general sourpuss.