Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



You wish xDD I would’ve thought you’d ask her to change the Andus RO thing instead (or to tell you whether she’s toying with you head >xD)


Hmmm never heard that before…


I’ll just RO Clithus then so doesn’t matter… @Sophia is Andus RO I need to know :cold_sweat:


So… Basically… It’s possible… That none of the stuff you’ve hinted at besides the stuff you had poles for will actually happen! :pouting_cat:


Don’t worry, she must be trolling us
(Tell him, the poor man is going mad, Sophia xD)


No I don’t mind to much as long as I get the adorable cousin.


Sophia is an expert in trolling and subtly manipulating our brains xD
She will always drop fake spoilers like throwing bread crumbs to birds and then run away, leaving us to the theorize, knowing that will make it worse xD
Hmm…Might be nice. But then again, Jerome is as good as another Faceless. Any kid of his…well, I feel a little sorry for it.
Nope, Melissa-cat is a thing now. Like Hetalia cats, or those fanarts of characters as MLPs or wolves😂


Plus I don’t mind if most of the spoilers were fake. Knowing a characters meets a grisly end before it happens makes it more difficult to invest in that character.


Yeah because comparing her to that School Days girl is basically saying she Yandere

Sometimes, she even make poll to guess which her Spoiler is true in all three


I agree :+1::+1: Like when Sophia said Melissa died in Book 3, and Rein and Sophia before that…


Yes. Someone must draw a Melissa cat, A drenched Sophia cat, and an angry Clithus kitten! With a Bat prince!


Think those were true


Yesss, these things must exist!! Melissa-cat must be very adorable, Sophia-cat must be soaked and pissed and Clithus-cat…I vote for her having a little sword in her mouth xD Also Kris-cat must be playful and about to jump at the viewer :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


And an adorable lopsided helmet.


A Melissa cat getting stepped on. The boots made out of the hope of being a yandere.


Yessss, that sounds so adorable! :heart_eyes: I must hold Clithus-cat and feed her little saucers of milk :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


A Patrick dog getting shot by an arrow of reality and Andus being an RO xD


As long as its in the knee.


No not playful. Smug. Smug on top of a high wall and holding Clithus’s sword in her mouth while Clithus hisses bellow. And wearing a cute cloak.


Oooh, a cute cloak is a must. And stealing Clithus’s sword is so in character :ok_hand::ok_hand: :laughing:
(Featuring: A cameo of Reinhardt-dog rotfl-ing in the background for observant viewers xDd)