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As you said though, in theory. Marxus may have a great deal of physical strength and prowess in the battlefield, but it seems like that same strength is almost nonexistent when he has to deal with nobility and a good number may frown at the fact that he lacks strong enough convictions of his own and just goes along with his father’s control. There is also the possibility that a good deal of things Marxus has were less gained to his own hands and more just given to him by Andus in some way order to make his eldest son’s claim to the throne as strong as possible. So even if the Second Prince MC wasn’t a swordsman like his brother, there’s a chance that he could shine a bit stronger due to have stronger personality and convictions (while having the necessary skills to support this strength in character).

There’s also the fact that strength can be measured in different way. Sure a warrior kings sounds impressive on paper, but the times that the Darvis Kingdom is facing may require a potential king who can handle other types of battles.

Even taking that out of account what kind of strength the Second Prince MC’s kingdom may be looking for, the succession might potentially put more favor on the Prince whose marriage offers more to the kingdom. Melissa may give Marxus some easy advantages with their marriage, but that marriage may mean somewhat little when if Melissa has yet to have a child with Marxus. Sophia may not be a princess that the Kingdom is too keen on at the moment, but that could change due to a number of factors and the strong bond with the Second Prince MC has even greater advantages due to their marriage being something of a mark of peace if the Second Prince plays his cards right with Sophia’s homeland. And if the Second Prince MC and Sophia bond so deeply that a love blossoms between them and a child is formed from this devotion and affection the two managed to develop despite the odds? That child’s existence might be seen as someone of even stronger influence that Melissa’s child due to their origins.

Of course this is all hypothetical. We don’t even know what types of kings either of the kingdoms prefer. So @Sophia, what can influence one’s claim to the Darvis throne? How important is age in the decisions for who becomes the heir to the throne? What is important to both kingdoms when they look to the next king?


Actually I like Marxus, and hope to make him King. As for Andus, I’ve a very different torture in mind. I call it knowledge. Like the knowledge that the sheets and his clothing are my favorite color. The knowledge that his meals and beverages are all from a list I made. Knowledge of the kingdom, of how happy I am, of how much Marxus relies on me, of the fact that most people need hints to remember the name and deeds of the previous King. Yes Andus will suffer not during his imprisonment, but he will be miserable.


My MCs definitely want to be king!

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Congratulations to all women for International Women’s Day :smiley:. And for Sophia too, a talented writer who I was very happy to have known the work :grin:.


True, despite his warrior persona he does seem devoid of any noticeable passion or ambition and might be susceptible to becoming a clueless puppet when it comes to politics and internal affairs. Socially his demeanor is quite solitary and his personal communication skills leave much to be desired, which does raise the question as to how he’s able to relay orders and strategies to fellow soldiers, presuming that he’s even participated in an actual battlefield in the past.

Ideally he should have compensated for his weakness - translating his military attributes in the court to be shrewd and decisive but perhaps due to lacking a maternal figure and his father’s domineering attitude he is left emotionally stunted and as a result centers his entire existence towards combat and emulating his father’s image, the only purpose that may be driving him being to please Andus.

This doesn’t bode well for him when Andus inevitably dies and Marxus having no vision for who he wants to be, unless he does form a conviction of his own. Its possible this comes in the form of him continuing to emulate Andus by seeking the throne but not knowing what to do next once he gains it. More optimistically it might free him from his father’s control and seek a path that personally resonates with him.

Still we do know that in terms of swordsmanship Marxus is second only to Andus (I remember that list the author made: Javier (4), Clithus (3), Marxus (2), Andus (1) therefore he has the potential to one day reach or even surpass his father’s level and I do believe a great warrior possess more than just brawn but also a tactical mindset and an iron will. If Marxus is indeed special then he could have a latent greatness within him waiting to be realized - if properly assisted. More pessimistically he may just be a one-trick pony whose only good at fighting and an idiot at everything else.

If he doesn’t become king but a successful commander no doubt he would be popular and hailed as a hero in wartime, a faction would form vying for him to rule Darvis. Only in peace time when his skills are less needed would be he considered deficient for the throne. It could be that the concept of an ‘ideal king’ itself is relative to the kind of threat a realm faces and the kind of leadership it needs.

Technically there is peace with Lucarex with the marriage and in theory Princess Sophia holds more value than Melissa in halting a three hundred year war. But she is just one in a line of many previous such brides, all of whom failed in their purpose, hence there’s no reason to regard her as special.

Three centuries of tension, conflict and bloodshed guarantees a mutual enmity that would have been fundamentally ingrained into the populace’s accepted sense of norm. The Princess herself antagonized the Darvisian nobles during the wedding so isn’t helping with cementing the peace and may possibly encourage a faction against the Second Prince for being married to the enemy, while Melissa helps to win over a powerful noble faction.

Princess Sophia is unlikely to be adored by the commoners either, who probably regard her similarly to how the real life French revolutionaries disdained the foreign Marie Antoinette. Doesn’t help that she apparently knows magic and may be seen as a witch. Unlike Melissa she provides a more external stability whilst leaving internal affairs more precarious, so I suppose there’s an even trade off between them rather than the previous notion of the Princess’s inherent superiority over Duke Clarent’s daughter.

(Quite nice - Princess Sophia and Melissa are ice and fire, opposites in personality and specialty. Don’t know how Clithus and Kris can hope to compete…)

Its unclear whether a bad relationship with Princess Sophia will result in her death or resume the war but if the Second Prince is to be king then ideally she would need to prepare for the role of a future queen, if not for Darvis then for her own self-preservation.

The nobles hate her and her own antics are partially to blame for that. No doubt the commoners probably despise having a Lucrasian princess in the royal court. For Princess Sophia not to remain a liability (sole support of Lucarex and the exclusion of Darvisian nobles and commoners is not helpful as the Second Prince would be considered more closely allied with the enemy than his own nation) she needs to endear herself to some aspect of Darvis otherwise she (and by extension the second prince) will be hated by everyone who matters.

Easier said than done of course, she has no friends or allies outside of her bodyguard and her only trump card is her alleged magic, so far she seems set up to fail while Marxus has a wife the realm can support, therefore it would be safer for him to become king (because Andus just had to ruin Victoria’s plan to ensure his legitimate son gets the politically beneficial marriage, because that’s totally for the good of the realm) while the second prince keeps Lucrasian relations stable.

Should the Princess fail her purpose then its back to the norm - the war and martial Marxus dealing with the same conflict every king before him had to contend with.

Therefore can the Second Prince somehow become King and keep the peace with Lucarex and maintain support from the nobles who hate his wife? He would need both advantages but they’ve currently been split between him and Marxus and its not like he can go Team Heretic and commit polygamy.


I always get confused between this game and this one
Aside from not being a bastard here the plot is extremely similar. Your marriage with Sophia is the same like the marriage between Alexander and Eleanor, they got married against their will to prevent a war between 2 enemy kingdoms. Also in both games you are a prince and your family hates you, your father is a powerful warrior and it’s a medieval world with kingdoms.
By the way why is Marxus even in the hated poll? He isn’t even bad or anything

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Well it does similar, so can’t blame you. Though I think the similarity end there since the plot become different when the story start.

One or more of these reasons, if not all:

  • He is favorite son of King Andus.
  • He married Melissa.
  • His existence prevent MC to become the King.
  • He superior, especially in combat.
  • His ponytail. look at @microwave04
  • His potential to become puppet, if he not already are puppet.
  • How obedient he are to King Andus.
  • And more but just can’t be worded.

I don’t know though. I guess it would be natural to be jealous of him and hate him for taking Melissa but it isn’t really his fault.
I mean being the favorite son isn’t his fault, and it would be hypocritical to hate him for the arranged wedding and being a puppet when you basically did the same thing by marrying Sophia.
He doesn’t seem to be arrogant or look down at you but is actually quite friendly, and you could probably convince him to give up being the king too.

Compare him to Andus who doesn’t even see you as a person but just as a tool for the kingdom and they are at a whole different level.


Well peoples have their reasons that I’m not really sure of :woman_shrugging: really, Marxus honestly hated because he just in wrong position, fate, and time.

As for me, I care of him, he is MC’s brother after all, and might make a good allies. I’m just worried he going to get himself crushed because of the king burden.

Or worse become just like Andus (not to mention Sophia confirm that he can be like Andus in future :confounded:).

I realize my hate to Andus have potential to be… counterproductive with one of my MC plan, so let see if I can falter my hate to him.

Does he care of Darvis? It’s peoples? Or does he do all that just for his pride or/and satisfaction?


Totally pointless question but…would anyone ship Marxus and Princess Sophia together?

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slowly raises hand


You better put that hand dowm…


stares, raises other hand too You mad, bro?


start playing ‘pump up kicks’ by foster the people -maybe…


stares Marcus x Sophia is the (second) OTP


stares from the abyss

Prince!MC X Melissa better be the first…


I’m staying out of the ship war.


According to the records is the Fourth

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I honestly ship him with a rock if it means getting Melissa to marry me
And Sophia deserves better



XD Agreed on the first. Marxus isn’t that bad, though.