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This Thread has seen alot


That would be a understatment…


Those were some crazy days indeed


How could you do this Sophia!? You are even worse than my Abusive Divorced mom who cheated on my dad and would constantly punch me for every small thing that i do wrong!


Oh man! I just played this game. Talk about surprises. Here I am just romancing Melissa, with the support of my brother, and thenshe gets married off to him

Also the mom is crimping my style. All I want is all of the perks of royalty without the responsibility, and the mc’s mom is trying to take it all away.

Lastly, I love Javier.


@Sophia This story is amazing and I regret that I did not notice it sooner. I too love @jeantown’s Guenevere WIP and I can see some similarities. I thought what happened to Guen and Morgana was already monstrous but this is even worse. The description for what happened to poor Melissa is marital rape. My MC is not about to abandon his true love Melissa, and my MC considers any marriage for a reason other than love null and void to begin with. The MC’s older brother basically raped his younger brother’s true love and that is reason enough for my MC to kill both Marxus and the scumbag Andus III who arranged for the MC’s true love to be raped.

If all Marxus sees in Melissa is her appearance, then he is even more of a lowlife. If Marxus had possessed any decency, he would have refused to marry his younger brother’s true love.

My MC has no hard feelings toward Sophia and could honestly care less if she has affairs for my MC does not consider her his wife. Marrying Melissa will be my MC’s chief goal in this game and if that means becoming king by killing the aforementioned two scumbags, so much the better.

@Sophia I’m not sure if it has already been mentioned in 18000+ posts, but will it be possible for the male MC to marry Melissa?


Actually mellisa and brother dearest haven’t “consummated” the marriage…

Yes it is possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Those are some pretty heavy charges…I’m not one to usually come to Marxus’s aid, but…I suppose I have to do it, this one time.

First, let me put your fear at ease, @Sophia has already confirmed that, no, Marxus has not, and will not lay his hand on Melissa unless Melissa herself wanted him to, and the only way for that to happen, considering how madly in love she is with you, would be if you intentionally acts cold towards her and thus breaking her heart. Marxus may be an idiot, but he’s a softhearted and considerate idiot, that much I’ll give him.

Second, rejoice! For our goddess has also confirmed that it is possible for the MC to marry Melissa, though obviously it would happen in later chapter after she’s done putting us through purgatory after we’ve become a force to be reckoned with.

And finally, considering Andus’s mindstate at the time, it seems refusing just wasn’t an option, adding to that is Marxus’s own reluctance to defy his father (I don’t know why, father issues maybe? A desire to proof himself in the eyes of our father? shrugs). Hey, atleast he has the decency not to ‘do his duties’ with a woman who obviously loves his brother and not him, who, depending on how you play, may also loves her back!

No problem! Anything for a fellow Knight of Melissa.


Good. I must not have read far enough into the 18000+ posts to find that from the author. The last I saw was that it had happened.

Thank you for the clarification. That is good to hear.


i liked it nice work


i like it and i cant wait to make princess sophia fall in love with me
is there anyone else that punch his father as soon as he had the chance


Progress Report.

Yes, yes, I’m writing Kingdoms. I swear that I’m writing now. To bring you some good news, I will be updating sooner or later. Unfortunately, I will only add one scene that you guys will feel… hearbroken.


Ah yes. It’s time.

I’m ready


Thats A dangerous Statement your gonna make @Sophia put on the game face and up the anti to break you.

Edit: accepting your never ready is the first step.




Yaaa… wait what?

anyway, i’am totally fine with that…

grab a knife

the story itself is already depressing enough for me, now you want to add more to it?



Oh? Are you sure? :smirk:

Because I’m writing the death of your most beloved character…


So everyone but the king and queen?



… be…loved…character?

so it wasn’t that authoritarian ‘king’ or ‘queen’?

crap… crap… crap


Actually, I was kidding. It’s not about the death of a beloved character, but it is a death of something else. Like, something withering after a devastating event. Anyways, that’s all I can spoil to you guys. :wink:


takes a long breath

Thank god…