Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) SMALL DEMO UPDATE! (12/2/21)

Then why not send in toxic fumes to the passages before collapsing any exist wait a few days then the city is dead

Sounds like a plan brother🍻

No we haven’t yet, unfortunately, otherwise I’d have made certain changes in my plan and integrated more siege weaponry that would have had a more …stimulating effect.

I have had thought of this. This strategy, however, is not viable, as that godforsaken place only has 3walls. What’s behind them? We don’t know. Could be easily a barren piece of land, as they
are underground dwellers. I don’t want to risk my army contacting disease from the dead at the small cost of spreading disease among the few troops stationed on the wall.

Unfortunately no gunpowder, so we can’t use bombs. As for digging it’ll be a time consuming process. I’d much rather breach the first wall atleast before I get to digging
I don’t like the idea of the undergrounds folks eyeballing our every movement.

Indeed, mages are rare and costly, so I have planned to use them for a special function which I’ll disclose at the end of this post.

They don’t trade with anybody. Maybe there’s someone beyond their territory they trade with.

No gunpowder.

I’d wait to breach the first wall before commiting to digging.
We don’t know these people. They’re reclusive. They could very well be crafty and have nasty surprises down there and they can easily monitor our movements from the walls and improvise accordingly.

After breaching, if the digging yields any promise, I’ll send in troops with mages down the rabbit holes. Were in the heartlands now. There can be traps, dead ends, mazes anything down there. Day or night won’t matter cause we can’t see anything worth shite down there. I’d also decrease reliance on normal torches as they can easily counter our torches and blind us by collapsing the tunnels, cutting of air supply, etc as they have had generations to explore and live through those tunnels. Instead, I’ll use magefire. Supplemented by auxilliary troops which will lead the Vangaurd in case there’s traps nearabout.

Any digging process would take a long time. I’ll breach the walls(hopefully within a couple months) and atleast gain a foothold first then the digging will begin.

Remember, Warborn, we will be playing on their field now, by their rules. For every strategy, they will have prepared a counter. We need to proceed with caution. Good hunting🍻


Because we have no idea what’s down there. Their city size, how long the tunnels are and till where they have extended it, if they have escape tunnels, collapsable tunnels, anything. We’re blind.


this especially, we would be at severe disadvantage if we were to send in the army through by digging, which could take months, (how hard is the earth surrounding the plateau?) they could’ve laid traps in anticipation of any attempts of going around or underneath their wall
and their water reservoirs are located underground, as are the the rivers containing their fish supply
one would have to get through the walls first to disrupt their main supply of food and water
secret passages to their resources and main settlements probably exist though, but if they have a string of smaller forts defending the plateau itself, then one can imagine it would be the same for these secret passages, just not as obvious though


I see!

Well, in that case, your strategy proposition would likely be the closest to a solution. Although, if we are not to attack them immediately, I would prefer to delay the attack while we infiltrate them with spies to gather information or I am capable of developing and introducing gunpowder to our army.


Indeed. That’s why I want to get the walls or atleast the outer wall under my control first. If we somehow manage to get them out on the surface, we can have a good advantage. The other forts and defense structures won’t prove much of a difficulty I believe once the Walls are breached. Underground folks won’t be much apt in surface warfare and even if they hold strong, we’ll rain hell down upon them to get them to submit. Most they’ll do is scuttle back into their caves leaving behind traps and time consuming difficulties in the surface defensed and forts.

@Arcamiel Introducing gunpowder will be highly appreciated. Introducing spies however, has some drawbacks -
no one has had contact with them for generations. We don’t know what’s their language and how they behave. It’ll be hugely difficult for the spies to blend in. Even if they were to use the cover of shadows and observe from the shadows, it’ll be hard and they’ll be at constant risk of exposure since it’s a tight knit secluded community down there.


I understand, but any info we could acquire would be helpful, although indeed, it is a risky mission, I think I would only do it if there some kind of guarantee, such as the existence of some kind of stealth specialized mage or some mage that could communicate with birds or use them to gather info about the other side of the wall.

Besides gunpowder, there is also the development of hot air balloons, they’re relatively simple mechanisms that a high engineering character could potentially make, and those would also be of great help both for scouting and bombing the enemy.


Quite ingenious. Any strategy to gather info on them would be highly profitable. I’d love to know who I’m engaging first before I commit.


don’t worry, I’m already working on some early troop carrier/combat zeppelins with modified ballistae and catapults on the sides since a trebuchet wouldn’t be used to its full capacity and glory, It can’t fly very far up but it is still going to change the battlefield, as long as no one finds a way to consistently hit the top, since you are working on gunpowder I shall add a few tweaks to the design so we can safely store some extra barrels for whatever use is necessary.

Welcome to the Warborn, master of crows, it is always good to see a new brilliant mind to help in our technological expansion


Salutations, if you follow the Way of the Sword, if you are ready to invest mind, body and soul to the Great Cause, if you swear to bear the banner of War with strength, honor and fealty, I welcome you, with open arms in our Brotherhood.


I feel honoured to have such an invite to such a glorious force. I believe I shall accept it and thank you both profusely.

May we fight well, and die well.



Hmm as to the fortress and how to get past it well me personally I would want to play the long game so to speak. Information is key here I think the more we know going in the better. As well are they truly isolated not having trade or diplomats going in and out at all? Not even having people trying to join them? And succeeding? If it’s a rash choice many will die and not even a guarantee of success as well why would we or anyone want to attack them? It would half to be one hell of a reason… @FatedFlame a interesting question you posed us very very interesting :: grins ::

But as it stands if I had to go over depending on the when and how long a prep we got will be a big influence on what I would do or want to do at least. :smiley:


This is where I’d like to know the world’s magic system. Depending on what is possible you could blast a way through, reshape rock, or utilize some form of subterfuge if illusory magic is in play.

Siege engines will be key but the next question is “which one?” You’ve already made mention of the terrain, so any wood for the towers/trebuchets/etc. is going to be have to brought with the army. Also, a prolonged siege is going to be going against the attackers due to heat and issues with resources. Also, if it’s a plain of dry grass and I was the defender, fire would definitely take care of towers, tents, etc during the first wave.

So, this leads us to sapping. We could go underground, but then we have to hope to break through unnoticed as our tunnel is a serious chokepoint and would cause us a lot of casualties if they are there with the defense (which is likely since they live there.) Also, issues with time spent in siege apply if we have to dig this by hand.

In short, it’ll be brutal without magic so if victory was achieved, I hope something in the magic system addresses it.


So you’re talking about the Helepolis like the one used in the Siege of Rhodes. It was a nine floors siege tower armored with iron plates to prevent it from catching fire from arrows, it also counts with artillery like catapults and ballistae on the inside.

But as impressive as it looks it is HEAVY (and slow), it takes around 3400 soldiers to move it, but if we could replace the iron plates with something lighter it would help very much tho because time is prime.

I also favour the idea of digging, not only to infiltrate but to weaken the wall and be able make a breach with the artillery for our troops to enter.


Didn’t that engine get stuck on approach and the metal turned into the Collossus?


Although impressive looking, it seems impractical due to the reasons you mentioned.
I believe metal reinforced siege towers and ladders would suffice from a functional point of view.


Well, those are good points.
I wonder if the magic system would have some form of way to help with moving a tower like this more efficiently, and/or maybe building it faster.

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Yes, I was just giving an example of how a fortified siege tower would be like, but as you said it is impractical for the same reason that it failed in the Siege of Rhodes, the terrain doesn’t favour us.


The most hilarious part is I can probably think of a better way to engage 3400 people than to push around an oversized death obelisk.