Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) SMALL DEMO UPDATE! (12/2/21)

@FatedFlame I thought of a few more questions,

  1. In Belthean Empire are only Emperor’s childrens titled Prince/Princess or does it also extend to grandchildren?

  2. Is there a specific title that is reserved for Imperial Crown Prince, Like Prince of Wales.

Another thing more of a suggestion than a question but,
Will we be able to go out Disguised as a Common man, with a hood over our head so no one can see our eyes.

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@Paradox1 the empire far as I’m aware was never allies and friends with the argent, lymarks, or the kayzak when they invaded but the empire did use the civil war to do what they longed wanted to do. After all they are the great power of this part of the world now because of it.

gah I really should play again if for no other reason than to stop butchering the names lol

True , MC’s parents marriage was also a political scheme of sorts. It saddens me to think of that. They did and still love each tho.

I think there should be something. Like when we ascend the throne of Argent, we can be High King MC, and Aurelius will be King Aurelius, and so on.

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It will probably King MC, and Prince Aurelian, as it wouldn’t make sense for Aurelian to be titled King when he doesn’t have a Kingdom.


Reminder that High King is an earlier version of Emperor. Aka “King of Kings”

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So i woke up to 72 new comments lol, and it took me 20 min to read through it all.

@HWKEye You would be correct in the usage of the royal We and Our, but for the specific scene you quoted, Im not sure if i should change it since 1) It is informal with no courtiers 2) Emperor Otto is surrounded by people he conquered Lymark with and 3) Im debating if the character I made for the emperor would care enough to use that manner of speaking. Thankfully this is a Work in Progress, and if it sounds better and feels better, itll be used!



Sod the king and sod the titles. Give me the high commamd of the army and Bob’s yer uncle.

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Not at all! You have plenty of friends! And they shall remain as such if they know what’s good for them!


Alrighty guys, while im going to work id like to see some discussion on how any of you would try to approach going over the walls of Barfut from the Kingdom of Kayzack. just a refresher from the Codex, this is what is written:

A territory situated on a large elevated plateau with almost no vegetation or animals. The people of Kayzack actually live underneath the ground, for shelter and cool temperatures. The water supply is in underground reservoirs and underground rivers filled with fish. As such the people of Kayzack are unearthly pale and possess excellent nighttime vision. The Kayzacks also have an overabundance of metals for mining and extraction, those having built the fortifications for the Great Wall of Barfut. Contrary to popular belief of people who haven’t seen the Great Wall of Barfut, the wall is in actuality the last defensive structure of a series of defensive fortifications before one may have free access to the dry and unforgiving surface to the Kayzack Plateau. In truth, the Kayzack Plateau base entrance is spotted with multiple forts and smaller walls that range from a few miles to dozens miles in length.

The smallest fort consists of 20 feet high walls and 10 feet wide ramparts while the largest, the Great Wall of Barfut itself, boasts of an impressive defensive system using 3 layers of walls. The first wall stands a 10 meters, the second at 15 meters, and finally the thirds stands proudly at 20 meters high. Each wall is separated by 20 meters of ground creating 3 separate killzones for missile bombardment. The outer wall is also preceded by a 5 meter deep dry moat creating quite possibly the most impregnable fortress in the Continent of Nareth, possibly the world. This is even further exacerbated by the fact that the Great Wall of Barfut is also at the end of a natural bottleneck that the wall defends at just over 2/3rds of a mile long.

As the author, im sorry for using both the metric and imperial system for measurement lmaooo


What kangaroo stuff is with the navies? Couldn’t you just say “20 Carracks and 10 Galleys” istead of some quad’s or something, with the former i can paste it into google and get my answer, with the current i get some modern funky looking american destroyers.


Strength and honor🍻

From or to? I think it’s to go to Kayzack right ?

  1. first, I would rain hell down upon them with hawcha arrow launchers, catapults, trebuchets and counterweight trebuchets for 3days straight. Get them in the mood, destroy the bottleneck and make it a smooth terrain.


  2. I would use the dead enemy and beast of burden, broken machinery and every useless piece of trash to cover up the shallow parts of the moat.

  3. over wide regions of the moat I would deploy metal flatboards to act as footholds.

  4. point 2 and 3 would be done under support fire from trebuchets and catapults to protect the foreward teams working on the moat.

  5. I would then use triple crossbows, ballista powered siege ladders(a metal reinforced rope is tied to the ladder and the other end of it is projected towards enemy walls by a ballista, once that end hooks and finds purchase, a reverse pully mechanism will pull up the ladder containing troops to the walls) and fortified siege towers to scale the walls. They would pass over the flatboards placed earlier.


  6. after the first wall is breached, I’ll use mangonel siege weapons and floating arm trebuchets to target the weaker spots of the long persisting inner walls.

  7. after weakening certain parts of the wall, I’ll use fortified battering rams to break through.

Q- the eastern side of the wall is not mentioned on the map, is there no wall or fortification on thst part?


that’s why you’re the warborn leader, I wouldn’t have thought of half of that, maybe using the chaos after the main wall is breached to send a few elite infiltration teams through the sides to make the most out of the enemy focus being on the main force, causing chaos on the inside?


Good evening, high commander. You humble me with your priase, brother.
That does sound like an interesting option. Mix in some auxiliary contuberniums along with the special forces to act as the Vangaurd when they scale the wall and add more fuel to the chaos.

I would also, like to pursue the avenue of digging and looking for underground tunnels under the walls, given the Kayzacks are underground dwellers, it’s quite a possibility their supply lines are right under our feet. Only after we breach the first wall tho, as I don’t want them to see us digging and it’s quite a time consuming process as well.

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thank you my lord, myes, after the first wall is taken we could only benefit from an underground operation, maybe even multiple, I shall start working on a machine to deal with the first step of the digging process, perhaps some time of primitive drill


If I may add to this discussion.

I have a few questions.
First and foremost, What is our current level of technology, have we developed gunpowder yet, or maybe developed into daVinci’s creations?

Secondly, a not so honorable and maybe rather inhumane, but still, valid strategy, is to, if possible, catapult disease ridden corpses over the enemy walls, it surely would dampen their morale, besides destroying their ranks from within. This could be used, correct?

Finally, is the moat a potential weak point of the first wall? If we could theoretically send man to climb down the moat, could they possible blow up or dig the first wall’s support?

EDIT: Also, how could we use magic to our advantage, remember, fellow comrades, we are not in our world anymore, the possibilities of our military greatness far outstand does of our own old world.


No gunpowder yet. I have thought about the good ol corpse yeeting strategy but what are we trying to do, are we conquering the city, destroying it or what I think were conquering so it’s better not to show ourselves as monsters to the populus

Those ones only exist in our little roleplay currently


I see.

Well, a plagued populus is also not good for business once the battle ends, we must also think of the prosperity of our people once the war is over.

Truer facts couldn’t be said.

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If they don’t have vegetation. where do they get the nutrients one gets from vegetables? Fish is not rich in fiber.


I would guess they have plantations within their walls(although unlikely), they acquire it by trade(which means we could cut said trade off), or maybe they have an underground plantation, as I believe there are plants that grow in the underground(besides being a low-fantasy world). Not my area though.


An expensive idea cover your soldiers shields in silk and protective silk vests over their armor for defense against armor piercing stuff like crossbows