Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) SMALL DEMO UPDATE! (12/2/21)

Good to know that I didn’t need to worry about the sibling plotting against my MC. Thank to several books I’m read and the time I’m spent on CK2. Now I’m always paranoid about MC siblings conspired with vassals to kill me or launch a rebellion.


That bad ?

Nah not really. My MC would probably deal with it if anyone up to some mischief but since MC’s siblings was out of potential threat list mean that the numner of that list dropped down.

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Simply depends on the personality i guess.

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Oh, man! That was the good part and here i am expecting a bloody struggle for the throne. When the MC is theoretically out of the picture if she marry the future Emperor. And that’s when all the intrigue and backstabbing starting to occur, heads will surely roll and blood will spill and stain the ground. That’s what i typically imagine in political drama, oh! Also the angst like inferiority complex. Their parents being constantly comparing them to their older sibling expecting and pressuring them to do that and this and why can’t they perform the same as the MC living behind in their shadow. Or at the very least do some mischiefs and little plotting when my MC is King like undermining my position.

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Are you in the Discord Server? You’ve been one of my day ones, and would be shocked if you weren’t. In the Discord I select my future beta testers and have a great place for readers to hang out or theorize with each other, we even have a great roleplaying channel for any members that are interested in that sort of thing. Im also planning on having game days where readers can play with me on games that have multiplayer just for the lulz (I think Halo Infinite will definitely be played on my day of rest) that goes for anyone else, if you want some minor spoilers (because my discord readers like to bait me and get answers from me) or updates go there! Kingdoms and Empires Server


I already am my codename there is Froze just not very much active there compared to here, that’s why I’m asking you if you count the reports being sent here as well in the Discord to get promoted just because I’m lazy. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I imagined grandpa remiel to be like this before the art droppedaskeladd-795888-normal
Askeladd from Vinland saga…


Remmy boi doesnt smile or smirk as much as Askechad lol


So he is the silent broody type ?


Askeladd the best character in vinland saga (I hate you so much Thorfinn)


Lol and thorfinn hates askelad the circle completes itself

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You’ve wisely listed Halo:Infinite on your rest day. I guess the Discord crew will allow it.

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Lol…but they sure are the same in their fights… :joy:

So Truck-kun can just pull up on us like that right at the start huh XD.


The author is a man of culture


Alright guys! Someone asked for a bit of a snippet, a small preview of how the overhaul is going, and I must say, I think its time to share just a tiny bit of what has been written!! I will share a preview of the prelude to the Demon Attack Scene, specifically the Intelligence Choice! Tell me if you like what is written, or if you don’t! Just know that I am working on it, even with work breathing down my neck with Mandatory Overtime lol, currently, there is almost 20k new words on the Demon Attack alone. But enough of that, here you go!

Ah, the lessons in properly managing your future kingdom should be well heeded here. While war and battle are much more exciting and beckoning of glory, your people won’t be of the same mind. People with full stomachs are happy people!

Hey, royalty needs to use the potty too :joy:

As I told my Tumblr folks, if you’re here…you probably know what happens next…or do you? What may have changed? Has it? Was it plenty scary before? Can it be scarier? Or am I being mean again and misdirecting my wonderful readers?

What do you think so far though!?


Build build build, Road road road,
Expand Expand Expand. Repeat

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20k words on the demon scene alone, the overhaul is gonna be huge! I like how the focus is equally distributed to charisma and intelligence MC’s as well now, rather than combat MC’s alone.
Question - do blessed weapon have only one type of effect, like creating fireballs? Or we can experience other elements like air, water, earth, etc?

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@FatedFlame lol quick glance at the snippets in the first one the part where you have " whatever could we be of service? " I believe it should be However could we be of service?

Other wise looking good at a glance keep it up. :smiley:

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