Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) OVERHAUL RELEASED!(1/22/2022)

I think you could just press the ‘return to game’ button since it technically isn’t a complete game breaking bug.


Not if he uses *redirect_scene, like I told him to. :slightly_smiling_face:


You have no honor…you are not welcome in the halls of Ares…

I’m a big fan of the saying your actions have consequences so the idea that your past actions would be brought up whether it be for good reasons or not could be a very cool mechanic because I like the idea that a choice you make in the heat of the moment could affect the way people see you or act towards you.

An example of a heat of the moment choice: when someone is being mean to Argent you can pick see red and basically try to kill them and the consequence is that Argent doesn’t like you and Sir Mary is mad at you.

And it’s something I could see NPCs commenting on or even bringing up at a party or something to embarrass you especially if your personality is a high imperious or Carefree one.

I think a good compromise is to this as weird as it sounds is to use a mechanic similar to the one when choosing the wooden dagger and what I mean by this is that a player can choose to pick a low-ish personality type to use alongside a high-ish Introspective or extrovertive stat but it just wouldn’t be as effective as if you picked the choice that uses the highest Introspective or extrovertive stat.

For example, Say you have to calm down a group of people and the choices are like a character with 50 or higher stoic should choose this, conversely, a character with 30 imperious that also as 20 in friendly can choose this instead.

I feel like this could maybe give you the ability to tell the story how you originally wanted to while in a way still allowing the player the choice to be all-around.


People say that, but people get angry when they get faced with consequences lol! My dilemma is people not wanting to commit to multiple playthroughs as I want, but instead people want to do everything all in one go. Or misunderstand the personality types by saying things like, “I want to be friendly with my family and friends but Stoic or Imperious to the nobles or people I don’t know” and etc. So either I give them everything, or I force them to do multiple playthroughs, which as we have said no one wants to be forced :joy: oh well, we’ll see whatever is easier for me while I’m writing cause my writing keep balloning more and more haha


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Oh yeah, I hate that sort of forced roleplay. The titles can still work though. Maybe even change with your personality.

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Lol even though I can see it I personally prefer games where I can get multiple play throughs but everyone has there preferences in games and the like. :smiley:


I am accutely aware of this dilemma. On one hand, you have something like the Infinity series, which is pretty straightforward and on the other hand, there’s Zombie Exodus series which is so branched out and they’re both solid A+ in my books.
I guess, what I can say as a reader, just make sure your story is what appeals to the readers, the plot, the emotion, the mechanics are all working together to create a masterpiece. And as for the branching, go with your gut. Afterall, you’re the author and you know how it all plays out. Were just here to enjoy. And based on your work uptil now, i can say that you’ll make a sound decision ( probably). If it works well enough - the plot and the mechanics, I don’t think the majority of the reader base will make much of a fuss.


A less evil approach could be your siblings adopting a pet bug named “Lineate” if you are balanced at this point in the game. Something could write them out of the story shortly after, or you could just give it a nod and not mention it again, but it would be funny for the bug to actually become part of the family.

Then again, you could easily do both. Make a trap codex entry for Lineate the (4th wall breaking demon variant) pet bug. (Give me an achievement, and I won’t even be mad about having to restart. Lol)


A demon as old as the world itself…


You probably know me on the discord, but I just wanted to drop by and say that this game is great. Characters so far have character, the worldbuilding obviously had a lot of effort and time spent on it to make it feel real. I like that we are locked out of choices depending on how we made our personality, as a person doesn’t completely change all of a sudden, but I believe you should go with what you think is the right decision. The fight scenes so far have been captured pretty well, and the prose is not too bad. But the main thing I love about this is that it fits my taste in games almost perfectly, and I look forward to the next update. And to those who haven’t played it yet, play it now or I will come to your house and put a bell on you then make you eat grass.


Hey guys! Got some exciting news for everyone. Half of the Overhaul has been completed, and with the new changes, the rest of the overhaul will be 70% new content with the old plot lines still tying things together! As I finally reached the halfway point of the overhaul, I am now focusing on the Codex and all its entries! After finishing with the Codex and fixing many of the typos and mistakes, I’ll upload the new content along with the new Codex!

But I have a question for yall…

Should I unlock the Codex right from the get-go with all the entries (such as history and recent events and even characters) or keep it as is, unlocking certain entries as you go on with the game? Another thing, would you guys rather wait for the overhaul to be completed (meaning all the new content and a little over where we left off last time with the birthday party) or just get half the intended overhaul to see how its progressing?

  • Unlock the entire Codex from the get-go!
  • Unlock entries as you play the game!

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  • Drop the update after finishing the Codex!
  • I wanna wait until the overhaul is completed!

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Lemme know what you think!!


I got this error when I selected The MC’s father to be their mentor. line 8: No selectable options.

you need to be over 40 in any of the personality types (stoic, imperious, friendly, carefree)


This is literally going to be the biggest most important thing about the overhaul once I fix the EXPLETIVE bug. Seriously. Thanks for helping out though!


At least you know new people are trying out your game, based on the amount of times the ‘bug’ keeps getting reported.



At this point just add "Brother bug " The heir of all kingdoms and the empire in codex. The one true Emperor! King of kings!

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“Yes yes another falls on my trap”

-Line 8 demon propably


Alright! So after closing the polls, we can see that over 2/3rds of readers want to keep unlocking entries as you play! Which speaking of which, I’VE FINISHED THE CODEX! My beta testers will be looking it over to see if there are any more typos or whatnot, but it can be considered finished at this moment in time for the overhaul (the new Codex will release with the completed overhaul). The overhaul itself is like I said halfway complete, and is now my main focus! And due to the way the second poll went, it seems like a majority of you wish to wait until the overhaul is complete, which is awesome to me! I hope you all can keep up with your patience because I cant haha! Once again, thank you all for your support :grin: