Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) NEW ART POSTED 11/2/21

Are all the ROS on the game High nobility?Surely there are some hot peasant girls that can end up falling in love with our MC?

Question is what is stopping a single poly route to be included?Specially if it is just two people a Noble girl and a peasant is a path that already has been scheduled on games of the platform like SOR,is the continent’s dominant faith the obstacle?Outlawing polygamy and such?Man that would be really depressing on a fantasy setting.

Also once the ROS marry or enter a relationship with the MC their lives will intertwine,of course they have both their past,backgrounds,insecurities but(getting romantic here) marriage is like a new beginning where you discover a new part of yourself along your partner(or partners).

From there on their lives will revolve around one another,with factors like their families,court,friends,ambitions still marking the line for who they really will end up as.

You are correct it is practised still too on Islamic countries on Asia(like Indonesia or Malaysia) or on Africa you can even find it on Christian countries like Zambia(one of the few Christian countries to allow it),one way or another it is true polyginy and in general poly relationships still survive on many points of actual human society much to the dismay and the surprise of many.

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Most ROs are High Nobility not all, I have stated this clearly.

What makes you think that the peasant RO will be okay with being a Concubine essentially?
He/She maybe peasant but their personality and attitude towards poly relationship may differ, no guarantee peasant RO will be okay with being concubine essentially just because they are peasant.

That’s my point as well, ROs will have their own experience, as Author has stated some maybe fine with poly rel, others may not be.

I am not arguing against poly rel, it has been stated that it will be possible to have a poly rel, what I am arguing against is unrealistic expectations from it, Like expecting all ROs to be fine with it, Like expecting all nobles to be fine with, Like expecting religious heads to be fine with it, Like expecting ROs families to be fine with it, Like expecting it to not have an impact on future succession, etc.

In this setting as I completely immerse myself, I see that it will indeed be possible to have poly rel, but it will be going against Continents Culture and Religion, so there will be consequences to such a relationship as if one goes against ones Culture and Religion, especially as a King/Queen, there will be consequences.


I mean why not?
Thinking that not any of the RO peasant girls would accept is a little surreal too…I mean their lifes will improve dramatically if they enter a relationship with the MC(think of it as personal survival if you will) plus the fact that love is sometimes irrational and blind people just going along with it,we are underestimating the harsh livings any of the peasant girls could be going through.

Many a noble girl or their families would not mind turning a blind eye if they get the position of spouse with the King of the country,even if the peasant girl marries the MC too the status between the wives and their children would be very different(a clear distinction within the succession line as secondary heirs) but still could create a wholesome environment for a happy family to live with.

Of course I am not expecting all of the ROS to be happy with the situation but just per character there is a high chance of them accepting and starting to like that sort of arrangement,I know there will be consequences and I am stastic to embrace them but merely speaking here about getting a choice and live through all these drama in game.

What we are implying here on the comments “will have ramifications” could make for an excellent plot device,sometimes we readers just need to smash our head into certain topics to fully reach their depth,that’s human nature learning by experiencing.

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It maybe possible that some will accept it, but the Author will have to write in even more ROs, as it stands there are 8 ROs that are publicly revealed, but author has stated that they have a few ROs under wrap, so maybe it will be one of those.

I would be inclined to agree if the ROs were from mid-tier Nobility, but I can hardly see High Nobility ROs families to be fine with them not being official spouse.

I suppose it will indeed be good to view how a particular Poly Rel will work, and what obstacles such a relationship will have to face.


Frankly all the possibilities that I suggested implied either the two girls(noble and peasant) marrying the MC,the first wife the one with the clear status(the “official spouse” you could say) and prestige on the relationship being the Noble girl from the important family but also considering the peasant girl as the secondary wife.

A possibility where two of the important noble families agree to marry their daughters to the MC?

Yeah that’s more difficult to stomach and would more than likely develop into a full theatre of intrigue and factions on your royal court,not get me wrong visiting that scenario would be really fun and navigating those turbulent waters make for good narrative but how could that paradigma end up occurring when one noble would be offended by the other occupying the position of “First Wife” or even “First Queen”(if we consider this on the realistic viewpoint we are focusing the discussion on).

Lots of power over the nobility to make them go through such an event and then all the backlash.

The principal problem is programing all of these complicate possibilities in game,yeah poly relationships take time to develop and integrate on the plot,reaching certain points of that three way romance(considering up to two pairings cause from then on it is a lot harder to give screen time to the ros)on a satisfying and full filing way needs true skill as an author.


It will indeed be tough to Code in the poly rel, as there can be more than 2 spouses in it, so Author will have to implement a Dynamic code, which assigns values based on the number of relationships you have.

What i mean by dynamic code is using a loop to automatically assign values to a number of relationships using a loop, so in that case you will have to define the number of relationships you have and then the code will assign status to relationship variables.
An example of this is highest relationship calculator code which came up in help section like a week ago I think link to it is here.


If the madlad decides to go for three wives for the MC then he will have quite the harvest to pick up.

Stuff like this would be better to develop on more than one book,creating the environment slowly and not leaving relevant and interesting details behind for the readers to feast upon.

First time I’ve heard about Dynamic Codes,sounds both cool and taxing would love to learn more about how those work though.

Ah so it involves playing with variables not that far from my grasp but giving how much I suffered learning Excel as a teenager I might be surprised.

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Looks like @FatedFlame is feeling the pressure. It’s looks like their trying to please the goddess fan club. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Anyway i was wondering when can we use our education to our advantage? I think i remember reading something about what @FatedFlame said that we can use it as an alternative like if your low on charisma stat you could choose the political route to pass
a checkpoint instead…

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@Sakura_Higanbana28 I suspect we can start to use our education and the other stats in that grouping when our characters go to the academy a few years from where we left off.


Why didn’t I find this Wip sooner!!! really enjoyed the Wip I love the grandfather it’s like a old wolf guarding his little cubs looking forward to future updates.Author has done a great job


I never said anything about being perfect or all powerful. Nor anything about people’s lives revolving around the MC. My fear was that in an effort to be realistic, the author would make our ability to accomplish things TOO limited. It’s not because of what’s written so far, but it’s a very common issue with works that tout being more grounded.


Hi guys! Im finally at the point where I wish to see my Ace/gay readers thoughts on upcoming romances and the issue of needing to have children. Specifically, I want to see prompts, examples, ideas, and/or personal experiences involving said romances or just even awkwardness bringing up your sexual comfort level. This is absolutely voluntary of course, so please message me on here, or on Tumblr with any of the above that you’d like to share. Also, I would love to know your expectations going forward as I myself am straight sex positive. So lemme know of anything you don’t want to see that is usually portrayed in media that bothers you or you feel is misrepresented. However, understand that I can elect to not go with what you suggest. I have some ideas/options going forward, so please let me know what you think!

  1. Gay/Sex repulsed characters will have semi separate romance stories from the straight/sex positive characters. By this, I mean that as an author, I will construct different scenarios, events, and/or reactions of the world around the MC. I feel as though this character type will face scenarios not similar to a straight heterosexual character. Still dont know how yet, and its just an idea.

  2. Don’t touch on those topics/ characters as I may not do it justice or should not be the one to tell that story. Don’t get into a hissy fit or I will fight back. This is a legitimate concern of mine, especially since I’ve been involved in rallies/ clubs/classes were its been discussed that a group from a minority group (be it sexual orientation, gender, or race) should be the one to talk about their experiences. Kinda like having a man speak about women issues such as abortion or health. Or having a privileged speaker trying to connect to an audience about difficulties and micro aggressions due to skin color or social class. Anyways, this is just an idea/option.

  3. Ill do whatever I want, write whatever I want, and the people who don’t like it can read something else. Less aggressively-speaking: As an author, I can’t be perfect, especially when writing about the orientations, traumas, preferences of other people that I may or may not have similarities with. Besides, you really can’t please everyone. Especially when one’s definition of one term is different from anothers. Like Ace is on a spectrum, and you cant honestly expect me to account for every spot on that spectrum now can you? There’s sex positive and sex repulsed Ace’s. Same goes for gay readiness for sex, cause again, its on a spectrum. Anyways, again, just an option thats given to me obviously.

  4. Finally, truth be told, I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to do this subject justice, and am starting to feel pressured that I may not be the one to write about it. Im thinking of just having the MC be Gay/Straight/Bisexual. The Gay/Straight/Bisexual MC’s can choose how much sexual attraction they wish to give/receive to/from the RO’s. Meaning Hell yeah lets BLEEP! To Im nervous about physical attraction but I like you enough to try and I want to with you. To I like you romantically but not sexually. The Ace MC will still have the same scene from the current draft, but it will be locking your MC from any romance and sex.

Personally, Option 4 is looking like my prime choice. But I wanted to be transparent with you guys! And I wanted to allow anyone to voice their opinions, and see what the community thinks from the above options.

Also, YOU MAY DISCUSS, POLITELY AND DIPLOMATICALLY. NO BICKERING HOWEVER. It was brought to my attention that some members of our community felt locked out of the conversation or form posting due to the recent thread about harems. As such, please refrain from bickering. We are all old enough ( Since you can read ) to know what that means. I know it sounds like this makes replying or responding to each other hard, but it really isnt. It becomes bickering if there is nothing contributing to the story, discussion, and/or community.

Thanks guys, stay safe this weekend, and let me know your thoughts or ideas!


I think option 4 is fine depending on the dialogues available for the sex scenes. It also depends on what kind of world you want to set; you can go ‘‘ideal world where your orientation have virtually no consequence over the plot/character’s perception of MC’’ (like most IFs), or a more realistic middle age one where being gay/ace WILL make a difference in how others see you and it’ll probably be ‘‘inconvenient’’ (you are forced to marry and have kids) or frowned upon (the best reference I have is ‘I, the Forgotten One’). I’m personally fine with either scenario.

The only time I get, how to say it? Bothered? Frustrated? Is with gender locked characters or that have set orientations, but writers can make characters however they want and it’s not my business. If I like the story I play, if I don’t I don’t. I won’t come here and go off like ‘‘BUT WHY-’’. I don’t see the point in complaining that a game didn’t appease you or gave you what you wanted when there are literally dozens of other IF that can satisfy your criteria.


Wow that’s really thought out :eyes:

I most likely missed any discussion about this, but was it ever mentioned how that world views gay relationships in general? Is it like (just throwing examples); Greece glory days with people sleeping with everyone, and everyone “knows” but doesn’t know what those men are doing in that tent lol? Or like Game of thrones; frowned upon? Or just openly accepting?


I think a hybrid of option 1 and 4 would be best, in the way that the romances are mostly the same, but for certain scenes where it’d be more sexual instead ace/sex repulsed characters could have an alternate scene ? As well as dialogue changes that change depending on whether your character feels sexual attraction. For the sexualities themselves I don’t think you have to fully label them, you can just have a choice like “I like men exclusively, I like women exclusively, I like men and women,” and then add onto that with “I feel sexual attraction, I don’t feel sexual attraction and am sex-repulsed, I don’t feel sexual attracted but don’t mind sex, I feel sexual attraction but uncertain of sex”? Something like that, though of course it’s ultimately your decision!


Honestly, option 4 doesn’t do it for me. Like, it legit scares me a bit. Not having Ace rep at all after having built it up in the first place would be a far bigger slap to the face than any inaccuracies regarding representation. It’d be especially bad if you deliberately include every other orientation except ace people. There is a difference between having to have sex in the game as an ace person and getting agency in our character’s feelings and just not getting our orientation expressed at all.

Option 4 sounds like asexuality is more of an afterthought than an actual choice, and I don’t know what the difference between it and 2 are. they both sound equally bad imo. 4 is only slightly better, barely enough to make a difference. If those are the options, Idk if I can continue my support for th project, which is absolutely not something I want to do. It’s a great game. But I may have to draw the line at withdrawing ace representation that was already promised. We have so little already, I cannot support withholding more.

3 is even worse. You should absolutely take our feelings into account when writing this stuff. It may be tricky but this is not a situation where “just do what I want” is a good idea. This is ESPECIALLY true if the characters will have to have sex regardless. That is something that NEEDS to be discussed with the community, and not having Asexuality would only exacerbate the issue. It would be a HUGE slap to the face.

All in all, I think option 1 is the most viable. We should ABSOLUTLY have romance arcs different in certain ways than our allosexual (people who feel sexual attraction) counterparts. That is actually a fantastic idea that doesn’t get explored nearly as often as it should. How to make a relationship work without sex is an issue that should definitely be explored and I would be more than happy to offer advise if you need it (you asked me on tumblr, though I have a different username there).


do what you feel is best for you, and whatever you feel is more comfortable for you, in the end, you can’t please everyone


I think another option in the works was for the MC’s brother to become heir apparent if the MC refuses to have children


That makes the most sense. That’s the case if a ruler didn’t have a child at that moment anyways right?

That or the ruler names someone their heir. But it’s usually a relative. Not always


Ok then, if that doesn’t work, why not just do the same thing that happened to “virgin mary” and have the MC produce an heir out of nowhere without sexual intercourse and call it a miracle.

Probably the easiest solution.

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