Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) NEW ART POSTED 11/2/21


Hi guys! I’m really new here, I’ve started work on a WIP called: Kingdoms and Empires. It’s about a hero being asked by a Goddess to complete a quest. The quest will entail you being reborn on a new world as part of a powerful kingdom’s royal family. At the moment the Continent of Nareth is at peace, with the new generation of nobles and power figures being born, including yourself. Armed with the memories of your past life, the history of Earth and advanced technologies, are you really going to make a difference in this new world? Or will it be inapplicable in a world that has magic and monsters? Will you remain the hero the Goddess summoned, or will you be broken by a world that makes no sense? Is trauma something to be shared, or kept to yourself?

You will have close friends to aid you, a family that will support you, a solid foundation you can rely on…but can it rely on you?

I’ve decided to create a new Tumblr page for the WIP. On the Tumblr you will find the map of the world the story takes place! I am also debating with myself whether I should move a large portion of the Codex there, or just use the Tumblr for extra stuff like future plans and the like.

The game is currently equipped with

The Codex

The Codex will explain almost the entire Continent of Nareth! Keep progressing through the game and unlock new entries about different kingdoms or new enemy encounters!

Relationships Bar

This Bar ingame will give you a general look at how many of the characters feel about you, a brief description, and a close representation of how they would look using Artbreeder!

Education Bar

The path you take can and will change how you will interact with the world in Arc II, a Politician may be able to play the game of nobles well enough, but political knowledge will be useless for when you need to build a siege engine, the type an Engineer would be able to construct easily!

Demo Link

New Tumblr Page!

Discord Link!

Kingdoms and Empires Server


This story will require a Gay/Asexual MC to have children.
Explicit Language.
Explicit Violence.

Official Art!

First up we have the Silver Wolves, the Royal Guard of the Monarchs of Argent, the Heavy Infantry Unit designed to penetrate and fold enemy lines in open battle! During open battle, they use two-handed variants of Maces and Axes, both being held by the Silver Wolf pictured to showcase the weapons. The Mace is used to crush armored enemies and deliver blunt trauma to the body underneath the hard shell of armor. The Axe is used similarly, with a crucial difference: The Vertical Pointed head on the axe can be used to penetrate armor and deliver quick killing blows. In fact, due to the effectiveness of these weapons, they were slowly replacing the sword in Europe before the advent of firearms!

Then we have the Old King of Argent himself, Remiel!!!

We see him wearing the Blessed Armor of Argent, the magical properties quite literally “lit up” due to him possessing the bloodline requiring to use the armor to it’s full benefit and potential! (WE HAVE IT TOO!) The Sword of Argent is also lit up, the stone glowing as well as the center piece stone in the Blessed Armor. Of course, with my overhaul happening and being written as we speak, I will change the armors color scheme ingame to what we see here! As for the actual Sword of Argent and the Argent Armor’s design, I wanted to keep a simple, more realistic design due to functionality and to disregard the “Rule of Cool” that has been prevalent thus far in media. Reason being is because keeping my work grounded is is important to me, as is the weapons and armor used. Practicality in my opinion outweighs the fantastical qualities of let us say the Daedric Armor used in Skyrim.
These were weapons and armor that saw real use in battle, and terrified enemies. Just wanted to explain the reasoning and design choices behind the armor and weapons when some people may have been expecting some anime-esque drawings lol!

And Finally, the amazing artists who drew these pieces of art!

Artist of the Silver Wolf: teddysantt
Artist of the Old King: theartofhector

Please consider commissioning them for your future projects or personal requests!

Please let me know what you thought of the art!!!

Currently it’s just over 65k words, so I’m hoping that it’s enough for a good first impression. I worked really hard on the world building and lore of this world, but I would like to know if the Codex felt at all overwhelming, and to see if it would be better to make it even more restricted in the start of the game and unlock more entries as you play.

Hope you guys enjoy!!!


I swear to God if I was in this type of world I’ll be the most dangerous man in the world if I was one of the royal families because as I grew up I was practically reading Machiavelli as my role model in history he is a just say I’m not a good guy and not the he hates chivery and he wrote a book with supposed to be a king and I typically will rely on science and ideas and planning if we are at War the f*** with people


Lol, you’ll love the politician + intelligence + cold route then! Btw guys, I dumbed dumbed a feature with the Codex, I’ll try fixing it tomorrow when I wake up but other than that, I was not able to find any game breaking bugs. If you did, please let me know!


For some reason, I was born during play and sometimes returned.


Kingdom building LETS GOOOOOO


It’s not about being cold and calculating it’s about what’s knowing about people they want but you must do it in a way that doesn’t ruin everything you got to do it with a brain not give them every single thing you have and hope that you can still live on the aftermath you got to be calculated and figure out how to fix the problem and survive doing it I think that’s what a lot of people don’t realize if they’re sitting in a Golden Throne for their whole life that’s why I’m playing as a character with no family who pretty much was an orphan going intelligent to knowing people and learning what’s going on around me and the politics and knowing the people I’m dealing with one fuk up can cost me my head this is what I’m putting in my situation trust me this is what I’ll be doing if I was reincarnated and I had everything in my brain and I’m thrown into a situation like this running a country is a dangerous thing got to know everything even the bad and the good and not really the thrilling like paperwork or making a sewage system


I believe I should advice a more rigourous approach to testing this demo I actually found a bug and would upload that soon so it can be looked into


I specifically love the story line and flow of event and for what it’s worth I really appreciate the work done and I look forward to getting more updates.


When I click on the Nareth Map, the picture does not appear, I was very curious about the map of the world. :smiley:


Never was anything achieved without Danger


Loved this, definitely my favourite time period. How frequent will updates be?
The most important question is, can we do something with magic? I know it states how magic comes from the properties of equipment, a bit like enchantments. I was wondering if, as the MC is the courier of the goddess, would they be able to do a bit more with magic than the average person?
Is it supposed to be a six-year time skip, this is when you’re already 6? You stay 6 for a few pages, then turn 8 and then 12, so I was wondering if this was intentional or not.


Sounds interesting


I see potential for a very-very good story here, keep it up.


Isekai kingdom-building… Thank you daddy!


Truck-kun has claimed another victim :pensive:



I expected a shortish to normal length demo but you really indulge us here. This has captivated me enough to play all of it straight.(took me 1-2 h at least, love a meaty demo)
Now you Sir/Ma’am/Dignified nonbinary person have a new tread follower.

I do have some questions for you if you don’t mind


If you are sure about them could we have the Ros lists ? (I’m the kind that like to chose one early on so I can focus on them) Will we be able to be on the asexual,aromantic spectrum ?
(Bonus : while still being able to romance the Ros or have sex with them + will they be nsfw scene ? )

Do you intend on having a tumblr ? I know it’s not for everyone so don’t worry about it. I just love to ask author questions and with a world as rich as yours seem to be, that would be a great opportunity to share more of it with us

  • make the game more popular
    (since you said you are really new I will be cautious and assume you are also new to the IF community.
    In short a tumblr is a popular way for author to attract an audience for their games and grow a fanbase around it. Of course you only make one if you feel like it,authors have succeed without one.
    But it do massively help a game sells + helping the writer future carreer.
    So the choice is up to you :slight_smile:

I also found some typos and wrong gender. I was playing a girl and referred as a boy several times


About that last screenshot,I got an error when I chose the last option. And when I went back to the very beginning and tried to load the save I was also met with an error.

Randoms bits about the games


Can I just say that, I ,a fervent believer in democratic state, could see myself willingly following the Grandfather as a loyal,and proud subject ?
The man charisma stats is WAY up here. Like level
“open a dictionary and in the word for king you see a picture of him”
My MC is totally like “When I grow up I wanna be like grandfather” even if I intend to try an play as a goody-two shoose
(in a reasonable amount, I didn’t choose grandpa as my mentor for nothin’ :eyes:)
By the way concerning our skills, will we be able to be good at more than three things ? Or is it preferable to focus on 1-2 skills. What do you recommend if we want to maximize our stats? (yeah I love being op)
I think with so many stats it could be a nice addition to put little description or indicators to which stats is being raise + a tiny description of how skilled you are in that stats
Can we do something for the people that died during the demon attack ? :frowning:
That was traumatising (good job with the demon, I have officially sworn I would kill them all :triumph:) and my MC wouldn’t be able to rest without being sure that the dead are properly honored and their family compensated
I love our family,that’s it.


Great work
Loved the Game, especially the Old King.

Edit: @FatedFlame
I have a small suggestion, that is to add a calendar and year so as to allow track age, years of events, etc.


I love this! Found a couple of typos and pronoun inconsistencies, I haven’t been able to take note tho.since I am reading this waaay past my usual bedtime and I am kinda just fighting sleepiness just to see where the story goes! :sweat_smile:
Looking forwarrd to more!


@11110 What do you mean?

@Takashi_Shin You’ll probably fit quite nicely with the Old King haha. You’re absolutely correct though. A ruler should never be overly cruel nor kind. They are given the responsibility of managing the lives of many. I hope you enjoyed it!

@Fawaz_Ibrahim Darn it, I had hoped there would be none. I’ve worked on this since August 1st, and wanted to share with you guys. Thank you so much for your kind words though, I was scared about sharing it but I feel better about it now.

@ResulEkremKaya Nooooo! I worked on that darn map for HOURS. By the end of today it WILL be displayed, I promise. Thank you so much for the warning!
Edit: So when displayed, it looks way too small and it cannot accommodate well into the screen. As such I think I’ll just display it here, or in the new Tumblr I will be creating for the game. Thanks for reading!



These are very good questions, and the type I want to know most about. Updates will be either twice a month, or once a month depending on the time it takes me to properly clean the current demo from spelling errors and misgendered nouns. Magic in this world is really unfair, equipment not “blessed” by the Goddess are quite literally Pay-To-Win, which is why the nobles are on top. Everyone else can only use items that will run out, and can only display “elemental” properties. Such as a fire slash or the like. "blessed"items are capable of much more, such as altering the weight of the heavy armor one uses. As for being the courier of the Goddess, the MC DOES have something special that will set them apart from the rest of everyone else. The ability to enter the spiritual domains of the trapped champions. But that’s still some ways to go. As for the six-year time skip, I decided it would be best to just glance over the years, so that my readers would FINALLY be able to interact with the story much more, than having to just be reactionary. You do the time skip when you’re 6, then flash through the years and events until you’re 12. But if it was confusing I’ll go back and replay it to see how best to reword that area of the game! :slight_smile:



Haha! RO list is something I should’ve totally added, I know! I will probably add the list alongside the next update. I have plans for asexual MC’s. In fact, I have an asexual character created for the MC to meet in the future. Mild Spoiler Alert It will be your youngest brother, Percy! I can’t wait for the discussion you two will have! As for your NSFW question, the scenes will be have the choice between Fade to black, or EXPLICIT. I want my readers to choose what they feel comfortable with. I’m a lover of smut, and honestly, I decided to go all in since the rough drafts I have for the future battle scenes are going to be explicit violence. But that’s still a ways to go. I’ll have to message one of our amazing mods for advice regarding this question. I know there’s an adults place somewhere, but I didn’t have much content in that regard so I wasn’t sure if I should post here, or there.

I actually have thought of making a Tumblr just for this game! Thank you so much for information about how a Tumblr can help and reach more readers, I think I will. You gave me the lil push haha.

I’m sorry you found those typos and wrong gender nouns. I’ve played and looked over this game so many darn times I needed more eyes to see any mistakes lmaoooo.

Your screenshoted typos and mistakes will be fixed by 12pm Mountain time, I promise. Thank you!

Aww thank you for the kind words AGAIN! You making me tear up here :’) The stats are going to incredibly be subject to change going forwards as I need to see how high stats can get, and take that into account for when you actually need to pass a skill check. I also don’t wish for the game to be TOO GAMEY and be enjoyable to readers without them rage-quitting. As for Attribute stats, you will also have your Education Stats. Those will influence and be a big part of your decision making in the future. A high intellect will increase the Education stats by a large percentage in the future, for example. The indicators are something I tried to implement in various form to see the reactions of my readers. Should they be visible when you are MAKING the choice, or AFTER the choice was made? As for the people that died and their families, only Ronnel could be given a knighthood post mortem and his family given money and pay as befits the new title. The rest…I think I can make something in the future for when you’re a lil bit more older. Again, thank you for the kind words, friend!

Edit: I have fixed all the typos and the bug you mentioned in your post. Thank you!


Thank you! On the stats menu you will find your age being tracked. Were you aware of that, or would it be better for a reader to have a tab in the stats menu that could keep track of events and year?

@redfield someone did an amazing job of screenshotting those inconsistencies so they should be fixed today by 12pm mountain time today! Hope you enjoyed it!

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