Kingdom Lords(Game idea)

Hi everyone i’ve decided to share some of the history of my world

So here it goes

So it starts with 600 years ago when the biggest war in history occurred, when the orcs started attacking their neighboring races, as nobody was prepared for the attacks alot perished and the orcs gaining grounds at a rapid pace the only ones they can’t defeat are the dwarves in the east mountain range w/c is dividing the continent and of course superior weapons, and while the human kings unites to form the council of kings to battle the orcs before they get annihilated, the elves was not doing so well as they are a peaceful race without an army and only makeshift weapons and no training but the council of kings decided to help the elves as they were friendly and some are even friends with them(human kingdoms being friend with elf kingdom, so not all are friends just friendly or nuetral), and with the help of the humans the elves escaped to the island north of the continent and there is where they found their new homes and mountains rich with ore like iron, zinc, copper(basically weapon ores) and silver, gold and shining gems( so a jackpot) and upon discovery they immediately begun work in forging weapons to supply their rescuers as they don’t got they the numbers, traning, and leaders to go to war directly but they got the will for revenge and so they support the humans by means of sending weapons, food and medical troops as they got great knowledge in plants and herbs although they don’t send fighting troops they are still alot of volunteers to go observe and fight in their own will.

As the war progress the three major races war against the orcs, the leaders of the three races joined together to think of a plan the exterminate the orcs as the war is raging for far too long now, they decided in attacking them in all sides but before they can do that they need to cut off the orcs in access of the seas so in the north and south part of orc territory but it’s not as easy as it sounds as the orcs got superior numbers, so they need the help of mages to defeat the orcs, as the attacks begun, the orc are surprised as the number of mages increase from a few of no more than ten to a hundred, using the elements to defeat them, after the success of cuting them off from the sea the alliance started attacking from all side using superior weapons, trained troops, unconventional tactics and battle hardened leaders (note most kings led their army in the front displaying great feats of bravery, and some prefer to lead in the back, as for the kings in front inspired the concept of knights), even though being attack from all sides and losing, the orcs are not giving up easily, fighting for every piece of land with their utmost savageness but eventually they lost nearly being exterminated only escaping by doing a desperate attempt to escape, with a massive attack in the south part of the territory they still occupy, to gain access to the sea again, the attack came as a suprised to the alliance as they thought the orcs are only a few million left to their terror seeing endless orcs surface from down under their bases, being annihilated and putting little resistance as reinforcement came slow, the orcs eventually succeded after a week’s battle they escaped going south to find a small island just 13 miles of the coast so they were still being harassed so they move west in an island farther from the mainland and way bigger than the previous island, so they settle down as the alliance can’t get massive forces because of rapid waters and stormy season and so the orcs already built fortifications to repel the alliance, eventually they give up on attacking the orcs as their alliance crumbles only sending raiding troops often and keeping tabs on them.

As the war ends along with their alliance, the war lasting a hundred years the humans, elves, dwarves started repairing the damage, the council of kings disband as individual kings put their agenda for ruling the council is put in motion and rich kingdoms becoming poor and poor ones becoming rich so they go on their separate ways like the old days. Sorry for grammar and other mistakes

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This is something i would love to pay! Keep up the good work!

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This sounds like an awesome game. Please make it

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Hi guys am since i’m still making the world for this game how would u like to have unnaturals, u know vampires,werewolves, fairies etc…

And this thought is inspired by unnatural and choice of the vampire, both are really good games, u guys should play it too if u haven’t played it already.


Oh, I would love to play a game like this!

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I would really love to make this but its too big for a 1st project, which is why this is postponed, and i’m making a smaller one in the same world

Can a mod close this?

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