Kingdom Come (WIP Demo)!


I have finally got far enough in the story to have an official demo for the game its not very long so don’t expect a lot just something to wet your appetite with. Please send any feedback and suggestions.


@ChoiceofManning is this the game with the were bears? also i got an error when i try the link says “Scrip error unable to load” it could be because im using a phone i shall check later if it changes.


By the way I know there are probably a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes I know im horrible but just suffer through it for now i’ll go back to correct them later.


I changed your thread title slightly to indicate it was a work in progress, and shifted it to the right category.

I found the lack of paragraphs made it difficult for me to read. I suspect it’s not really my sort of game. It’d be nice to see in the thread what sort of game it is.


I keep getting this: line 85: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "her .


Can’t be a girl keeps getting same error that miki got.


I fixed it


That’s weird I tested it out on my phone and it worked fine for me. I’ll go back and check to see if I missed something tho


Oh and yes it the game with the were bears I just roughing out the intro first to see any mistakes I made so I can be more aware as I move forward.


I really enjoyed the first part while written although a few mistakes it was nice


I liked it, good story i can actually picture myself as a assassin standing on a rooftop fighting against orcs lol.
There where a few mistakes like
did’nt this should be didn’t
But anyway good story :slight_smile:

EDIT: there was a triple comment so i made them vanish


The writing could be broken up better, but that’s all I want to see improved so far.


line 453: Non-existent variable ‘manning’
it still has this error.


me too


The phone bug is gone. I was waiting for this it was some time ago when you posted about the game and im really excited to know were bears and dwarves.

Question if you’re the princess and become the queen isn’t that not allowed? I mean for a kingdom it is ruled by a King but a Queendom is ruled by a Queen, also a queen can only rule if she is married to a king. Will you please explain the rules for the game in inheriting titles.

I got the same error a everyone “line 453: Non-existent variable ‘manning’”

This is the princess route.
If you’re a princess it says in this line “Suddenly a thrashing raider comes at you full blast with sword drawn and prepared to strike. Probably hoping to take down the crown prince.” It should be princess.
In what weapon are you using, the options. “Swordsman” “Axeman” “Spearman” should be changed if you’re a princess.

This is the prince route.
Nothing that i see to change.


Hey everyone tganks for the feedback I made a few changes but the internet is down on my computer this is from my iphone right now

I’ll post an updated version later on today mostly typos and paragraph parcing

I’ll be starting the next chapter today.


Here is the updated link!


I found a error

Line 423 error


If you pick a preset name instead of entering your own it skips the surname option completely.


I mad the demo ended