Kids 'R' Us Orphanage


I have been watch this disscusion with some intrest. I look forward to your story, I am of the opion that just write the darn thing. You seem to have put a lot of thought in to it. If I find it offensive I’ll put it down, but I won’t rake you over the coals for it. Enjoy what you do or don’t do it all.


So if the US is destroyed where dose the game take place?

Second question you mentioned that the intro is done, can I see?

And lastly How are the masses of people doing? Are they dirt poor or has the war put most of them in the army and the rest of them with plenty of markets to take advantage of


What’s wrong with the number? I know there’s something wrong with that they’ll never be matched perfectly (at least, not monogamously).


@Cagye_bee 1. On an undisclosed island. Probably Madagascar.
2. You mean the code?
3. You only asked one question here, so I’ll answer that. It’ll be something along the lines of: “The top 1% owning 99% of all global assets while the other 99% owns 1%”. Hopefully that lets you get an idea.

@Epicazeroth When I list the sexualities, I list four females and five males in total. Read the records again.





But in the US today the 1% owns over 50% and there is still money left for middle and lower class


@Cagye_bee Not going to say whether that’s true or not, but just take that and make it about 2.5x worse and you should get my setting.



Can’t wait for this game


@Neo: wasn’t assuming anything, though I was hoping you’d hold off from writing about pre-teens. But yeah, a kid’s a kid, a sex slave is a sex slave, and teacher-kid sex is as hard to write sensitively as any other brand of rape.

So in a nutshell: you’re spending your obvious talents on a story concept that is overwhelmingly likely to end up as just another piece of exploitative rape entertainment. Here endeth the sermon.


@Havenstone If that’s what they want to write about, and they write about it good, I’m fine. I’m not the one writing, after all, and you dun hafta play if you dun want to.


@Havenstone “So in a nutshell: you’re spending your obvious talents on a story concept that is overwhelmingly likely to end up as just another piece of exploitative rape entertainment”.

*Puts on shades*


If no one else has the coglioni, then I’m your man, capiche?


Sometimes, some people should just have their balls cut off.

If you can make a rape joke, then surely you don’t mind one dealing with your imagined forceful castration.


… Lady Geosha scares me. X_X


Wouldn’t help. It doesn’t take coglioni to write rape fantasies.



Neo, have you even asked the owners of this site if you can post the story on here? I mean unless this is an elaborate troll (not accusing, but I’m suspicious by nature) and you are in fact just joking around, I’m still skeptical that you’d be allowed to post it on here. At this point you’d have better luck writing a Holocaust story (with or without dark elves).


As @EndMaster said, beyond the fact that you almost certainly won’t be able to get it hosted by CoG, if it’s not handled pretty much perfectly (and personally, I’m already convinced you do not have the finesse to handle a story of this nature well), it’s likely to get removed from the forums entirely.


@Havenstone I was trying to hide my bashfulness at your compliment with fake toughness. Thanks for complimenting my talent!

@EndMaster No! I don’t actually know who or where to go for that. I was hoping one of the “admins” would read this and say okay. Who or where do I go to ask?

@Reaperoa Well shit, now I feel awful. In Vendetta, you can choose to pretty much rape Carina, but it fades to black. That’s what I plan on doing, if I’m not allowed to be graphic.

@ScarletGeisha What rape joke? A part of me thinks it’s “normal” to cringe at the imagining of my testicles being cut off. Another part thinks you’re just being threatening, whereas I’m trying to make jokes. The other parts don’t really care either way. So in the end, I didn’t cringe. I played your game too, but I find it to be an anomaly. It has almost no content compared to Vendetta, ZE, and Corruption of Champions, and yet is just as popular, and also much more popular than Unnatural. I personally thought it was okay.


I’ve sent an email to Jason. Either he or I will give further clarification on where the line is. For the moment, I’m locking the thread to prevent further discussion until an ‘official’ stance can be made.


@Neo: you’re a very good writer, no need to be bashful. But like Reaperoa said, your fondness for the wildly inappropriate joke doesn’t do a lot to raise confidence in your ability to hit a “tactful, non-exploitative” note with your chosen material.

Re: the “fake toughness,” can you see how the easy and natural interpretation was “…exploitative rape entertainment? hell yeah, bitches, that’s how I roll”? With testicular metaphor thrown in for good measure. It sounds like you’re simply reveling cheerfully in the fact that you’re going to write about rape. I assume that’s how Scarlet read it.

Perhaps over-charitably, I read it as: “You might think the odds against me producing anything worthwhile here are overwhelming, but I’ve got the balls to try it and not be scared off by anyone’s disapproval.”

But even if that was close to what you intended, it’s not the most obvious reading. If you’re going to be oblique in your jokes (and of course you will continue to be) best not to get too upset when people don’t read them as you intended.

And yes, the reader can choose to rape a lot of people in Vendetta – there’s no “pretty much” about it! – which I didn’t realize on my early playthroughs. For me, that killed an otherwise well-written game. But I’ve not tried to hound him off the forums, any more than I’m trying to hound you off.

I’d just like to encourage you to use your powers for… well, good may be boring, but not as evil as you’re planning.

[edit: it was never in fact accurate that you can rape “a lot of people” in Vendetta- when I reread that game, I realized I’d had in mind two different episodes with one character, Carina]


If it weren’t obvious, the proposed subject of this game is of a sensitive nature. As has been mentioned, if artistically meritorious, we would be happy to license it. We’re not in the business of censoring people. Moreover, the conversation did not devolve to ad hominems or overly inflammatory remarks.

However, I don’t see the merit in continuing to discuss this on the forums. When the game is finished, Choice of Games will consider the matter of publication. Right now, @Neo has already described a setting. His intention to develop this work is clear. When the work is finished and published, we can start a new thread then.