Kids Choice

So today my kid had me read a Choice game and loved it(hes five).He then asked me to make him a story like the one I read.

Would a kid book be a bad idea? Maybe with different stories or slightly shorter length. Add a few pictures here and there for some flavour.

Just made me wonder if this could be a good storybook genre for this new digital age.


I never really thought about it! It could be a wonderful project for little kids. What are you planning on making?
I’d probably do something where the child can go to a fantasy world and can choose what they’d like to be. Can’t wait to hear what you’re planning!

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No ideas yet lol prob something with a dragon because he loves them. But it just felt like a great medium for kids storybooks. I’d love to have a whole bunch for him to read and my youngest when he gets more interested!

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It’d be great! Who knows, he might even get more interested in reading or wish to pursue it himself!

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That sounds really cool. I am sure my daughter would love that too. But for kids book the language barrier will shorten the market a lot. Foreign kids just don’t learn english that early and translating everything in a way that the story is not slowed might be difficult for the parents too.

But the idea as such is really great.

I think one of the only reasons it has not been done much in ChoiceScript is the need for a lot more art than is the norm, and how expensive that could get. But if you can swing it or do it yourself, I would say it’s a great idea.


I’ve been pondering it a while now. It think it would work really well. Art will become much more important.

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I am not even sure if art would be that important, kids do look at pictures if they are there, but if they are not there, at least my daughter does not seem to mind. I think the pictures are more a thing in books, so that the sides are full without the kids getting frightened by a lot of text or so that the book would not be to short, since all the text would fit into one or two pages^^.

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This is a good idea, you would have to cut/modify some features of course (like book length) but it would be very interesting!

Well I think when it comes to art just depends on age of kids and also how its read to them. My kid doesn’t need pictures especially when I read in voices or read book with emotion.

I think IF is such a underutilized medium and want to see it grow. Art would be expensive unless the writer is also a artist. Then again words alone can reach a kid so art might not be that big of a deal. Even more so since the child will be active in the story process. This all conjecture of course, but I’d love it so much!

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The most interesting difference for a kids choice book is the possibility to branch a lot more, due to less text. That could make a really cool difference.

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Out of interest, which game did you and your kid read?

Read him the beta to Rewind lol. Then he asked me to make one up on the spot so I did a dragon one. He picked to have a bow…but then wanted to punch the dragon lol

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Ooh, a kids choice-script game has a lot of potential if executed correctly! Really could expand the market more for the community to little children while also maintaining the regular HG and CoG content with it. Though the biggest problem with the idea is that depending on the child, some may grow quickly bored with a low amount of pictures in these types of books (art can also be a strenuous process while making it).

But letting a child choose their own story would’ve been mind-blowing for 5 year old me, "You’re telling me that I control the story? Wow!". Hehe, makes me chuckle whenever I think about it. But seriously, the CYOA type stories are really interesting for children, I remember my old primary school teachers reading an old-school CYOA book to the class and every child was in awe at choosing the flow of the story.

I’d say go for it! Also please follow with that dragon idea, dragons are just amazing!

No not the dragon! :joy:


I looked at and him and said “buddy you got a bow” he responded “I really want to punch it!” I then described said dragon and he gasped " never mind daddy shoot it with the bow!"


Perhaps once the Hearts Choice Series of Games are finalised COG can consider making a kids friendly line?

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