Keys (Fantasy WIP, REMASTERED!, Updated 10/24/18)



High up in the sky, up where Marryss’s two suns shine a little too bright, is the only familiar academy you were accepted into: Windmere School for Masters and Their Familiars. No familiar? Check. No clue what’s going on? Check. But it seems fate has entrusted the lives of many in your palms; and the question that remains, is will you know how to save them?

Your little Fragment of the world is starting to feel a lot bigger than it seems, when hybrids are being slaughtered without a single trace! It seems no matter how hard you try and mind your own business in this school, all you do is get roped in even further…

• Summon and train all sorts of familiars, from the graceful pegasus to the loyal dragon! Use it’s magic for good, or bad?
• Hybrids are being slaughtered left and right! Will you protect them, potentially at the cost of your life, or save yourself?
• Choose your very own roommate! They’re certainly a…colorful bunch, you’re sure to find somebody!
• Fall in love with a hybrid, seek romance with an elf, set your eye on a prestigious student? You decide!
• The possibilities are only slightly limited!

• Kioko Fallowway / ??? / Cat-human Hybrid
Incredibly kind, affectionate cat-person with absolutely no sense of personal boundaries whatsoever. Would probably surprise you with a gift on every single minor holiday. Summoner of Kalani, Pegasus of Poison.
• Cadence Stillspire / Female / Human
Solitary, self-centered, bookish girl with an immense issue regarding expressing her true feelings. The embodiment of “it-it’s not like I like you or anything!”. Summoner of Valentine, Amarok of the Night.
• Ethlando Elluin Thephyra “Carris” Xilhana (“Just call me Carris.”) / Male / Elf
Charismatic, egotistical elf who’s dream is to inspire others while “enhancing their lives with his charm”. Can make anything feel like a party, or a pickup line. Summoner of Naca, Leviathan of Flesh.
• Quinn Snowtide / Non-binary / Human
Considerate, self-aware, and seemingly-perfect human being. Raised in an aristocratic family; a closeted rebel. “Absolutely delightful!”. Summoner of Eternicus, Phoenix of Fortune.
• Paisley Marshwood / Female / Human
Laid-back, lazy, and nonchalant young student of Windmere. Actually insanely smart; never has to try too hard. Says things like “dude”, “man”, and “cool”. Summoner of Flismite, Thunderbird of Power.
• Arwin Humblebluff / Male / Human
Nervous, creative, and scared boy who has an affinity for drawing. His familiar is the center of his world. Gentle giant. Summoner of Aegon, Dragon of Wisdom.

UPDATE 1/29/19
Hi everyone! Just popping in to say, I’m currently working on another WIP!
NO KEYS ISN’T DEAD. In big bold letters.
To decrease stress, I’ll be working on whichever project I’m feeling for. It really does make writing more enjoyable for me, sometimes, I’ll force myself to work on Keys and it makes it sort of like a chore. I don’t want to ruin writing for myself, so I’ll be alternating between the two whenever I feel like I should.
If you’d like to read my other project, pop on over here!

•Changed up Cadence’s introduction completely.
•Added more choices so the walls of text weren’t so big.
•Added roommate-specific scenes when you enter your dorm room for the first time.
•Removed “chimeras” as a familiar option and replaced it with leviathans!!!
•Added a “see list of possible familiars” in stats menu.
•Last minute touchups on grammar.
•A small extra Arwin and Paisley scene during the opening ceremony.
•Made the fact that Kioko reaches the age requirement for Windmere more clear.
•And probably lots of other stuff!
If you find any bugs, please let me know! <3

Yes, wowie, so professional!
You can join it for early updates on progress, exclusive art, and way more! Also I’m there sometimes ; )
Click the link to join!

We need cover artists, character designers, and artists who can draw certain scenes for Keys!

This is a poll for those who have played through the game! It was originally made to accommodate the old, original, 3-chapter version of keys, but it’s still here in case you’re here from the old version and would like to write something~!
EXTRA NOTE: A new question’s been added, thanks to @readher for bringing this to light! If I get an overwhelming amount of votes in her favor, I’ll be adding Magdalena as an RO.
(Was this a good idea? We’re finding out!)



((((OLD, NEW REMASTERED VERSION LINKED!)))) Keys (Fantasy WIP, Updated 9/5/18)
Bad Penmanship (WIP) Updated 1/25/19
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Cool, i’m really happy it’s back, Keys was one of the first WIP to catch my eyes and i really like the whole concept of having a cool familiar


Thank you so much, I hope you’ll enjoy this version even better !! <3


Nice work! Loving the new stuff!


Really excited for this! I really liked the first version and am excited to see what this new version brings!


I loved the first version of the game, but let me just say you did a stellar job with the revamp version!! You can really see the improvements; for example, one of the many that really stood out to me were the characters. Their personalties shine through brighter then they did before and they all just feel a lot more livelier. You’re doing great so far and i’m excited to see what’s yet to come! image


I was a fan of the first one, and in my opinion Cadence was better in that one, but I enjoy Kioko’s character more in this one and some things were ironed out a bit so that was good!


So glad!!! : D


Promise, it’ll be loads better! Thanks for following my work <3


Aaaaa this made me so happy, I’m really really glad you like it! More Better things to come <3


I’ll try and look at what I did differently and fix her up in the next patch ! Thank you so much <333


Yay! It’s back! :smile:

Kioko’s still cute (although I did notice his pronouns switched occasionally), and Quinn seems a lot less jerkish than I remember them. Plus Arwin’s super-cute, too (but we can’t get him as a roommate? :disappointed_relieved:)

I guess it did feel a bit weird to have to choose our appearance in a conversation. It derailed the flow quite a bit… :sweat_smile: Also, the opening on the airship followed by an instant flashback felt a little confusing to me.

Also, I am wondering exactly how old the characters are supposed to be… :confused: I guess you might be trying to keep it vague, but it felt a little weird to have Kioko say that he was “above the minimum age” rather than just giving his age. :confused:

Anyway, good luck with the game. :smile:


so far from what ive read i am loving this!i also love that chimeras a choice now

  1. If you could send screenshots on the scenes Kioko’s pronouns switched, that would be great!
  2. To make it easier on myself, Arwin and Paisley can’t be roommate options due to the sheer number of scenes I would have to write. Arwin and Paisley are already roommates with each other as well!
  3. I will move this scene to another point! I do kind of agree… thank you!
  4. People in Aezolon do use different ways to tell time, but in human years, first-session students (like yourself) are approximately fourteen years old. Windmere lasts four sessions (four years) and by the time you are eighteen in human years, you’re expected to make a living.
    Thank you so so much, I hope I answered all your questions and I’m definitely taking all of these to heart! : 0


Ah thank you, I’m glad! ^^


Not right now, sorry… :sweat_smile: But I think it was just after choosing his gender. :thinking:

I guess we could ask about them, only to be told they’re unavailable? :thinking:


If it helps any I’ll post it : )

You’re right, It happens right after you choose Kioko’s gender when you opt for them to be male. I also went ahead and read through their introduction again, choosing them to be female this time around and everything seems to be fine on the female side. :slight_smile:

This was the only time I saw it switch for the male.


I suppose my logic here is that their personalities weren’t “selected” on your quiz(?). But I’ll try and make it more clear!

And that’s totally fine! Thanks for bringing it to my attention anyways ^^


This helps loads, thank you very much! I’ll likely run through the game again with Kioko as male to double check that there aren’t any more errors.
Thanks again!


It was no problem at all! I’m happy to help where I can. :smile: