Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I think people are kinda underestimating the MC.
Generally I don’t like games where you play as a weak/useless character but the MC here isn’t really weak at all.
After living my whole life as a human I learnt I had powers for the first time, and despite having no experience at all with magic I could still learn things quickly and become one of the top students with very high grades. I also defeated several powerful monsters (hydra, drake etc) and even defeated Reyna who was possessed by a demon and killed her myself.

While the MC here isn’t overpowered like in some other games I didn’t feel inferior to the other students and with more years of training I feel like the MC can become one of the strongest magi in NMC eventually


:clap: That’s :clap: What :clap: I’ve :clap: Been :clap: Saying :clap:

We need to give the 2nd and 3rd book a chance. MC will be able to develop and grow in each book and will eventually become powerful. To be honest, the MC in book 1 isn’t that bad either. We literally just discovered that we have magical abilities a few MONTHS ago and for someone who hasn’t been raised or trained in a magical environment we’re doing pretty good.


With the old opening, I’d have agreed with you. The new one, even if it doesn’t change the actual power-curve of the mc (except for the Gorgon encounter at the beginning) certainly changes the feeling of it and the feelings of the mc. As we go from somebody who is confirmed to have potentially lots of magical potential to someone who has at best demonstrated kindergarten levels of magical power (and Castella doesn’t hesitate to tell the mc and Patil that too) and then, inexplicably gets shipped off the university anyway as some sort of charity case, pet project of Secretary Patil. In the old opening the mc at least got a (partial) scholarship from the president of the university.

The new opening changes both the first impressions the mc makes on the magical world and the first impression the magical world makes on the mc and in both cases significantly for the worse.

Thus the old opening made the mc feel like they at least belonged at magical university. The new one, not so much, imho. :unamused:

Yeah, and given that those “powers” in the new opening refused to manifest at any prior point in his life or even to literally save his life from the Gorgon, but only deign to do so at the point they are least welcome, during a literal mind-rape the very moment when my mc would really have wanted them to keep being dormant. Given that if they hadn’t the mc would have blissfully forgotten all about the mind-rape. My mc now starts out absolutely hating his powers and the reveal at the end of the game makes it worse, not better. As it did that even in the old situation.

I mean we now start out with the amazing “power” to be forced to remember a (mind)rape attempt, yay!

Technically that always depended on the mc’s choices. And you’re objectively right, but subjectively they feel a lot worse now.

Which is the reason why my mc wants to punch a certain deadbeat really hard now!

Neither of that is guaranteed. Also the Drake is a simulation. So that one was mostly risk-free anyway.


thats what they said in star trek before the holodeck went haywire and came to life


Paging Lt. Cmdrs. Data and La Forge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My mc knows nothing about holodeck operation and maintenance, so he’s hardly going to be the guy to fix it, eh?


Doesn’t that make more sense for people who play humans though? Plus less Deus Ex Machina to randomly save us is a plus in my book.

Isn’t Celestial magic a race thing?1

God Cole looks so much better in game, especially evil Cole. Lighting gives you free wifi and battery right? But fire gives you hot food and warm blankets… and ice cold drinks… oh god the most difficult choice in the game.


Wait, how??


It is, seems to be mostly for Cambions, Draikana and Nephilim. Since my mc falls under that last category he’d probably fall into the category of “keeper” they are probably going to try and force to use celestial magic exclusively. Given my mc’s feelings about celestial magic he had no intention of complying, either in the old or new situation. But given how much of a charity case he is in the new one, they likely have greater leverage over him. :unamused:

If this were at the end of the series, like it was in Heroes Rise, I’d be more inclined to agree. In the old opening it was simply our powers manifesting as wild magic. With that being said maybe it defeating the Gorgon on its own was a bit over the top, but in the new situation they don’t manifest at all.
What I would have liked is a compromise between the old and the new, where the mc’s powers do manifest when their life is actually threatened by the Gorgon but they still need Astrid’s help. The mc clearly having powers would also have avoided the whole mind-rape attempt and being treated like a criminal thing.

Again with the new situation, since the mc’s powers never deigned to manifest before, not even to save our lives, but then decide to show up during the one instance where my mc would have vastly preferred they didn’t, he’s still left hating the damned things ( I mean the power to remember a mind-rape attempt? Really! :unamused: ) and wondering “If they only manifested this late, how worthwhile could they possibly be?” .

Yes, but not for the mc, much like the clothes resizing thing, that sort of everyday useful utility magic always was completely and utterly beyond the mc, in both the old and the new situations. It just hurts a bit more in the new one.


Lightning is electricity manipulation… and it involves electrical particles… even when WiFi is wireless, the data transmission still require traveling of Electrical particles :slight_smile:


Wait so we could just hack into anyone’s wifi without needing the password? Interesting skill.


I am thinking we still need knowledge of reading and reassembling those binary numbers or Ascii code to understand what they mean even if we manage to transfer the data away via transferring of particles … unless you are Neo from Matrix :slight_smile:


Dude… I think it might be easier to just ask them for the password at this point.


Yeah, that’s what control magic’s for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a feeling that if the mc tried they’d be arrested instantly. It’s only using control magic on the mc that’s sort of okay, not the other way around. :unamused:


Nah, just use control magic on the people who come to arrest you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s the ultimate solution to all of life’s problems. :grin:


not if there aren’t any witnesses


That would assume the mc is anywhere near competent in using it. In gameplay mechanical terms that would require levels of willpower neither of our (primary) mc’s had, if I recall the beta testing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the conspirators who created the mc had some way to track them and their magic use. If so there will always be “witnesses”. I mean Patil is awfully quick at the scene and though Astrid’s family is fairly important I’m guessing it wasn’t her he was really there for, even if he tried to make it seem that way in the new opening.


Honestly… Offering free food is just as effective as control magic.


You are assuming people got anything to hide in their account ? :wink:
Most likely just loads of junk mails and some family letters … perhaps some bills as well…


Here is a 10 ounce prime cut sirloin with green beans and a bottle of glenlivet 18…do my bidding.