Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Yeah, but we have no idea what those powers are. The sequel is p a c k e d with new and juicy material and more leon content. I wonder what the third book will be like and if the author has something planned for book 3.

To quote the author:

It seems like Leon and Yakov are the special boys in town.

What if MC starts out as “weak” in the 1st book, only to evolve their abilities and become powerful in the third book? 2nd book might give the MC a chance to further develop their powers, 3rd book is where MC has reached their full potential. And not in a rushed way or something, maybe we will be given certain choices in the 2nd and 3rd book to raise our stats which means that not every playthrough results in a magically OP mc. I guess you’re frustrated over the fact that MC is painted as a damsel in distress and their raw potential is trivialized in the new opening. But this will give the player a chance to grow in the upcoming books. I’m looking at Keeper as an entire trilogy and its potential as a series and how the MC will grow with each book, but if we only focus on the 1st book then I do understand your points. However, if we look at the 3 books as a running story it might change the whole point of view. But of course, all we have to analyze and work with is the 1st book because the 2nd and 3rd isn’t even released yet.


That’s true to a certain extent, the old opening gave us at least a hint of true potential when our raw magic was still badass enough to defeat the Gorgon and inadvertently save Astrid too. In the new one our mc’s supposed powers refuse to manifest when their lives are actually in imminent danger. I mean if that didn’t “wake up” our powers, how worthwhile could they possibly be? (Again, I know that depends on species more than anything in terms of mechanics) but it is not only that we no longer get a hint of true potential, even if the mc is and always was awfully lacking in actual control of their abilities, but in the new situation the magical powers that refused to manifest to even save his life “choose” to do so just in order to force him to remember a mind-rape attempt and then get him dumped as a political charity case (not a president’s list scholarship like in the old situation either) at a magical university he didn’t even want to attend.

The other very big negative in the early game is now the Monroe party in chapter 3. Compared to the old situation the reason the mc is invited there has already changed from “the others want to meet the dude/girl who saved Astrid by defeating a Gorgon with wild magic” To " the young magical elite wants to gawp at the damsel in distress muggle Astrid had to save from a Gorgon". To make it worse, if Astrid doesn’t resize Leon’s clothes for male mc they also have to attend in their bloody and torn and probably stinking rags. So it really feels like an event designed to humiliate and mock the poor, charity case mc now.
Lastly, there is Alty’s big secret arc in the late-game that is probably going to feel very different now, but since I did not get to play that part during the very brief time the beta had the new opening available I’m going to see how that actually goes down in-game before I comment on it.

So, yes, compared to the old opening my main mc, in particular, would now feel very negatively about both his supposed “powers” and what he learns about Keepers being forced to become celestial magic users does nothing to improve his opinions and (his potential place in) the magical world. :unamused:

Right now that’s all we’ve got. So, yes, it is based on that and I greatly preferred the old situation where we had a near perfect balance going where the mc felt neither over nor underpowered (if a bit weak on actually controlling their powers) nor over or underprivileged. The privilege has changed even more than the actual powers as the mc is now potentially very underprivileged and regarded by nearly everyone as a charity case.

As far as book 2 goes, with the way things are looking now, given that even in the old situation my main mc was already not exactly enthusiastic about the Keeper thing due to celestial magic and potential overuse syndrome the new situation is likely to make him downright opposed to anything to do with that role.


I think we need to stop with all the negative conjecture though since we have no idea what the author did on Chapter 2 onwards. There might be some changes that justify the change that happen on Chapter 1 and didn’t the author mention that we will not be a damsel in distress for the rest of Book One?


I do, I played the beta with the new opening, all the way through chapter 4. I have no idea about the late game, that’s true but I did play right up until the end of the Monroe party with it during the final beta days and a bit beyond. Unless that’s changed hugely in the copy edit I still have some inkling of what’s coming the mc’s way in the rest of the early game.


Author said they added new stuff after beta testing if I recall it correctly. We haven’t seen the final final product.


Hope that one of those new things is the ability for male mc to borrow from Leon even if Astrid won’t help them, assuming the party is still mandatory now. Otherwise that night is going to be very, very humiliating for my poor mc.

From what I recall this used to depend on your character stats and build more than anything else. So I guess we’ll need to see how things have changed in that regard. some damsel in distress moments used to be very difficult to avoid unless you stacked up on willpower or knew exactly how to metagame it.

That was always impossible, but in the old opening, the charity the mc did receive felt far less intrusive. The big change that we know for certain is that the mc is now guaranteed to be a political charity case, instead of a (partial) scholarship student. Also unless that’s changed too, Astrid is now going to easily compel an mc, like mine who hasn’t stocked up on willpower to give her money back. If that happens the mc used to end the game flat-ass broke. Again, unless that’s changed now. :unamused: Which might point to another potential problem with the new opening, given how easily the mc can be compelled by others it is really difficult to believe the authorities couldn’t simply mind-wipe them in the beginning. Yes, those of us who played the beta already know why they don’t mind-wipe the mc. Still, it seems they do lie and inflict completely unnecessary trauma on the mc in the new opening for basically nothing. Contrast that with the empathy the authorities show to Reyna if she is left alive at the ending and we have another thing that is probably really going to upset my mc in the new version.


All we could do is hope is for the best. Just think that the MC could survive without depending on charity. :joy:


Here I was hoping to be the lone prince in distress rescued and cared for by any supernatural that would be my savior.


If your mc is straight and still likes Astrid then you’re in luck. You can totally play a character like that. :sweat_smile:


Well Astrid does qualify as a “any supernatural”
No crazy humans though.


Every lesbian/bi mc reading this:


You’re right we wouldn’t want to anger the silent lesbian majority here. :sweat_smile:
So, yes, Astrid works for every non-straight female or gay male mc who still likes her and doesn’t mind being a damsel-in-distress or distressed dude.


Yay I can be like spaghetti!
Straight until it gets hot.


Actually if i remember correctly MC has several scenes that will defend Astrid against that girl who bully her , telling that girl and her 2 followers to back off hence not a typical damsel in distress… not to mention a choice to capture Seraphina dragon hence MC could be Astrid’s protector as well :wink:


Talking is one thing, but having power to do so is entirely different thing.
So, even if you stand against the bullies you don’t have the power. So basically you are nothing but a dog who barks rather than bite. They can easily swat you like a fly if they want to. So there’s nothing to be proud of.


Not powerless at all. i blast their hound dogs with lightning and light magic

If given choice i would blast them again with Electricity manipulation before they can spill another words to Astrid :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

same power could be used against the Hydra

forget to add that i also beat Leon and other duelist with my lightning power , hence hardly a damsel for my MC, sorry @fay … i know you won’t do it , but i think i hurt Leon badly in the test :wink:


Depends on your mc build and stats, or used to in the old version. They could take the mc (though with the correct stats in the old version probably not without sustaining at least some injuries themselves) if they were really willing to fight, but most bullies usually aren’t. Of course with the new opening the mc does not have the benefit of a favourable first impression or rumours that they have magical potential/power, so that might make those bullies more willing to risk a confrontation. We’ll see I guess.

After that new opening, my mc would probably agree with you.


Don’t be sorry, I beat Leon too. And my MC is crazy about him, but a girl gotta do what she gotta do to get that A+. If I had to choose between a perfect grade or my boyfriend, you better bet that I’d graduate with straight A’s.


In the new setup I think my mc might let Leon win on purpose, assuming there is an option to stand still and do nothing now. Much like with the harpies in first simulation.


Huh, I didn’t think that your mc was that kind of person. I mean… he doesn’t really think highly of leon.