Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Yes, Cyrus with no upper body clothing was quite magnificent. :yum: Though the fact that Nephilim mc’s still have to learn basic stuff like that in the first place means less time for more useful things, sadly.


Hmm, you’d probably want to make sure it distinguishes vowels and consonants, so it can attach the names at a natural dividing point, but that sounds… complicated. (And would mess up if someone gave their character an all-consonant name, for example. And guessing what “y” is could be confusing.)

You know which characters’ names portmanteau together really well? :innocent:


Best Keeper shipname :pensive:

Well, they are the ones with Leon as a roommate :thinking:

Oh… yeah, that’d be easier than what I was saying :sweat_smile:

This is a nice thought… :blush:


And Leon is much nicer to look at than Astrid, particularly after the new mind-rape prologue. :thinking:

Now my witch-boy mc has to find a way to get Cy to do just that. :hugs:

Which would make Kol into a no good Alty stealer! :angry: Keep your shifty paws off Alty, Kol! (At least with my main mc, witch-boy doesn’t particularly care).


I have only played the old demo… but after reading the comments I have come to the conclusion that in New version many things have changed… and MC has become more useless… If they can’t even get regular things done what are they actually good for???
But I should not come to any conclusion since I have not played the new version… and generally opinion does differ from people to people.

Spoilers Don't unfold this if you don't want some major spoilers

From what I remember of the very last days of the old beta, when the new opening was first implemented. I’d say it’s not so much the mc getting that much weaker in gameplay (though there were still certain balance issues there too, particularly in the late game that led to more “damsel in distress” mc situations than might have been wise or necessary), except in the opening itself. Where in the old opening the mc’s powers activate in a display of wild magic to save both themselves and Astrid, in the new version Astrid does everything, defeats the Gorgon on her own and saves our damsel in distress mc.

She then takes the mc to the magical authorities to get mind-wiped, or mind-raped in order to erase their memories of the event. Astrid is doing, what presumably any loyal magi citizen would do with a muggle and if the mc’s memory had indeed been wiped all the mc would have, presumably, remembered is getting into a car accident and hitting a tree, maybe they’d have blamed themselves for getting distracted, or driving tired, or whatever. Point is they would have gone on with their muggle lives happily oblivious to everything.
Of course, in the new opening, this is exactly the moment the feeble magical toddler inside the mc chooses to make itself known, which forces the mc to remember the whole damsel in distress incident with the gorgon and then being abducted in order to be subjected to an attempted mind-rape.
Then, for no good reason (or at least no good reason known to the mc, because Patil is in on a conspiracy the mc is the unwitting product of) Secretary Patil forces Castella to take the mc, despite their feeble powers, on as a charity case at her elite university. Making them into something like a magical kindergartner at university. To make it worse it is the same university our kidnapper, Astrid attends.

In the old opening, where the mc immediately establishes they have some magical powers themselves Astrid would instead take them directly to the university where the mc would get tested and get a scholarship from the university president herself, without needing to be some political charity case or enduring an attempted mind-wipe/rape.
All in all an opening that was much better at establishing the mc as someone with magical potential and the more prestigious scholarship they got out of it didn’t make them particularly disadvantaged, compared to other scholarship kids either.

From there on out, while the mc is not statistically weaker in absolute terms than they were with the old opening they feel very much less powerful and now actually under-privileged too. There are at least some cascading events in the later chapters too. For example, in the old situation, the mc got invited to the prestigious and elite party of Cyrus and Cressida because they were an interesting and potentially powerful new face on the scene having, inadvertently, “saved” Astrid. With the new prologue the mc, at that party, very much feels like the pathetic charity case they are and are only being dragged there to be gawked at by the magical elites.

There are more of those little incidences that may or may not have changed in the copy-edit not even the beta testers were privy too, so I’ll save my full assessment and review until I’ve played the release version.

Suffice it to say that, compared to the old opening, the mc feels and, as far as some of their material circumstances go, is worse off than they used to be.

That being said, with this now confirmed to be a series there will be more opportunities for the mc yet to come, but the first impressions they make on the magical world and for most mc’s probably the first impressions the magical world makes on them are going to be much worse now.
And, like I also said, this series should try not to fall prey to the madness of Heroes Rise where the mc only became powerful through near literal deus-ex-machina “infinity powers” literally five minutes of reading/playing before the final epilogue.
Which means as much as my mc is not going to appreciate being forced to use “celestial magic” to mask his otherwise lackluster feeling powers, I hope that’s not the direction the Keeper thing is going to go in.

As far as the prose and the ro’s go this remains one of the better games and Keeper’s take on the whole parallel, magical world/society thing remains one of the most interesting out there, imho and I will wait until I’ve played the release version for my final verdict, but I still think it was and flowed noticeably better with the old prologue.

@Sailendranath_Murmu If you still remember the old prologue you can now play the new one yourself and make up your own mind on this before release, if you want to.


Quick update on the progress of the sequel: I’m at around 45,000 words and am currently working on major and class selection.

As of now, MC’s major choices are ritual magic and potions, magic tech engineering, magic theory, battle magic, and political science. Any other requests?


What about magical history?


Anything in the STEM fields, the harder the better. Those are very lucrative at the moment and my mc both needs money and, after the new opening, wants as little to do with his “powers” as possible. With a good STEM degree it would be possible to (largely) work outside the magical world, and earn a good enough wage to comfortably be(come) part of the salariat should the mc desire to do so.
My mc would be most partial to civil engineering, or computer-science out of all the possible STEM fields, but Mathematics is always a safe fallback option too.
With the new prologue my old plan for magi law or politics just became a pipe-dream as nobody in those fields is ever gonna take my mc seriously, what with the perpetual damsel in distress and being a charity case like things are now. :frowning: :unamused:

Unless you’re as good a writer and small creative as our own Cata, prepare to either be an underpaid, overworked teacher of some sort of join the unemployment line. History is nice, even vital to our cultural understanding and our society doesn’t value it enough, imho, but as long as that last one is a given it is only a reasonable choice for people who are either already wealthy (which the mc absolutely isn’t), or have another skill, such as creative writing that will earn them money instead.


Maybe something like magical development, that type of thing always interests me, such as creating your own spells, techniques, or types of magic or improving on pre-existing ones, if such a thing is possible. I understand that such a thing is rather large, but maybe some flavor text. As is you seem to have a lot of options.


I wager another theory subject, as I notice 3 practicals (Ritual magic and potions, Magic tech engineering and battle magic) to 2 theory (Magic theory and political). I suppose either another humanities subject (like psychology(?)) or another science subject ?


What about healing magic ?


How about something in the zoological area like care and training of magical animals?

For the characters who want to eventually get their own hellhound, dragon, or the like.


Magical zoology and animal care sounds like something that has about zero prospects for earning serious cash and a personal hellhound or dragon probably cost boatloads of cash while the mc currently already is something of a super-pauper surviving purely on charity. :worried:

We can already have the hospital job, but again it sounds like something that is barely going to pay off.
Of course healing magic, as opposed to conventional medicine also requires the mc to further engage with their powers, which isn’t much of an option for human mc’s or mc’s who are simply sick and tired of their supposed “powers” already.

That’s why I mentioned the possibility of some STEM majors. Again, preferably engineering or computer science, because they’re both interesting and are actually still a gateways to decent-paying jobs with a chance to actually pay off your student debt, since this seems to follow the American system, before you’re a senior citizen.

Awfully ambitious of you, considering the fact that the area where our mc is weakest is exactly their knowledge of actually useful spells, or indeed any spells at all. This is where presumably not having attended magical elementary and high school will probably hurt most and it seems like it might take the mc well into middle age to play catch-up to begin with. :unamused:


Potentially, I suppose? But you can learn a lot in a year, and I imagine part of the class would be learning how to do that. Fair thought though, I didn’t consider that.


I mean it’s probably doable in less time if you want your mc to have no (social) life or depend on charity, welfare and minimum wage while you’re going to play fast catch-up, but it wouldn’t be much fun. In any event it would probably still take a couple of years, even if you’re playing nothing but catch-up full time.
Much like with magical history this would be a much more viable option if the mc was wealthier. Their current extremely under-privileged status and poverty in the magical world would, realistically gate to a great extent what choices are viable for the mc.

Like I said, with the old opening my mc used to interested in magi law and politics with the aim of eventually pursuing a political career himself, the current prologue and resulting events make that next to impossible however. :unamused:


Well that would be the MCs choice then, would it not? Not everyone’s minds work for STEM subjects.


I guess my MC also need to consider a carrier in the human world rather than in magic world. That way he can at least be successful in his life.
Because I have never heard or seen any person who is poor and also does have little to none skill being successful in life.


Agreed. Also, there’s already a STEM option. I think it’d be best to focus on something more theoretical like @MIGSey mentioned, and magic history or something of the like would be both unique to the options listed and balanced.


anyone else in this thread want thalia to break their bones or is it just me


That’s some hardcore masochism right there… well at the least it’s not vore.

Biology? I want to know monster weaknesses!