Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



MCleon? :thinking:





Brilliant, yes. As president of the Leon fanclub, I approve.



And they were roommates!


Just pointing out, “McKol” would work really well as a ship name too :innocent: (rhymes with Nicole)


I can’t stop thinking about McDonald’s burgers when I read these shipnames. McKol and McLeon lowkey sounds like hamburgers



how do u get pass the simulation ? im stuck on that part lol


That’s where the demo ends!


By not being a PC gamer and both being able to and buying the full game on its projected release date of January 17.

Speaking of Leon, I kinda really want to know now. Since he never says anything at all about it does Leon even realize it when the male mc is wearing some of his clothes at certain points in the game, or does the kid truly not realize/know how expansive his own wardrobe truly is @daydreamsincolor ? :thinking:


I think we never really realized that Leon gives a lot to the MC. Clothes, job opportunities, his own homework. Damn, he really is bestest boy.

How much stuff does this guy even have? Why does he have so much stuff?


Leon can be pretty oblivious. If he isn’t actively giving MC his clothing, he doesn’t realize they’re wearing it.

I thought of trying to do something with ChoiceScript where I mashed up the first few letters of MC’s name with the last few of the RO’s name, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t end well :thinking:

The demo ends there. I’ve added a disclaimer about that to the original post.


Which would mean more if he was better and more diligent at doing it himself.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And with the new prologue my mc may no longer care as much about the homework himself too. I mean if his supposed “magical powers” couldn’t even be bothered to manifest to save his life from that gorgon but do force him to remember a mind-rape then they are in fact pretty worthless and he really, really doesn’t want them as they are nothing but a big and continual disappointment. :unamused: He’d appreciate it if those “powers” were to screw off back to the place they were screwing off to begin with for the rest of his life. As without that initial impressive display of wild magic we used to have in the old opening my mc doesn’t believe they’ll ever amount to anything even remotely worthwhile and most of the rest of the near perpetual “damsel in distress” evens, whenever things get really serious do nothing to gainsay that decidedly unfavourable first impression now. :unamused:

Currently only if Astrid resizes them, unfortunately which has just gotten a lot less likely for my mc after the new mind-rape opening Because we’re never allowed to truly define our mc’s height beyond the general. My main one is 183 cm, which puts him right in-between Leon and Cyrus and he should be able to borrow from both without the resizing spell, but sadly the current code does not allow for that.

Up to a certain extent probably. :man_shrugging: But since the current code does not allow male mc to do so without Astrid’s help borrowing clothing from Leon is largely a moot point. The burdens of both being filthy rich and fairly oblivious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lots and lots and lots, prolly.

Being filthy rich will do that.
One reason why my mc might be slightly jealous of the kid. Though he’s still more jealous about Leon’s rich dad (after having actually met the guy and his girlfriend) actually caring about his kid, as his own one may be filthy-rich too, but that guy, unlike Leon’s dad is a waste of space deadbeat my mc wants nothing to do with.


Basically a male MC could steal his belongings and he wouldn’t even notice?

Hey, what if you gave the player the option to choose their own shipname? Shipnames don’t always need to be mashed up letters of the respective parties’ names.

Hey, it’s the thought that matters!

@ male MCs, y’all got lucky

Aw, this changes pretty much everything I’ve established with a few friends in a thread of our own.

Male MCs:

Daddy issues is apparently a very strong theme in this game??


Again, not really as the game only allows us to do it when Astrid helps us. :unamused:

what did you and your friends think then?

Or can be if you want to play it that way. My mc really, really wants to punch his in his smug, bastard face in the epilogue after that new prologue, preferably really hard too. :angry: :rage:

Again, more useful if it could actually be done without Astrid’s help, as with that new prologue it’s pretty much a worthless given, seeing as male mc won’t do it on their own, otherwise. :expressionless:


Hm, I might be able to find a place for that in the sequel…:thinking:

Pretty much, as long as they weren’t taking an egregious number of things.

I’ll have to see where I could put that in. Thanks for the idea!


My MC is the living embodiment of daddy issues. It’s gone so far that it isn’t healthy anymore. And her longing for a father figure explains almost everything about her. Unlike your MC, my MC would do anything to gain her father’s approval.

Holy heck I should’ve saved that Free real estate meme for later use but I mean… I can still use it :eyes:

Male MCs, it’s free real estate for y’all!

Aww yeee I love character customization

We have several inside jokes about Leon and one of them just got slightly less funny, but fortunately we still have the other joke which is pretty close to the canon because of his competitive nature.



Yep, the exact reverse of my mc. My mc’s longing probably ended when he stopped believing in Santa Clause too. After that it turned into bitterness, after realizing just how badly his mom had been duped by the guy and that his real dad, alive or not, was as bad as all the other deadbeat dads who went out for a pack of cigarettes one evening and never bothered to come back. And after the new prologue and reveal in the epilogue the bitterness and cynicism about his magical “dad” will probably turn into outright hatred.
So if his magical dad at one point or another ever approves of him the effect on my mc probably falls somewhere within this trope.

As for any other parental family including grandparents and half-siblings he may or may not have they’d simply be dead to him, though if they persist in trying to bother him well that could result in outright hostility too.

Again, with the new opening that would have meant more if male mc’s could do it without needing Astrid’s explicit help to pull it off. :unamused:


I really liked the fact that we could customize the wings of our dragonborn and nephilim MC. Small details like that are very satisfying in my opinion.

I mean, MC could also sell what they “borrowed” and get some extra cash :eyes:


Naw, we probably couldn’t buy back anything half as nice/expensive as the clothes we took from Leon for it, so that’d be a colossal waste. And, again, since we’re not actually allowed to do it in-game a moot point.

Can do that for Nephilim too, you can even choose golden feathers. Hmmm…I wonder if they have some portion portion of real gold in them. I don’t suppose we could pluck a few of those and sell them for cash? :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Leon’s favorite color, I see

I mean… Do they count as angel wings? If they do, then we would essentially sell angelic feathers. And a lot of people believe in stuff like that so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone paid 100$ for a handful of feathers. But we all know that the true purpose of those wings is to use them as snuggle-blankets. Another great benefit of dating a nephilim. Cold outside?? Just have your angelic boyfriend wrap his wing around you.

Yeah that was kind of what I said in my post


Hmm… @daydreamsincolor do Nephilim wings shed naturally, like those of birds if so my mc would totally do this as he’s fairly desperate for cash to buy better stuff at the moment, more so with the new opening where we’re Patil’s pathetic little charity case and don’t even have a true scholarship.

Given that it is next to impossible to wear a shirt with those things manifested that would leave your boyfriend awfully cold himself.

Well it also goes really well with my main mc’s blond hair. :wink:


But like… A shirtless boyfriend cuddling you??? He might be a little cold but it’s kinda is worth it

How do nephilims feel about eating chicken wings?? Wait — can you eat nephilim wings???

the flying scene was really funny tho. I might have been a little bit too amused when my mc got pushed off the building.