Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Shhh don’t give the author any ideas.

jokes on you i would still love leon even if he turned out to be the reincarnation of the anti-christ

And in my opinion that doesn’t sound like a great idea. Unless we can save the RO, or else it just feels like there was no point in romancing them in the first place. Unless the main plot element of the game is to end up heartbroken/only have bad endings.


Hey… i am one of the Prodigal lover :-):joy:
Hence, it is no joke at all… i would still love Astrid if she turn out to be the Demon Queen :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Well… it would have the dramatic climax on whether we want to save the world or our lover , or better yet to see whether the RO love us more or love conquering the world more ?
It has all the potential of a thrilling ending… :-):grin:

Of course the author will make a non heart breaking choice as well :slight_smile:


Astrid winning the poll has me :weary: :weary: :weary:

I never liked her, not in the old demo or the new one… not sure why everyone likes her so much, is it because she’s the first RO we encounter? In the old demo she always got on my nerves for being clingy and rude (and I felt forced to like her) whereas in the new demo the whole mind-wipe thing doesn’t make me like her any more :neutral_face:

I don’t know, what does everyone find so appealing about her? I’m partial to Cyrus, Leon, and Yakov, to be honest :man_shrugging:


Another one for team male Ro’s. I like Alty and Cy the most myself, though once you get over the arrogance I suppose kitty-cat is a nice enough roommate and very easy on the eyes.

Sadly enough it seems that the female ro’s always win, personally I blame our hidden lesbian majority, right @Lizzy ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ugh, no rather not! Alty may be a seductive little Incubus, but I’d prefer he doesn’t turn traitor. Honestly in most cases where ro’s do that it’s a cheap and unsatisfying gimmick. :unamused:
Really I’ve seen that plotline pulled off badly more times than satisfying, what’s worse it’s that in literature it is sometimes, or perhaps often as of late used to “punish” the protagonist for choosing the exciting “bad boy” ro over the utterly bland and boring alternative. :unamused:
So, yeah, I’m not much of a fan of this trope.


Or punishing them for choosing the nice, safe guy over the dangerous bad boy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m so glad that the author decided to have a male winner and a female winner.

:clap: BEST BOI :clap:

Kol didnt deserve to end up like that.


True, let’s just keep it at the fact that it is used to punish the protagonist for not choosing the “fabulous” ro of the author’s choice far too often. :unamused:

Kol may be nice and all, but I think the game has proven there’s definitely a shifty element to the guy. So he’s not very safe at all, now is he?

That tends to cheapen it even further being a karma weathervane like that. Ugh!
Really the only antagonist ro on this site I really liked was the romance version of Krassador in @AllenGies’ old game. And still pining for the guy in the epilogue has consequences in that it gets the mc “promoted” to the admiral of some insignificant department or other and you have to carry on the relationship in the form of conjugal visits to the prison. It’s bittersweet and never offers a complete redemption, which is good because nothing having any consequence is utterly unsatisfying. I know that TV-shows like resets to status-quo after one episode, or at most season, but for a choice game that sort of “resolution” would be deeply unsatisfying and cheap.


Not even when the person turn back to good in the end ? :wink:

With all the reaction on Astrid, i can’t imagine what happen if Bobby win the poll in wayhaven :slight_smile:


From the way everyone is talking, does the new demo go past the simulation? Or did I miss a bunch of information scattered throughout the posts?


We’re talking about the old demo and compared it to the new demo. New demo doesn’t go past simulation but the old one did. So you kind of missed a good chunk of the demo if you’re new but the author re-wrote most of it so it’s a mystery for all of us. Some people beta-tested and I guess they’re comparing what they read with the old demo but as far as I know there haven’t been any spoilers.


Yeah the last few posts are suggesting that the total re-write isn’t as good as the previous public demo so going to wait and see for public HG demo to see now.


Honestly all I need is Leon and I’ll be fine.


@ParrotWatcher, what happened to Kol squad? You voted for all the guys? :anguished::broken_heart:


My dude, that just means 5+ gay points!!


:thinking: I cannot argue with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rainbow_flag::gay_flag::rainbow_flag::gay_flag::rainbow_flag:


@Fay @LordOfLA
To clarify, the vast majority of the content from the eight chapter publicly available demo is the same. Probably 90% of changes made in the first eight chapters were to the first chapter alone. (And around 100,000 words of new content was also added to the full game that was not available in any demo version).


More Leon content?? Yes please

Looking forward to buy the finished product and read the new content. But at this point I think that everyone feels the same way. We’re all so excited!


Still hope it’s going to be on Steam, or I won’t really get to enjoy it. As I was about ready to fling my firm-issued I-crap phone at the wall after trying to play Dragon on it for about five minutes.


I played the old demo, and loved it of course, but I don’t remember a lot of the stuff being talked about, such as the keeper and celestial magic stuff, maybe I just have bad memory because I know if followed this fairly closely.


Short sequel preview for the Leon fans, featuring Seraphina.

Read me

“Clearly, Leon and I are someone’s OTP,” you reason. “And that’s why—”

“OTP?” She looks vaguely ill.

“One true pairing,” you say, waving your hand. “So, obviously we’re rooming together again so I have more time to spend with my love—”

“Are you practicing this speech so you can wax poetic for Leon?” asks Seraphina mildly.

You smile brightly. “Someone’s just glad the ship has sailed.”

“…What ship?”

You pause in your tracks, considering. “I wonder if we have a ship name?”

“But there’s no ship?”