Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Not really…Thalia’s hair is shoulder length, so kind of?

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I’ll post the highest rated male and female ROs. That seems fair.

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Ahh, yes!!!

Thank you so much author :two_hearts:


It gets much, much worse in the new opening where she takes you to be mind-raped and you’re forced to remember every detail of it.

Once you get over the initial arrogance, which has, sadly also gotten more difficult with the new opening, seeing as how that one makes us into a magical kindergartener at university due to our unimpressive magical powers that refused to manifest until the one moment my mc wishes they hadn’t so he could at least have forgotten about being kidnapped and mind-raped. :unamused:

I’m seriously starting to wonder if kitty-cat even knows how expansive his wardrobe is, since he never brings it up whenever, in the old game Astrid would magically resize some of his things to fit male mc. :thinking:
In any case that’s something that I think is not going to be possible in the new situation for my mc, since he now dislikes Astrid far more and for far longer due to the new prologue events and his own magical toddler powers cannot do anything remotely useful, such as resizing clothes. :unamused:


More arrogance means more fun. I love it when my MC succeeds to embarass him because he’s so cute oh my god. Who knew that calling him “cute” could break down his walls?

At least the adorable RO scenes will make up for the opening (imo it wasn’t that bad).

It makes sense that the MC isn’t some kind of amazing prodigy in the 1st game since they literally just discovered that they’re not human. However, I feel like in the sequel the MC will be a little more powerful.


Perception may be differ…Astrid was and still Is the most likable and truthful love interest for me , she had been bullied and wrongly accused for many things in the story as well…

I am surprised that some hated Astrid to the extend of "anyone or anything but her " :slight_smile:

But well, i guess that’s the strength of this game… there are multiple personality for different readers’ interest :wink:


Like I said with the old opening, where our “wild magic” helped save us from the Gorgon and we got a scholarship from the university president the mc felt neither over, nor underpowered and neither over, nor underprivileged. The new opening moves us firmly into the both underpowered and under-privileged territory.
I mean in the new opening my mc actually agrees with Castella (and very much doesn’t want to be Patil’s pathetic little charity case), if his supposed “magical powers” didn’t even bother to manifest to save him from the gorgon they must be pretty worthless and the mind-rape is the one thing he doesn’t want to remember, as I think nobody wants to remember a rape attempt, whether mental or physical and he’d have gladly signed a waiver for them to crush the magical toddler inside, if it would have let him get on with his life, blissfully ignorant and oblivious again.

Which is a problem in and of itself a little more power is hardly going to do anything to make the mc escape their perpetual damsel in distress status and my mc very much doesn’t want to be a keeper or be forced to use celestial magic.
Particularly since we’re at university and the all the others are presumably gradually getting a little more powerful too. So the mc getting a little more powerful would preserve the current, unsatisfying damsel in distress power dynamic and would mean the mc would be just about ready to start magical middle school when they are at an age to be finishing university. :unamused:


My MC likes everyone. She always tries to focus on the good side of people. She’s far too optimistic for her own good. I was tempted to lash back a few times at certain characters but then I remembered that I’ve already established an OC so I have to keep acting in-character. I already have too many sassy MCs so it was quite nice (and a little tad frustrating) to play a bubbly and wholesome MC.


Hey… that’s the same mentallity for me , well Seraphina is no saint either , but i am willing to help and be her friend as well :-):grinning:

I am glad that it is possible to befriend with Seraphina after romancing Astrid … :slight_smile:


Hopefully in the 2nd and 3rd book the MC will be able to develop their magic abilities to be strong enough to rule the world.


And to be able to resize clothes.

No one can tell my MC who she’s gonna befriend because she’s still gonna be friends with Astrid while dating Leon because who cares? She loves everyone and she want them to love her back. My MC was always lonely. And I guess having a deadbeat father messed her up because she felt like she was the reason to why he left and now she’s constantly craving love and acceptance from others.

And that’s the tea about my MC :tea:


That’s going a little too far in the opposite direction. I previously already said I hoped this wouldn’t follow the power balance of the original Heroes’ Rise trilogy where the mc powers remain pretty pathetic until they suddenly gain the near god-like “infinity” powers. None of those two states of being were particularly fun for either me as the reader, or my poor mc.


I guess it’s all about the flow then. But what if MC had the choice to raise their stats high enough to be significantly more powerful than before? Stats is pretty important in this game so maybe we might have a choice to develop certain areas of our powers in a reasonable pace.


Well … that is your choice , i am hoping for a story where the MC is weak enough to almost being killed , but manage to get a happy ending with help from the RO and other friends :wink:

It will be refreshing if MC can be a secondary hero once in a while :slight_smile:

I hope the scene where my MC almost die , but Astrid staying by my sick bed is still there in the new version :slight_smile:


This actually sounds nice. Hopefully all of them will end up alive at the end of the 3rd book.

didn’t it happen in the last battle when mc got help from their friends to battle the villain?


Yeah… it was sort of like that, i don’t mind it is the same in book 2 or 3 , and i want to use my wish candle :slight_smile:

@idonotlikeusernames… umm, well i think we can kill the bad guy with our decision , so we are still the protagonist :slight_smile:


Don’t know how much, if anything, has changed in the CoG edits. The current problem is that the only stat that currently is somewhat useful for bettering the mc’s situation is willpower, which is kinda my dump stat.

We already are . I mean in the current ending, Astrid, Leon and Sera already do all the heavy lifting, while the mc is, again, relegated to the role of damsel in distress. The mc’s keeper powers already seem to be support powers in that we need to merely be present and utter some phrases the mc doesn’t understand for the real heroes to fight the demons/angels. :unamused: The current situation of also being the pathetic little charity case of Patil and also not being able to do any of the tricks, such as the clothes resizing that are actually useful in daily life make it worse.

Yes, we are. The mc is the protagonist but not a leader or remotely powerful or significant in the game-world.
Currently the mc is more like one of the clueless protagonists who bumble into the situation and have to be saved by others. I have nothing against playing a more support type character, but usually the support roles I like do need the mc to have superior knowledge, wisdom and preferably intellect. Apart from possibly intellect the mc is quite literally as clueless as a magical toddler, courtesy of his deadbeat dad and magical powers that refused to manifest until the exact moment they were very much unwelcome to do so in my mc’s perception. Again, I have no objection to playing the Spock to the Kirk, but I do have objections to playing the perpetual damsel in distress to the Flash Gordon.


It is nice but there is a huge difference being not the usual a chosen one MC and a damsel in distress. I have to agree with @idonotlikeusernames that even though the MC is not as powerful as the others, it would much more satisfying as a reader that the MC I have created could carry there own weigh.


The problem is that the old opening was much, much better at establishing the mc as somebody with potential, un(der)trained potential, but potential nonetheless, instead of a perpetual damsel in distress. Though one or two little tweaks to the final battle for non-willpower-focused and non-elemental characters might have been nice too. That combined with the non mind-rape charity case old opening would do literally everything we’re talking about, it would again make the mc somebody with potential who is neither over nor under- powered and privileged and with a couple of tiny (stat) tweaks to the final battle, able to at least carry their own weight, instead of being the load on the team.


Perhaps not a damsel in distress , but a sidekick like Robin ?? :-):joy:

I doubt it though, it is clear that MC is the chosen one … although a chosen one Robin who make Batman realise his sidekick may take center stage is cool… :slight_smile:


Heroes Rise already clumsily tried for such a dynamic between the mc and Black Magic. Trouble is the player never gets to really experience the whole powerful and center-stage mc, as the whole deus-ex-machina infinity powers gimmick, that actually makes the mc overpowered happens literally five minutes before the unsatisfying epilogue. I hope that being a Keeper, forced to use only Celestial magic (which my mc doesn’t want to do, because powerful or not he agrees with Cy and is scared of Celestial magic) is not the equivalent to those “Infinity” powers.
Again, I hope Keeper is not headed in that direction, as only being actually powerful in a non-interactive epilogue is not much fun either.


I thought the dynamic between Prodigal and MC was much more appealing in Hero Rise :-):thinking: well, i don’t think Black Magic was leading anything … but Prodigal was a different story , i really got the feeling of Prodigal was the master mind in elevating MC to take center stage by sacrificing herself…

Now , get back to Keeper … imagine the story fix our chosen RO be reveal as the final Antagonist will be brilliant … just like Hero Unmasked where the final Antagonist would be different based on our previous choice of relationship…

I would think our RO here will get more sympathetic appeal than Prodigal … and it would make an interesting Finale :slight_smile: