Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I didn’t compare them to humans because humans are obviously the weakest species, they don’t even have any powers except your own control magic (although they could become powerful if they had technologically advanced weapons)
And the dragon shape-shifting don’t seem that powerful, I fought a shapeshifter in the tournament and beat him pretty easily. It could be powerful if you could do things like breath fire as a dragon though.


Assuming the magi run their governments at least vaguely similarly to how we humans run ours, someone has to be the one to do all the politicking and bureaucratic work required.

In particular I wonder what Magi traffic laws are like since a lot of them are capable of flight and they also have exotic vehicles like hover bikes and whatnot. Must be fun figuring out all the loopholes involved. :eyes:

Just because you beat one clearly inexperienced shapeshifter in the first round of a tournament doesn’t mean anything. The game clearly lets you know that and also clearly lets you know that you get your ass whooped by someone who knows what they’re doing in the next round.

I’d imagine that if you were to shapeshift into a dragon, it would come with all the normal perks dragons seem to get: breath attacks, enhanced strength, greater flying capacities, prolly having access to stronger versions of your own magic…

Too bad it doesn’t grant you street cred with everyone in NMC, what with the dragonborn stigma and all that, but hey, you can’t please everybody.


It was the second round, not the first. The first round was against some inexperienced dragon-born but the second one was against a prepared shifter who turned into a dragon the size of a car and I still beat him pretty easily.
But yeah it depends on the shape-shifting I guess, if you just get claws, wings and teeth (like it said in the race description) then it isn’t that strong but if you become a dragon similar to the one in the end of the demo it would be one of the strongest races.


What are the potential majors?


Okay you got me there, but still, I digress these examples are not the best of what their species has to offer especially since ice magic beats the crap out of everything apparently.

Cambions are capable of flight, while nephilim are capable of “wing manifestation.” Is that just a roundabout way of saying flight? If so, that seems to be an awkwardly worded way of saying it, especially since these two races are listed right next to each other.


The way Nephilim and Cambions fly seems different, Nephilims/Dragonborns use their wings to fly and Cambions just float in the air. They seem to have no flight training scene though and your only way to increase this skill is to watch the dragon riding thing in the festival, but you do get the option to fly in the exams later.
And I thought ice magic was actually the weakest? Fire magic was effective against every enemy so far (hydra, manticore, goblins etc) but ice was kinda weak against some of them


Both. Some theory would be the same or similar (e.g. institutions of government), while other courses would be unique to Magi history and politics.

Probably. They have the strongest powers from the outset, but they do have some more common weaknesses that will be explored in the future.


@daydreamsincolor I’m not going to ask you when beta testing begins because I know people probably ask that every other day. You did mention it would begin around late March though, so I just want to ask you how that’s going to work. Will it be a separate forum or link on this one? I would just like to know so that when you are ready for beta testers, I and the bunch of other people in here that are interested will be able to know how to contact you.


Daydream already asked for beta testing volunteers in a new thread that they made.

Unfortunately, they’re no longer taking any new testers now, as they have more than enough.


I’m curious as to what will happen over the rest of the school year!


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Guess I just have to wait untill it’s released. :woman_shrugging:


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Ah well, I’ll wait with @justme over here then!


Where is the Demo located?


It’s been taken down for the time being.


I’ll join in your commiserations, can’t believe I allowed this one to get past my radar. @daydreamsincolor if you have any testers who may need to back out consider me an alternate, please. You know I’ve been good to decent on the feedback here in the past.

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Guys am I the only one who thought of this meme when Sera read our minds?:



I remember when she read my mind I picked the choice “I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves” or something