Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



so out of curiosity, what exactly does sera not turning you down look like anyway? Ever time i get to the graveyard scene it defaults to the hand on shoulder > her saying “not now” and leaving. I have to assume that’s the rejection scene, but what’s the alternative?


It goes something like:

  • Sara’s looking at the tomb stone mournefully

  • You go “today’s the anniversary right?”

  • "Yeah

  • “I’m so sorry”

  • Spend some time remorsing together for a little while

  • Sera asks you have you ever wondered what It’s like having feelings that aren’t your own

  • You go “I’m not sure how to answer that”

  • Sera is crying and she says It’s not a pleasant experience, and is also why she hangs out with Celosia, a telepathic that’s stronger than her, a lot

  • hug

  • Sera kisses you, while you two embrace and she’s crying.

That’s the gist of it, anyway. I got to her scene by spending time with her at literally every possible chance, not necessarily with the most emotional response like some said. (I.e. relationship >80)



I only managed to get her relationship to about ~75 by save scumming through the entire story. I have to assume i missed some opportunities with classes and possibly some species specific instances.


If you save scum some more, take note of what options you choose when conversing with her, as some increase/decrease her relation with you more than others.

It also helped that I took potions, where you can get a scene where she/Yakov/both of them can help you find ingredients (choosing one or the other will raise your relationships with them higher than just the two of them together).

Either way, I can relate with the MC looking for ingredients at the crack of dawn: after all, no one should go through the pain of taking college-level physics at 8 in the morning.


Teeeeeeechnically you get a pet dragon if you date Sera? I mean, I would count my girlfriend’s pet as “sort-of kind-of” my pet, as well.


It’s not all about the relationship stat, there’s a hidden star that’s called “seraemotions”, if I remember correctly. Essentially, if you aren’t emotional enough with her, she’ll still turn you down. I’ve found it pretty easy to get, you don’t have to prioritize it too much as long as you don’t ignore it completely


The same applies to Yakov! :relaxed:


Actually it doesn’t have much to do with the relationship stat. I had 64% relationship with her and she still kissed me. You only need above 60% to date her at the first place I think. Sera has this stat called seraphinaemotions which means how emotional she is, and you can raise it by choosing things that make her open up like asking her how is she doing, what does she like, investigating the dragon massacre etc. If that stat is low she will be cold and not open up to others.


Wait, how do I get this scene? I have potions class too, but the only people in it are Altair and the shape shifter (I forgot his name :sweat_smile: )


It’s not a potions scene, but rather it’s a Magicians-exclusive scene.


Noooooooooooooooo :tired_face:


Didn’t remember off the top of my head if it was a potions scene or a race-specific scene.

Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

To make up for it, here's a sneak peak of what's going to try and kill us next



Ummmm… :neutral_face:


so yeah i went through the game’s coding because in a nerd and was curious.

potions scene is human magi exclusive. You can’t get it if you’re a non mage human or any other species.

sera DOES have a hidden emotions stat. You don’t necessarily have to be emotional around her, most of the lines that increase that stat don’t have to do with you being emotional, rather they have to do with you interacting with her emotions (for example, asking how she’s doing and asking what she likes both have a +5% increase)

additionally, there’s also a few extra scenes you can get that give emotion stat if you’re a human non-mage, and/or if you’re with the newspaper and try investigating the town hall attacks.

once you hit over 50 emotion…score(?) she won’t turn you down. Also, if you’re in combat magic and fight with her during the exam, there’s a line where she looks guilty for having beat up astrid that only happens if she’s hit over 50. That line more or less tells you if you have a high enough score or not, because once you hit ch8 there’s no more possible options that will increase her emotion score.

I’m a gigantic dork for looking all this up. Fight me


Your dedication is commendable
I totally didn’t do the same thing


I’d fight you but fighting is hard as hell but I don’t know how to go through coding in any game.

I never noticed any of this before because I just got to her on my first try. Now I’m really curious what’ll happen with Sera if we continue to rise the emotion threshhold…


Random question, how do I get a 100 on the Monsters and Rouge class?


You have to kill the drake in 1 turn if you want to get 100. There are 4 ways to do it, the first one is to use celestial magic if you’re a Nephilim/Cambion and learnt to use it. The second one is to use control magic by telling him to stop, with 20+ willpower he will freeze completely and you’d finish him. The last 2 ways involve ritual and potions, you can draw a sigil if you were in ritual class but you need 21+ ritual/potions to kill him which is really hard unless you’re a magician. The other way (probably the easiest one) is to use the monara flowers and put them in his mouth, you need at least 11 ritual and intelligence to recognize the flowers and 5 fighting to be able to physically force them into his mouth.


I was able to beat it in one move, but I only got a 92.5…


having looked at the coding, the actions you take during your first class also effect your marks, so also have to make sure you take notes and neglect your friends on the first day.