Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Is there any way to win the tournament


That… would be Sera :stuck_out_tongue:



Damn i was hoping to win
Plud how do you buy the celestial sword
And how do y romance sera


As far as I know, the sword’s impossible to buy.

For Sera, after the Rogues and Monsters practical in the forest, visit Sera. I’m sure you’ll know what to say after :wink:
Then after a few chapters, she’ll ask you to study with her.


Question; is it just me, or is anyone else somewhat disappointed in the romance scene with Yakov? Don’t get me wrong, I really like romancing him, but it seems that all of his romance scenes are just rushed, especially once I compared them to Altair’s and Cyrus’ :slightly_frowning_face:


I think he is supposed to be giving off an air of mystery? Perhaps later in game we will be able to get him to open up.


I’m not complaining about him being mysterious, in fact that’s one of the things I like about him. What bugs me is that there is so little detail in the date itself, especially compared to the others. I mean, I didn’t even realize that what Yakov and my MC did was a date until almost two chapters later, when my MC called herself his girlfriend! All they did was walk down the street, had one small conversation, and that was it. Literally! There was no detail about where they went, what they did (other than the small talk they did), what the environment looked like. Heck, I didn’t even get an ending to the date itself! I literally didn’t even realize that what we did was a date until much much later! Honestly, the second was much better! I don’t want to seem like the type of person that complains about stupid things, but it really does just feels like the first date with Yakov was rushed…


Yakov is my favorite male RO.


I see what your saying. Maybe they could put a little more detail in to those scenes. One reason I love Yakov so much is the mystery. He is a bit standoffish and reserved so in my mind it was okay that he didn’t just open up and relax around me. I didn’t really expect a whole lot from the date…I was almost surprised you could date him so early to be honest. A similar character would be Sera, right? I wonder if her date scenes are the same. But I kind of see your point that more could be done.

I’m just being optimistic I guess. Hoping that in the long run his story is really going to be awesome once we pry it out of him. I really can’t wait to find out what’s going on with him.


I have a feeling his story may not be the happiest.


Considering extracting personal information from Yakov seems to cause him only slightly more pain than if we were pulling an infected molar, I’m inclined to agree.

Even with Sera being the one with red hair, the expression and bearing still gives off a more distinctly “Astrid” vibe do me. I dunno, I’m weird.


Yeah…agree with you, her expression and nativity is very much Astrid like, and hey we all know Astrid loves fashion, she could had just dyed her hair right ? :smile:


I think looking back, I tried to rush the Sera and Yakov relationships too much. The other ROs would be happy jumping into a relationship with MC right away; they wouldn’t. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant to point out, but thank you in any case :sweat_smile:


Okay, so the most important part about not getting rejected by Sera is making her all feely. So in all your interactions with her, choose the most emotional choice. If you don’t get her emotional enough, she’ll turn you down in the end. And also obviously do the study session with her to get on her route in the first place.


Sera is still hard to romance.


But that’s what makes it so fulfilling, my friend :smirk:


Kinda depends in the individual, actually :stuck_out_tongue:

But for me, it wasn’t that hard, oddly…


Well to be fair, life taught her that loving people means they get horribly murdered on a holiday.

Considering the MC seems to be in season for daily murder attempts, she has every right to be reluctant.


Fair point.

I’m wondering if the MC will find a dragon egg?


Honestly if we could get a pet dragon then I’d scream.

LoOk aT tHIS

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Bildresultat för baby dragon gif