Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



hahaha… yeah my main character has the trait of Impulsive and Idealistic mind :smile:


Fighting could be stronger in the second semester maybe, there is an armed combat course.
Without weapons I don’t think fighting would be strong, there’s no way you can beat a hydra or something with punches. With guns or swords that you can enhance with magic it could be quite powerful though.


I take that as a challenge. Magic kung-fu for the win!


It’s not even magic kung fu though, it’s just basic martial arts. That’s why you can learn it as a human too.


At first. But at a magic school, combining magic and martial arts is the logical next step to take.


Just saw you answered my ask on your tumblr @daydreamsincolor yay! :grin:

RO behaviour when drunk

Altair Makes stupid jokes. It’s annoying, but endearing.
Astrid Thinks everything is funny at first, then somehow ends up crying and MC has to comfort her.
Cressida Cannot keep her mouth shut, gossips about everyone. MC learns some things about themselves that they would rather not know.
Cyrus Nicer than usual. Keeps complimenting MC, which they find somewhat unnerving.
Katia More mercurial than usual. She’s elated and then she’s wailing and then she’s furious at MC.
Kol Mopey, more angst-y than usual. Gets all philosophical, and MC doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’s not making any sense.
Thalia Louder and more provocative than normal. Would start a fight with anyone, including herself.

Good to know both Alty and Cy are fun when drunk, instead of mean when drunk.
My main, Nephilim mc probably gets reckless and uninhibited when drunk .


When I play choice games I imagine myself smaller than everyone. It’s weird. In real life I’m around 189cm, I’m not that small of a guy, but then I start playing and in my mind I shrink. If I were to have the characters in real life I would be the same height or taller than a lot of the characters.


I think it requires Transmutation / Alternation magic (based on D&D rules), sort of enhance body movement or physical toughness , that will allow the caster / martial artist to move faster and hit harder … it will even make acrobatic moves more stunning (such as jump and elevation )

However, there are some magical creatures that are totally immune to physical attacks…in such case, the martial artist may require the help of an enchanted weapon :slight_smile:


I wonder if Yakov can get drunk?


Wait, so what exactly wraiths look like? I have been imagine him looking like this. Do you mean wraiths are like this instead?


Male Wraith

Female Wraith



mythologically speaking. wraith is straight up old schottish for ghost.


Astrid during winter solstice



Random question, how do I romance Cyrus? It seems every choice I make annoys him… also there aren’t a lot of interactions with him.


Your relationship with him needs to be at least 60 and you need to pick the flirting option in the conversation after the Monsters and Rouges exam in chapter 5. These are the options that raise your relationship up to that point:

Chapter 1 Ditch Astrid: #"If you could just point me in the right direction, that would be fine."
Chapter 2 Don’t ditch Astrid and speak for yourself : #"Hey, I’m $!{name}."
Chapter 3 DO NOT #Look at the flier for events around campus
#“It all felt kind of normal, like this is what was supposed to be happening with my life right now.”
#“What do you do for the summer solstice?”
#"They both seemed like rather unfriendly people. I can’t say I look forward to being with either again."
Chapter 4 Kitsune: #"You know, a ‘Sorry you got attacked’ card works, too."
Fire elemental: #"Oh, Cressida, quit being mean."
Lighting elemental: #"Great! I can’t even use technology now?!"
Nephilim: #“Cressida. Slow. Down.”
#"Can I, like, not?"
Cambion/dragonborn: #"No, he’s right, isn’t he?"
Magician: #"Yeah, that’s true."
Chapter 5 #“Why are you here then, Cyrus?”


@justme Are you sure about not picking the summer solstice one? It seems to actually raise his stats a little bit, while the others one does nothing…


The ‘not picking’ disclaimer was only meant for the option of looking at the flier if you go to the library.


Oooooooooooh, ok that makes sense :sweat_smile:


Didn’t the story state that Astrid was blonde?


Honestly, I also keep thinking Astrid has red hair. Otherwise the picture fits.