Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



It’s disappointing that we don’t get to find out if our SOs like their gifts.

If you go see the flowers with Maria the conversation about the flowers usually being potion ingredients repeats.


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You have to talk to her during the Chapter 5 free time, with a relationship >= 60 and no RO, then pick the “I like you, Seraphina. I thought we could get to know each other better” option. Sera has two RO scenes, one in Chapter 7 and one in Chapter 9.

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Time flies. Especially for slow writers :joy:

There was supposed to be a conversation in the bus scene :thinking: Huh. Looking back at the code there isn’t, but I could’ve sworn I edited the earlier conversation :weary: Thanks for letting me know:!

Nice catch. Did you notice the other relative?

WHAT??? Since when was that a thing?! (I still have to come up with what to give MC as a bonus for good grades, but thanks for the idea)

Which chapter is the Thalia/Leon error in?

Hm. Everything looks okay in the code, but it’s kind of messy overall so adding some gotos might fix it. I’ll have to look at it later. Thanks!

I can add a scene like that in the future! Thanks for the idea!

You mean for the solstice ceremonies? (There’ll be an actual shopping scene for the nymph ball, rest assured.)

Missed a line of code for the Altair present, thanks!


Chapter 2, if I recall. The first time we meet them.


Yep, for those ceremonies (and the vacation afterward, unless Alty’s resort is a nudist one of course), as unless he “borrows” from Leon again and knows the spells Astrid used to make that fit him all he’s got is a couple of pairs of pants and t-shirts, likely one jacket and a ratty pair of sneakers. :sweat_smile:
Or you could have the head of the “guardian programme” get their head out of their arse and finally send us some stuff from home. As my poor mc is reduced to basically wearing the same thing every single day right now. :disappointed:

Also, aww…poor Cy, losing like that. :hugs:

On the topics of Cy and fashion I did like this line by Astrid:
"“How can one person own this much leather?” Astrid sighs. “And is everything you own black?” " :grin: :+1:
I half expected her to somehow compare my mc (or indeed any male mc with the dark leather fashion style) to Cyrus there
However unless decent quality leather men’s garments are somehow much cheaper in magi society then they are in our world, most of it is either fake or the mc is more like my old self then I realized and he’s spend a lot of time in thrift and second hand stores, garage sales and charity auctions/markets. :thinking:
Or maybe my mc has been using his new ritual magic spell skills to create his own clothing, which is the cheapest option if you’ve got the skills, also the most time consuming and given the mc schedule…

Fortunately the text already does note that the mc needs to borrow things from others for the solstice celebrations, so what I’m asking is just the option to try to choose who to borrow from, presumably Alty (presumably classical and elegant, in line with his public gentleman persona), Leon (the latest trends) and Cy (dark and leather, like my mc prefers) for the guys corresponding or perhaps even going against our previously chosen style.
Again if my mc succeeds in borrowing from Cy you’d expect Astrid to have some quips ready. :wink:
If you’re so inclined this would allow our mc’s options more in line with their personality and preferences and expand on the current four sparse options.
Honestly, unless it’s the latest trend, the classical Navy Suit screams more Alty then Leon to me. :thinking:

Finally as to the ending I get the feeling the mc is somehow the anchor or something the terrorists use to penetrate security.


Anyone close find it odd that Sera gives us a potions book even if we don’t take potions?


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Note: some huge spoilers ahead.

You mean… Doctor Sterling from Nova Labs? So now we have a Moreno, and a Sterling. I wonder if there’s gonna be a Conti… Hmmm… The doctor is most likely Jamie’s dad. But Danae…hmmm, a tough one. Hahaha XD


After some quick code surfing I found this in chapter 5

“…can’t understand why the Contis were invited,” Leon is saying. "Aren’t they backing the cambion candidate?"
Cressida dismisses him. "The Contis will back anyone that will benefit them. Their intrigue is notorious.


Is there a guide somewhere for getting certain races? Like Nephilim or Kitsune for example. I’ve only ever been a dragonkin.



Well, time to pull out my suggestions:

  • First off, it could be possible to add a boost to the MC’s reputation with the NMC students? Seeing as most of them will be in attendance, I think it makes sense that the MC’s reputation would at least get a little boost.

And we’re not talking big boosts. Even though the game paints out some of the opponents we face as intimidating, they’re still low round opponents. So maybe a very small boost when beating the first opponent, a slightly larger boost for the second and an even slightly larger boost for the third.

I don’t know, it’d feel nice to see that the students view on us change with each action we take. And, I’m not sure about you, but personally I rarely see any attention in the resident/student reputation.

  • Like others here have said, I am quite disappointed by the disappearance of the hoverbike scene. Thalias ride scene always put a smile on my face, and it was a nice interaction with the crowd.

And the bus scene feels really…empty. I thought we would at least have a chance to talk to someone, but nope, apparently we just sit there in silence, ignoring the opportunity to strengthen their bond with their suit mates (which, judging by Astrid’s message, seems like a very important thing to do).

I guess my final verdict on this is…either bring back the hoverbike scene (pls) or maybe add some substance to the bus scene.

  • Now, the winter solstice. While I can definitely enjoy the conflict that was put in there (also, heck you for ending it on that sweet cliffhanger), starting it at the beginning of the solstice felt like a missed opportunity.

You see, after all the hype surrounding it, I became genuinely curious in what a solstice was all about, and what they actually did there. To see the performances they put on, the food they serve, all that jazz. Also, some more social scenes were also expected: Personally, my MC would’ve had an intellectual debate with Astrid on which magi snack is truly the most scrumptous, or have a good time slow dancing with Cressida before immediately shitting his pants when he sees the death stare her father is giving him.

TL;DR: my suggestion is to have it start at the middle of the solstice, not the beginning, so the players can have a bit on insight on what they’re actually about.


This is going off memory, but Kitsune needs some cunning and fire I think, Nephilim was light magic, and Cambion was dark


Nephilim: Light magic
Cambion: Dark magic
Elemental: default race
Kitsune: Fire magic
Dragonkin Dragonborn: fighting

Human: don’t use magic
Magician: don’t use magic


Is there anyway i can get straight A on the exam???


Having high Intelligence stat helps a lot. And the most important thing is, make sure your chosen stats to train match the classes you’re taking. As for R&M, use your best stat.


what about the duel? i can win if i havw stronger state?


I assume you mean the Elemental Manipulation duel?
for that, you need at least 15 elemental manipulation, i think.
If you use something other than fire, ice, or lightning, even if you win, you get a grade penalty.


But if you have 15+ Cunning, you’ll be able to avoid said penalty


If i am Elemental (specie), can i still romance with Sera? I remember a scene where the MC told her straightforward that he likes her. But i cant find that now. Did u delete it?


Well I can’t delete anything from this game, for one :rofl:

But, anyways, regarding your question:

After the R&M field exams, where you travel to the forest? Yeah, right after that there’s a part where you can choose to hang out with a suitemate/friend. Choose Sera for that choice.


Also, be sure to not pick the option where you ask about her love life. That decrease your relationship with her.


I’ll give it another try. Thx