Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Sorry about that! There was a coding error—should be fixed now.


Ahhh so excited I wanna beta test eeee


There seems to be an odd bug in which saving multiple times causes the game to be permanently stuck on the stats and doesn’t let you return to the game.

As for the game itself I am glad to see it coming along well. I can’t wait to see how the ending scene will play out in the next update, and I still hope for a proper date with Seraphina. If that’s already possible I’d appreciate knowing the relationship stat percentage required.


That feeling when you woke up this morning with a plan to spend it studying various subjects, but then KoTSaM got updated.

Pfffft, degrees are overrated anyways.


One old bug - ifnie you save when, on stats/relationship menu sometimes game freeze


@TheAnalyst @Kiogu1
Unfortunately, that problem is with the save plugin itself, which @daydreamsincolor has no power over.

Possible Coding Error

He frowns. “Your work wasn’t very good in Elemental Manipulation, Professor Petrova was irritated by your lack of effort in her class. Professor Kerr couldn’t stop singing your praises though. You didn’t do very well in Monsters and Rogues though, although it’s not like some of your class didn’t fare worse. Battle Magic was all right, Telekinesis was fine, as was Telekinesis, and Combat was good.”



Wow… Just realised…
It’s been over two years since this first started. :thinking:


I’m excited To Get To Know Alty & cyrus!
Has Anyone romanced Yakov or Leon Yet? I feel like leon may be kinda a jerk …


Hmmmmmmm, noticed some changes in the earlier chapters. Like how they take a bus instead of bikes now, and the Modern Mage shop is gone, and some other first-chapter options.

Though I feel like a conversation scene was intended for the bus scene? It feels that way, anyway.

Edit1: I’m also waiting for the day where, instead of using one of the proper maths equations, I write down M=WTK+ER/m for an exam.

Edit2: wait… Brant married Danae Moreno… as in that Moreno???

Edit3: pssst… schools here give us some bonus money (bursaries) for doing well academically(with good behaviour, of course). hint hint nudge nudge


we’re dating??? yakov’s romance still take me by surprise :joy: what a pleasant surprise


A bug:

When I picked the ‘Speak to Thalita’ option, it took me to the conversation with Leon.


Well, that didn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything. :slight_smile:

“Her and everyone else,” Seraphina shakes her head, something resembling laughter rising to her lips. “They loved something that could ever exist.”

I think that’s meant to be never.


There’s an odd bug where Astrid mentions the Monroe party when conversing with her before the first dinner, even if the MC already knows about it.

Finally finished a playthrough after…3 hours. Yes, I wanted to be thorough. Still probably missed a lot though.

Oh, and I believe my MC was supposed to win against Leon during elemental exam, but still lost. I had 17 points in elemental. That should be over the requirement, yes?

And I also see that Psychic Abilities also use Willpower now.


If you choose to buy the Wishing Candle.
Also, is there currently any way to get into a proper relationship with Seraphina as of yet?
The closest I’ve gotten is the Nymph training, I guess, and when you ask her if she likes you.


Well, in part 9 you can meet her at the cementary but if you try to hug her she will run away… affection 69… I still dont know how to rise your ilusion over 5. And what about this fox-god from the wood?
Edit. Actually you can hug and, even kiss her. You just need to chose very specific answers.


Don’t use any old saves cuz Illusion spells now share a stat with magic resistance.


So you have to rise will, right?

the screenshots too big

When trying to chose the sigil option in the exam. It’s been happening for a while , I’m not sure if it’s my side?

  • “I’ll tell them.” He focuses on you, eyes intense. “…Do you want to come?”
    “I’d love to,” you assure her. “I just need to see if I can.”



Why have you taken out those awesome hoverbikes? I liked that scene. :crying_cat_face:

I’d also like to echo this, maybe we’ll get to see it later though? In my case Alty with either the snowglobe or the gloves.

Also Alty’s present wasn’t actually given to my mc despite a relationships stat of over 70 and having him as my mc’s ro.
Edit: Just checked and my mc’s present’s start with Astrid’s egg, I think this is a bug and it skips Alty’s present line that is supposed to run before Astrid’s somehow? :confused:

Furthermore, since the mc still hasn’t had the time to really go clothes shopping, maybe add a tiny bit where we can ask to borrow from Cy (my mc’s preference), Leon or Alty (though his boyfriend is that last person my mc will ask on account of not wanting to appear poor or weak).