Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Sign me up as well. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to the World History class!


I’d like to beta test too! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are still willing to open up to beta testers I would like to take part as well.


Here’s a thought, how about we wait until the game is ready for beta testing instead of spamming the thread with useless offers to beta test a game that isn’t ready for beta testing to begin with?


Uncalled for. They were just volunteering for a game that they like. So you keep your useless words to yourself.


I don’t exactly see the problem with people (same as myself) volunteering to help beta test a game that the author would like to release eventually. I’d say this shows the author that there are some people out there that really wants to see it to be successful. And I would also say it’s pretty rude to say the offers would be “useless” as you said because no one knows if they’ll be selected for beta testing until they a message saying if they got in or not. If I wrote a game, I’d be very glad to see people volunteering to do this even if I didn’t ask for any.


No more useless than asking to participate for a beta that is not ready yet.


Yes, useless, because the author typed that they weren’t looking for beta testers and that the game wasn’t ready for beta testing.

There’s this thing called paying attention, and it’s something beta testers really need to do to get the job done.


Hi guy, which stat should I rise for controll magic? And how to max ilusion as kitsune (its always 5)


For control magic it is willpower.


How do you increase willpower?


Gorgon atack - chose “stay awake” and later when someone ask you about previous school chose last option. Its alredy 13. Ther is more like protect astrid at simulation etc. Overall max willpower is something around 20-25.


I wonder how Will Power will come into play in the future


Well, currently it’s magic defence and control magic. It’s cool to beat dragon with only one word and sigil, or if you chose non-magical character - beating/surviving seraphia mental atack :smile:


That honestly sounds pretty awesome


Update 11/30: Chapter 9 finished (RO/friend scenes, duelist tournament, solstice ceremonies), some expanded RO scenes, town hall investigation scene with Kol.

There are some minor lore changes in this update, but nothing major. I’m also considering consolidating and/or renaming Celestial and Solanaceae, so if anyone has any suggestions for names that’d be great.

Thanks so much everyone who’s interested in beta testing!!! :blush: I’m make a thread asking for testers once the beta is ready, so if you could please post there once it’s up, that’d be helpful! Thanks!


I swear, it may only have been less than a min, but I’m not creepy!

Anyways, school time! But I’ll check it out when I get home! XD


Yay!, more Alty and Cy. So cute. :heart_eyes: :hugs:


My save slots all r labelled “error bad slot” & won’t let me save?