Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP) (Updated 11/30/17, post 3697)



Get her relationship up to sixty, hang out with her after the Monsters and Rouges exam in chapter 5, pick the flirting option (#“I like you, Seraphina. I thought we could get to know each other better.”) and accept her invitation to study together in chapter 7.


Not that Sera will admit to liking the MC, apparently the dragon massacre left her reluctant to admit that sort of thing.

Which is rather funny since she’s a telepath. Since she knows she wants to snuggle, the MC knows she wants to snuggle, she knows that the MC knows she wants to snuggle…


aha but does she know the we know that she knows we know how to do the macarena


Thanks 20 Characters


Happily, thank you for joining the Seraphina Cult, how may I help you? :blush:


Relationship boosts added!

Hm, tutoring might show up later if it makes sense. A lot of plot events are going to take place second semester thought, so I’m not sure how much free time MC is going to have… :thinking:

Thanks, fixed for next update!
(variable was temp instead of permanent oops :sweat_smile:)

Progress Update:
Currently working on Chapter 9 friend/RO scenes which is taking much longer than expected :sweat_smile: Some of the tournament and solstice ceremony is also written, and the chapter’s about half finished.

I’ve decided to streamline the RO scenes a little to make it easier on me—while each RO obviously has exclusive dialogue, as of now MC gets a choice of going ice skating, to the statue garden, or seeing a fire dancer performance with each RO (instead of me thinking of 10 individual activities).

MC can also practice for the tournament, go see a show with everyone, or chase after Seraphina.



I’m brand new here but I have to say that I’ve been having a lot of fun playing this demo! Just one question, is anyone else getting a “1 new message” icon around the time we start studying for finals but there is no new message to be opened? Thank you for the help and thanks for writing!


I think it’s an glitch.


Hmm…considering both my mc and Alty’s dance problems already that would probably lead to a lot of stumbling and bruises and probably an (unintentionally) hilarious situation or two too.

Awww…why would my mc do that when he can have Alty all to himself instead? :thinking: Hmm…I guess sometimes I really am just as bad as @Lizzy when my mc get too infatuated with their ro’s. :grin:


Is this the same statue garden the MC can go to with Katia? If it is, maybe make it unavailable if you’ve already been there with Katia on a date, or add a line of dialouge if you’re on a date with someone else and went with Katia as friends. Same with Yakov and the fire dancers (in the Halloween scene).

On an unrelated note, I’ve just noiced that when talking to Astrid&co. at the party in chapter 3, asking about the winter solstice celebrations raises Astrid’s relationship, although she says she prefers the summer solstice. Why? :thinking:


Wait, what show? Is this the new update?


As long as there’s something that’s exclusive to each RO (in this case, the dialogue), then I don’t see any problem with this.

And that is just my true calling. Screw socializing, who needs that when you have the opportunity to refine your skill of beating the crap out of people with magic and stuff?


It will be in the next update, with isn’t out yet, as far as I understand.


Wait, I’m a standard for when you’re too in love? :thinking: I’m good with that :grin:


What’s that spoiler about, huh? chants “Seraphina Seraphina Seraphina” repeatedly



Another suggestion:

The skill books at the library increase the certain skill that it is based on.

Introduction To Telekinesis increases Telekinesis.

Basic Potion Recipes and The Full Guide To Ritual Magic increases Ritual Magic and Potions.

That control magic book increases Willpower, which is the stat for control magic.

Introduction To Elemental Manipulation increases…Intelligence?

I just feel like that this small thing makes it inconsistent with the other skill books. Given how they’re built, it’d make much more sense if it gave you +1 to EM rather than Intelligence.


Yep. Just added variables to reference MC seeing that or the fire dancers already, thanks for the suggestion! :smile:

The winter/summer solstice thing was meant as a cambion/nephilim choice, although it should have been better set up. Cambions are more associated with the winter solstice, and nephilim with the summer (independent of individual preferences).

Sera is acting pretty unlike herself (read: emotionally) in that scene. I figured that deserved a warning. :laughing:

For next update magi MC will get a boost for elemental manipulation. Non-magi MC will still get an intelligence boost though.


reads “Sera” and “emotionally” in the same sentence
furiously begins writing fan-fictions at the speed of light


Will bring a nymph eventually be an option? Also Itd Be Nice To Gt To Know Cyrus and Yakov a Bit More but i Love the Story So Far


May I ask something? Are there any romance scenes with the ROs? I’m trying to romance Leon and the only scenes I get are when he asks me for a date and one time when training I chose the option which said “I think of doing other things together” my relationship is high with him (79%) and I’m a nephilim :confused: