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How can you receive something that will never exist…
-le gasp-
-le shock-


If they don’t have children, I’ll take their voice.
If they’re mute, I’ll take five years of their life.
If they have less than five years to live, it’s for free. I’m not heartless, you know. :roll_eyes:


ah so if they have children but are mute then only they suffer :smiley:

Gotta love convenient loopholes :clap:


But of course, it’s only fair. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for clearing that up



More suggestions for milday/milord:

Could you possibly add relationship boosts to the Yakov/Cyrus/Altair meetup that you can go to in the middle of the finals? It seems weird that you’d go there and have fleshed out convos with them, yet you don’t get any boosts. Besides, stat wise, there’s really no reason to pick it over going to the gym (+1 in the combat stat of your choice/increase to Thalia and Jarrod relationship) and spending some alone time (+1 Intelligence and a small increase to Sanity).

My other suggestion:

You know how in the beginning of Chapter 6, certain NPC’s would tutor you at certain things? What if, later on, the MC could be given a choice to tutor certain NPC’s? It’d be a nice way to show that the MC is growing and adapting to their world, seeing as they’re now the teacher rather than the student.

Suggestions for the lessons are:

Tutoring Leon in Telekinesis (it’s been confirmed that he doesn’t know a lot in that field).

Tutoring Altair in Ritual Magic (from my Magician play through and code surfing, it seems to me that he’s particularly lacking in that subject. This could just be me, though).

Tutoring Thalia in Magic Theoty/Elemental Manipualtion/Artifacts/literally any subject that requires Intellginece (I think we all know by now that Thalia is not the kind of person who makes the best use of their studying time).


I’m assuming you’re talking about theory, since Petrova doesn’t seem to think a non-Elemental MC has a chance against her in the simulation.


Obviously she has never seen Firestarter 1 or 2.
Or the anime Avatar…or thats enough examples
we just gotta clip those wings to tame anyone with wings



I guess you can pass it if you just did good in the simulation, though. They do count more, if i remember correctly.


Probably not, although it’s not clear how familiar Magic are with human pop culture.:yum:


I’ve noticed that the only way you can make The Headmaster’s List is as a nephilim or a cambion.


That…isn’t the case. Like, at all.

As long as you get good grades in all your subjects, you’re on the list, regardless of what species you are.


So how do you beat the dragon in the exam as a kitsune?


Is the end of the demo right now when you go to Cressida’s party after your tests?


If you have 25+ EM, use fire.

If you have 30+ Fighting, use your claws.

15+ Telekinesis, use that.

You’ve got a special choice with Illusion Manipulation, you can use that as well.

The first two will basically annihilate it, the last two will bring it’s health down considerably to the point where you won’t lose a lot of grades.


If you studied ritual magic you can use a sigil (you’d need to be in the ritual class and have 20 in ritual and potions). This option will take his hp to 0 and won’t make you lose grade at all (you’d actually get bonus grade for it). Another way is to grab the flower and poison him with it. This will also take down his hp to 0 and you only need 10 points in ritual and potions for it (you also need 10 intelligence and 5 fighting) You can also take down his hp completely if you have 20 points in willpower. The other options like fire/fighting etc will make you lose a bit of grade so you won’t be able to get 100


Yes. (+20 characters)


Ok, thanks.
Found something
The words father and man are missing here…


How to romance Seraphina?


Thanks for the tip about the monarda, I’d tried it before but my fighting stat was too low. I only had to change one choice and now I get all 100’s for my courses! That pleases me so much as a completionist, so thanks again!