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What do you usually choose in the other choice?


Usually Combat/Potions, World History and something else…


So, here’s a little question to generate some conversation (even though it’s probably been asked already): Where will you guys go in the winter break vacation?

Personally, I’m most probably gonna go with the nephilim trio back to their house/castle/mansion.

My plan is pretty simple: Attempt to seduce Cressida into the snu snu (with the aid of my glorious pectoral muscles), and hope that her dad doesn’t find out and tears out my fangs/wings/genitals.

Maybe get some buddy bonding time with Leon while I’m at it. He’s an alright guy, and his relationship with my MC is quite high already.

As for Cyrus…I’m just going to ignore him as much as possible. It’s a big house, there’s plenty of space for the both of us without having to run into each other.


I’m not sure which option I’ll pick since I’ve unlocked them all. The beach, resort, road trip and town options , as well as inviting someone to come home with you all have the obvious benefit of raising your relationships, but the one I’m most curious about is going home alone. This might just be an option for antisocial MC’s but I can’t help but feel that it’ll move the family subplot along.
On the other hand, there might also be options to investigate the other subplots if the MC stays in town. :thinking:
I guess I’ll just have to play them all (and/or read the code). :smiling_imp:




I’m just trying to figure out how Thalia can get struck by Thunder and be just fine after a few hours


Two options come to mind- healing potions, or since Sirens are blood drinkers, for all we know she can just heal herself from drinking blood.


Well, thunder is just the resulting sound from the sky to ground exchange of electrons… So it’s just sonic damage if anything. Lightning however…


It’s a simulation. The injuries don’t carry over to the real world.


But we hit her with the real magic didn’t we?
I thought only injuries from holographic monsters don’t carry over to the real world


The magic doesn’t carry over either. I mean, there’s an option to cover Thalia in lava. People don’t really survive that. :smile:


They don’t, Hmmm are you sure they aren’t just sleeping?


“Paralysis and protection spells are used to ensure the subject does not severely injure himself or others while in the simulation. Any injuries gained in the simulation will feel realistic, but will not carry into the real world.


Aha! See they go sleepy weepy after intense battles… and unlike with fights with Chappy they feel refreshed and decide to get back up.


Awww…I’m the exact opposite, my witch-boy mc would only go with them to hang out with Cyrus though Leon is cool too, but then he hangs out with Leon all the time already on account of being roommates.
He’d try to mostly avoid Cressy and the twin’s dad though.

My main mc will of course go with Alty and his sister and I’m curious what sort of super-deluxe resort Alty has lined up.

Only if it gets to the point in the sequel where my main mc can invite Alty to his humble home.


I’m sorry for asking again but i don’t see the flirting option when i talk to him after the monster and rouge exam. The highest relationship i get is 57


I’ve gone through the code and found all the options that raise his relationship. Accepted payment methods are firstborn children and voices. No credit cards.

Chapter 1 Ditch Astrid: #"If you could just point me in the right direction, that would be fine."
Chapter 2 Don’t ditch Astrid and speak for yourself : #"Hey, I’m $!{name}."
Chapter 3 DO NOT #Look at the flier for events around campus
#“It all felt kind of normal, like this is what was supposed to be happening with my life right now.”
#“What do you do for the summer solstice?”
#"They both seemed like rather unfriendly people. I can’t say I look forward to being with either again."
Chapter 4 Kitsune: #"You know, a ‘Sorry you got attacked’ card works, too."
Fire elemental: #"Oh, Cressida, quit being mean."
Lighting elemental: #"Great! I can’t even use technology now?!"
Nephilim: #“Cressida. Slow. Down.”
#"Can I, like, not?"
Cambion/dragonborn: #"No, he’s right, isn’t he?"
Magician: #"Yeah, that’s true."
Chapter 5 #“Why are you here then, Cyrus?”


Thank you so much😊 and sorry again for asking too much😢


Mmm…I’ll have to run through it myself, but does this mean witch-boys still don’t stand a chance with Cy as it looks like you’d need some of the race-based dialogues to raise it that high, which humans or magicians cannot get. :crying_cat_face:


Magicians can get the same boost as everyone else in chapter 4.