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I disagree. The other three main skills (intelligence, willpower and fighting) all have thresholds of 30 to get the best possible result in the exams in chapter 8, whereas this is the highest requirement for cunning in the entire game. What’s more, cunning is useless in the rest of the chapter, unless your intelligence is less than 15.
Looking at it from an in-game perspective, Yakov seems like he’d be hard to fool, so it makes sense that only a character with high cunning would get away with lying to him.


Off of the top of my head, I don’t think MC will ever have an illusion cast on them.

Thanks, bug was caused by only having two characters in MC’s name. Fixed for next update.

Human/magician threat changed for next update. MC saying they know about the mayoral candidates added. Shifting check added.

I’ve decided to keep the cunning check as is, since the penalty for failing the check is relatively minor (10% relationship loss); MC still learns the secret in that scene if they fail the check; and there will be at least one other chance to learn about the secret in the future that will involve a different check.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! :grin:


illusions, illusions, illusions are…FOR COWARDS.


Well other than the nymph giving a kitsune PC lessons.

Which reminds me, if you want illusions to be a kitsune only bennie, then having a nymph be the one to teach it to the PC sends the wrong message.


Who else struggled with choosing between the newest classes?


I have trouble deciding whether to take Ritual Magic or World History. The former raises an increasingly important magic stat, but the latter provides exposition (and maybe intelligence points). Decisions, decisions…


I’m a history buff, so I always choose World History.


Haha, same. I didn’t even look at the other option.


I’m assuming since you can take Ritual Magic in the second semester that you didn’t take it in the first.

My advice:

If you took Potions, then you might have a chance of surviving Ritual Magic. Since the two stats are tied together, you might have done enough in that subject to have a (at the very least) mediocre start in Ritual Magic.

If you took Combat, however, then avoid Ritual Magic at all costs and go with World Studies. Your Ritual Magic/Potions stat will be extremely low if you don’t take any of those two subjects, and trying to focus on a low stat halfway through the game is more than likely going to result in failure. Besides, World Studies relies on Intelligence, a stat which you had plenty of opportunities to raise, regardless of your classes.

If you have low numbers in both Ritual Magic/Potions and Intelligence, well…I’ve got nothing for you.


Good point, I’ll go with World History and hope 15 Intelligence is enough to carry my MC through.


Actually, that’s the exact amount of Intelligence needed to do good in the first semester of World Studies.

Not sure if it’ll be the same in the second semester, but at the very least it’s a sign that the class will (hopefully) be easy.


Yeah, and there will always be more chances to raise Intelligence later.


Anyone else struggling with Yakov’s romance route?
My MC’s has a high relationship with him and I’ve even chosen the flirting opinion during the common room scene but I’m still failing…

Either I’m completely missing something or It’s just the universe discouraging me from hooking up with Yakov :joy:


If you choose the flirting option in chapter 5 (“But what if my reason’s sitting opposite me?”), he’ll invite you to go to town with him. Accepting will set him as your RO.


Can someone tell me how to romance Cyrus as a cambion or nephilim?


You need to get your relationship up to at least 60, talk to him after the Monsters and Rouges exam, pick the flirting option (“I might have some plans of my own—if you’re free tonight.”), the option to go on a date will show up in chapter 7 (See if Cyrus is free to go out.).
As @UmbraLamia said, it’s the same for all the species, although nephilim do get another flirting option in chapter 6 ( “But I haven’t even asked you out yet!” And I wanted to, too…).


Romancing any RO is the same for every species, just so you know.


How do i get his relationship to 60?



Someone asked this a while back.


Thanks😊(20 characters)