Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP) (Updated 11/30/17, post 3697)



My last human play through had 20 will after magic resistance class, so it’s definitely possible.

And that was without reading the control magic for dummies in the library, I think.

You did choose to join a lot of clubs, right? Otherwise you missed several opportunities.


No training nessisary…


I know the early ones:

Try to stay awake. +3

That did not just happen, that did not just happen, that did not… +1

“Can’t we just pretend this all never happened?” +1

Move in front of Astrid/Yakov! +1

Try to die on purpose. +1

You were quite the joiner. Half a dozen clubs that you participated and another dozen that you led, that must have taken a lot of determination." +10

No, no way. I’m not getting any more tangled up in this magic crap. +1 (magi only)

The Complete Guide to Control Magic by Jullen Selter +1


I chose to be a scholar. Gotta have all them intelligence points.


If our specie is kitsune can we have cute fox ears?


And a fluffy fox tail to boot.


That would be the cutest thing ever


Why stop at one. Imma have nine


This has been mentioned before, you can’t have nine tails due to timeline reasons. We’re like 18-20 years old in the game, if we’re a kitsune then we’re only going to have one tail.


You have officially rained on my parade :frowning:
Are we going by the one tail every thousand years lore?


You mean a tail every 100 years. :stuck_out_tongue:
A thousand year old kitsune is at the limit of their age, with 9 magnificent tails, ready to ascend to the heavens.


im gonna be one that starts with negative 5 tails.


Whenever our MC is a kitsune, I think of Ahri (LoL).


How does that even happen?! :fearful:


Does willpower help with illusion manipulation


No. (+20 characters)


I found a bug


I- Those are willpower stats?


Just for the first few chapters.



A few more suggestions, if I might:

  1. Looking at all the threats Monroe gives the MC if they’re dating Cressida/Cyrus, the human and magician threat seems oddly more tame than the rest. I’d say change it to a threat about using the MC’s skin for a book cover. Much more threatening than simply running them out of town.

  2. If you go to Astrid and Leon’s group at the party and the MC knows about the political situation from the fliers at the library, can they say it themselves? Like, rather than have Astrid tell them that they’re running for mayor and the MC saying that they know, have the MC say “Wait, those are the people running for mayor, right?”. It’ll take the group by surprise much more than if the MC simply stated that he read about them, thus making their newfound respect for them well earned.

  3. Maybe decrease the requirement to fool Yakov at the secret revealing scene to 20? I don’t know, 25 seems a bit too much. Besides, 20 Cunning can still be a challenge to get, depending on your choices.

  4. At the M&R final, shouldn’t there be a shifting check in order to be even able to use the claws in the first place? I imagine this might not be the case for kitsunes, who have claw retraction, meaning that their claws are always with them. But for dragonborns, who have claw manifestation, then they’d have to rely on the shifting ability in order to even get their claws out, let alone use them as weapons.