Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP) (Updated 11/30/17, post 3697)



The best are probably Dragonborn, Cambion/Nephilim, and the Human one. :>


Dragonborn is probably the most typical “main character” species (powerful, rare, discriminated against, related to dragons), which is why it’s probably my least favorite species to play as.
On the other hand, I prefer magicians over elementals, since they have more of an underdog vibe (yet they aren’t utterly out of their depth like the human MC), and a similar neutrality (although in my case it’s because I like to keep a characters options open, rather than keep them out of politics). I also think it’s been mentioned that elementals are more common than magicians.


My standbys are dragon born and kitsune, but I plays as everything but hunter.

I also like to mix up the classes, and whether my character is a jock, soce, nerd, or determinator.

Speaking of which, I notice some classes show up less often then others. Anyone notice what the prereqs are for psychic class?

It would be good to know the required build to test it out when the game advances.


I too don’t play as a hunter, it seems semi contradictory to the story. I should get around to trying it eventually, at the very least I know I’m gonna do it at least once.


You need to be a nephilim, cambion or kitsune.

I don’t play as a hunter either, probably because my human MC’s always decide to become magicians.


B-but dragons!

Wait, aren’t magicians and humans given more discrimination than dragonborns?


You’re right, I went to check on that post by the author that stated their power levels and rarity and magicians are indeed less common than elementals but at the same time weaker too. I guess when I look at a magician I tend to think of human wizards, which in a world like this would make sense, in theory, if they were numerous (given humans are everywhere)… but maybe I’m thinking of Harry Potter. Still being JUST a human with magic powers is kind of lame when you can be something as fancy as a kitsune or more exotic like an elemental. How many games allow you to play as either of those in comparison to a human mage?


Being a witch-boy (magician) is a challenge and I like being able to use their own tools against them. Besides romancing Cy with a witch-boy is likely to give his dad an apoplexy, which makes it all the more delightful.


What, no one gonna support Humans?

Look, Magician is nice and all, but for most of the time, I just thought to myself “Why be a human who trains in magic when you can be a magical creature…who trains in magic?”.

Besides, I got around to building a hunter MC that I am quite proud of. He’s dating Thalia and, despite his numerous complaints about how he doesn’t care about this world, is looking into the Dragon Massacre.

My plan with him is to have him despise everything magic related at first. But, as time goes on, he shall begin to begrudgingly tolerate this new world he’s been thrust in. Who knows, maybe his parents will further advance his hunter training, and he’ll actually be able to go on his own cases and such.


Just love threading that thin line dontcha? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Most of my magi MC’s are resistant to the idea of magic at first, whereas my human MC’s end up being very accepting, so it makes sense in-game for them to become magicians. Plus I find a sufficiently ambitious and power hungry (magical power in this case) underdog interesting to play.


The human dilemma:

  • Compared to the stuff we come with in fantasy, we’re pretty damn lame in comparison.
  • Pretty much the only trait we have is that we apparently breed faster than everyone else.
  • Human magicians are pretty damn cool though if they wanna be.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I kinda like playing as a human, whether they be a magician or a non-magic user who isn’t against magic per se but isn’t interested in learning it. After all, why do complicated magic spells when you can punch a manticore in the face?

If @daydreamsincolor continues to give us choices like that, pretty soon we’ll be having a crossover of Harry Potter and One Punch Man.


That reminds me, anyone trying out alchemist runs?

Ritual magic? No thanks, I’m trying better living through chemistry!
Of course, it isn’t quite clear what the limits of potions are in this game.

Get injured? Health potion. Need to Get away? Smoke bomb. Someone annoying you by breathing? Fire bomb.

Such a bummer that you can’t take potions and combat.

Think about it, if you could take both you could be essentially Batman. Face punching and a potion for every occasion. That would be neat.

Another interesting take would be a human who relies on control magic.

Now the in game lore is that illusions fall under control magic, so logically PCs who aren’t kitsune can break out the illusions, so a legal and useful application of control magic.

And who is going to expect control magic from the campus token human?

For that matter, control magic is legal on animals, if I remember my lore right. Why doesn’t the game let us have the option to unleash the control magic on the hellhounds/manticore/hydra?

Make a hydra head attack the others, or imagine the look on your suitemates faces when they deal with their hellhounds to find you giving yours a belly rub and saying he’s a good boy.

“I’m naming him Sparky, our dorm is obviously pet friendly. If anyone says anything Sparky is a service animal to help me with my PTSD, since this place keeps trying to kill me.”

Or how about using control magic on the pet dragon? “It’s way to early for this! Quiet!!!” and then to everyone’s surprise the dragon calms down.


Doesn’t that end badly? :laughing:

Wouldn’t that be unfair towards kitsune MC’s? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why? Non elementals can break out element fu, and fire elementals can use light as a peripheral element, stepping on nephilim toes.

Since kitsune are naturally inclined to illusions, I figure the author will give a bonus. Like non kitsune have a willpower threshold before they can do it or something.


Fire elementals can’t use light as a peripheral element.
I suppose some of the kitsune species scenes could give a boost to willpower/illusions, the same way the elemental species scenes give a boost to Elemental Manipulation.


still waiting to be trained by someone in order to unleash my control magic potential on the wild so that I don’t accidently blow something up in the process

That would be comedic gold, but a casual display of control magic might also make pretty much everyone wary of you. Kinda hard to justify using it in the story like that, no matter how funny it may be for something like that to happen. :no_mouth:



Yeah, high willpower will enable MC to break out of illusions. Only kitsunes will be able to use illusion manipulation though.

In game they currently can. Will probably change that for next update.


Will we be able to turn the illusion back against the original caster? :innocent:


Anyone here got some tips on how to raise Willpower?

My hunter is sitting at a respectable 15, but I just wanna boost it up till 20 so I can keep it in that safe zone where I know I’ll succeed most of the checks later on.