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@daydreamsincolor i still want that choice to flirt with her when she train us :grin: :smirk:


Removing acknowledgement that I friendzoned a majority of my suitemates?

Excuse me while I cower up in the corner and cry.


I forgot the exact full form… But it’s abbreviation for the situation when a being has used more magic than necessary and they overheat(sort of)


Magic Overuse Syndrome


You could decrease the reputations after the MC finds out they’re human in chapter 2, and then raise them slightly if the MC decides to become a magician in chapter 4.


20…for the sake of my major, i will ace that potion class :triumph:



Another suggestion, if I may.

Could we also have the opportunity to raise our Elemental Manipulation and Telekinesis when we go to the gym in the middle of the finals? I mean, they are combat skills. And it’s only 1 point, so it wouldn’t exactly be game breaking.


Anyone else disappointed that magicians can’t take artifacts class? Wouldn’t artifact creation fall under ritual magic?

For that matter, why aren’t we offered ritual magic immediately on a human play through? We get offered potions immediately.

Shouldn’t a magic school just kind of assume you’ll be wanting to learn magic?


Because they need to find a teacher who wants to teach you how to become a magician first.


Uh, magicians have to take Artifacts.

Since they’re forcing the MC to attend, no.


Except obviously that’s not the case.

Ritual magic 101 is sufficient to teach a character who didn’t even know that magic existed before the basics of ritual magic.

What our mentor is shown doing is teaching additional magic- MCs of other races don’t get taught dream walking.

So what happens in this game is that the school refuses to let you take a course without additional tutoring, but also the school assumes that finding a tutor is going to be a problem.

Either of those assumptions from a school are wonky. If the school requires superior ritual magic from a ritual magician, then the normal thing to do would be for the school to make another class like “being a ritual magician 101.”

And notice how tutoring is handled for elementals- The teacher is apparently just expected to give the elemental extra lessons until they are adequate for an elemental?

So why is the elemental class offered on the assumption that they will give private tutoring but ritual magic isn’t offered until they can find a tutor?


Okay, wow, wasn’t expecting to kill the discussion.

I had a few other thoughts.

Kitsune illusion magic is a form of control magic, why does it have its own stat in the game, instead of just being an application of control magic as far as the game is concerned?

Ditto celestial magic, the game seems a little wishy washy as to whether celestial magic is a form of elemental manipulation or not. On one hand it is legal to use in the elemental class, but on the other hand its controlled by a different stat and it requires a special tutoring session to unlock.

Nymphs have celestial magic, but there is no mention of nymphs having their own racial element like cambions or nephilim. On the other hand, Astrid claims darkness as her only element, so her elemental classes would increase her celestial magic.


My guess is that illusion magic is viewed more as a method to mislead or trick others, while traditional control magic involves direct manipulation and possession of others and their will

Kiiiinda different enough to warrant a distinction, if you ask me, but I’m not an expert.

Perhaps it’s a similar principle to how illusion and control magic are treated. General elemental manipulation is more or less fine and dandy, but celestial magic is treated as a more dangerous form of elemental manipulation due to the side effects, so maybe that’s why there’s a special tutoring class available.

On the other hand, since you brought it up, I would like it if the stats screen made it more obvious how magics are related to each other-- like having celestial magic being listed under elemental manipulation and also influencing the stat?


I just remembered the earlier discussion as to a reward for good grades and realised we got one with the President’s List achievement. I feel bad for not noticing sooner. Now I’m wondering who else in the school is on the list, and if there’s a dinner or a ceremony or something for members.


Will do :+1:

Magicians should be forced to take artifacts class? :thinking:

Elemental Manipulation is a required class for magi. I envisioned the elemental training as being MC going in during office hours, but I’ll have to expand on that idea in game.

Training as a human to learn ritual magic is considered different from training as a magi to learn ritual magic. Humans becoming magicians also tends to be a greater effort than just getting a generic understanding of ritual magic like in class. I can see if it’s possible (and makes sense) to introduce the option to become a magician in chapter 2 rather than 4 though.

Willpower is generally used as the control magic stat…which means it makes complete sense to combine it with illusion manipulation :thinking: Thanks for the idea! :joy:

Celestial magic isn’t meant to be a form of elemental manipulation - angelic/demonic magic is different from light/darkness manipulation. Celestial magic is a particular, more powerful/dangerous form of magic, which causes an inability to feel pain and altered emotions in the caster. It can only be used by certain species. It’s currently pretty loosely defined though, so I’ll have to clarify in game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Something like that could be nice to mention, although it would probably end up interrupted/cancelled because of the events of the winter solstice. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Isn’t light and darkness manipulation a separate stat from elemental anyway?

I was under the impression that control magic could do that anyway with how broad its description was. Well at least I have incentive to play as a fox :laughing:


Yes, using light/darkness increases celestial magic, despite the in game lore and elemental manipulation class treating it as an aspect of elemental manipulation.

I also want to combine darkness/light with our personal element.

Wouldn’t that be cool if a high level a nephilim or cambion could combine their racial element with their personal element, sort of like how elementals can master peripheral elements?

Make ice filled with light or freezing shadows, fire that burns with the light of the sun or fire black as night that consumes the light as it burns…


After some trial and error, I managed to get a pretty good Magician!MC


Species: Magician
Health: As good as can be
Money: $745
Job: Assistant at health center


Cunning: 11
Fighting: 22
Intelligence: 26
Ritual Magic and Potions: 26
Willpower: 11

Kind: 57% Cruel: 43%
Logical: 59% Emotional: 41%
Lawful: 54% Chaotic: 46%
Resistance: 29% Acceptance: 71%


Astrid: 74%
Altair: 63%
Cressida: 50%
Cyrus: 50%
Gisela: 54%
Jarrod: 50%
Katia: 52%
Kol: 69%
Thalia: 66%
Leon: 64%
Seraphina: 72%
Yakov: 63%


World Cultures, Prof. Chase
Grade: 100

Magic Theory, Prof. Kerr
Grade: 100

Monsters and Rogues, Prof. Ebner
Grade: 100

Artifacts, Prof. Jensen
Grade: 100

Ritual Magic, Prof. Moriarty
Grade: 100

Combat, Prof. Darzi
Grade: 100


I always play nephilim :angel:


I think I prefer either Kitsune or Elemental as my race.
The way I see it - magicians are too common, Dragonborn are basically everyone’s favorite because they’re “special” and Nephilim/Cambion are too neck-deep in politics for me to enjoy. I hate politics.