Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP) (Updated 11/30/17, post 3697)



Nice. I can’t remember what I got the first time I played, but I really enjoy the human one for some reason.
Edit: SUCCESS! I’m now a dragonborn. This is awesome xD


Same here! Played as human for my first play, the second play is a Dragonborn. Tbh, I did not expect the human role would be so exciting.


Right? It’s so great for some reason. Probably for the sheer enjoyment of being able to kick butt despite everyone’s expectations/condescending attitude. I just finished playing dragonborn. It’s pretty awesome, but I like being human better. I was surprised by the difference in the parent scene. O.o


same here, before the update my mc could answer it but not now…
also potion’s final reminds me of my major :rofl: too bad i failed it (and many other practical exams)…did i miss something on my playthrough??


Dragonborn and Human.

The former is too badass to not pick, the latter puts an interesting twist on the MC.


Nephilim, strangely enough, I blame Alty for that the angel/demon friction makes his romance more intense, imho.


i like playing as a Kitsune when it was introduced. Before its release, i played as a Dragonborn.

Maybe i’ll create another (with another species) once i’m done finding the path i want for my first OC.


Dragonborn, kitsune and Human mage


Kitsune. :fox_face: (+20ch.)


Magician. Dragonborn’s a close second.


Maybe werewolf could be added as a species?


How high specifically?


You’ll need at least 15.


Is this game out yet or in beta stage?


I meant dragonborn my phone was about to die and i forgot to put born at the end of dragon


Neither its still being worked on or you could say it’s at ALPHA testing… … … …stage


Oh :frowning_face: sounds awesome!


Used to be dragonborn. Now it’s magician.


Thanks for the stats, everyone!

I’ll be adding the vacation ask scenes in the future. Not a high priority though at the moment.

Hunter!MC most likely won’t be able to enter the duelist tournament, because the focus is on battle magic

(I’d prefer to keep discussion appropriate. Thanks.)

I still have to decide how to change reputations for human and magician mcs :thinking: There’ll definitely be reputation stat changes though.

@DisturbedOne @RagEgnite @justme
I was planning to remove the achievement in the next update. I didn’t want to have an orientation-locked achievement.


That’s the plan :grin:

Thank you! :relaxed:

Yeah, threshold is now 20 intelligence for the potions answer.

To raise relationship

  • Less optional: Talk to him at party (3), talk to him at lunch (4), talk to him after exam (5)
  • Optional: Leave Astrid (1), play as a nephilim (4)

To start romance in 7

  • Choose a flirting response in 5 (or 6 if playing as nephilim with Cyrus as tutor)
  • During second free time in 7 see if Cyrus is free
  • Voila!

It’s still in progress! A few more chapters will probably be posted publicly before moving into a private beta for the full game. (I’m cautiously optimistic this can start in January-February.)


What’s MOS?

(Obligatory 20 characters)