Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP) (Updated 11/30/17, post 3697)



I’m really looking forward to the Solstice events! Wish there were class descriptions for the new classes as well!


Most of the new classes seem self explanatory, I do wonder about the psychic power class.

I’d quite like magic resistance, if psychic powers class will teach us telepathy or something I know which class would jump to the top of my list.



A complaint, if I may.

Reading the code, I see that you’ve implemented changes in the species reputation depending on what Magi you are. I like this; makes the game more realistic, especially at a time like this where unrest is high.

However, I noticed that Magicians don’t suffer any negative reputation affects. Considering that they’re treated worse than dragonborns, who already get quite a hit in reputation, It just doesn’t make any sense.


I saw there is a new stat in the code called magicuse and every time you use magic it rises. Celestial magic also raises it more (+3). Will your character suffer from MOS if the stat gets too high?


Hey guys!So what did I miss?


W :open_mouth: W Great Game! Just read it and have become a big fan of yours :star_struck:

Good characters, Nice setting and Intriguing Mystery can’t wait to see more from you :gift_heart:


There’s an achievement for your MC suffering MOS. So yes, yes they will.


What exactly are Yakov’s powers?


They are “typical for his species”. Duh…


Obviously. But what are those powers?


Probably becoming intangible. You know, like walking through walls, or something.


There a new update involving Soltice presents!

If your MC takes Battle Magic and has high-ish intelligence you’ll get to learn what he does during the final.

Relevant portion:

Yakov has said he can use healing as an ability, and you know he has at least proficient physical combat skills, given that you’ve seen him sparring with Thalia before. You’ve also read that wraiths sometimes have additional abilities, like psychic resistance and mental shielding.


Why can I no longer get the rule for Potion’s class? Is there a stat reason I’m not getting or what?

Also, how do you romance Cyrus?


I think the intelligence threshold for knowing that potion rule was raised because on my first couple of play throughs I couldn’t get the right rule either. I had to go back through and pick more intelligence options before I could do it again. I’m not sure though, it could be something else.


What is everyone’s favorite species to pick?


Mine would be Kitsune and Dragon race


Human for sure. Meatbag FTW xD
@Terrell_Williams I didn’t know you could be a dragon O.o


I think what @Terrell_Williams means is dragonborn, though I recall dragonborn mc can learn to transform into dragon.


Ooooh, neat. Didn’t know you could be that, either xD Now I have to replay and try to get that race xD


I like kitsune and cambion. Occasionally I like to play as a nephilim.