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To be honest, it’s actually pretty easy to get them.

Ritual Magic and Potions go hand in hand, especially with a Magician.

Magic Theory, World Cultures and Artifacts require Intelligence, which is basically my best stat.

And Magicians have two special options in the Monsters And Rogue final that are pretty easy to pass and instantly take the drakes health to 0.


It doesn’t say we can’t fight without magic.

@AAO hey do you remember when we discussed about Thalia nationality? I found where I read she is Japanese. In the Contacts it is write:

Thalia Sato: A siren freshman at Magi, she’s one of your suitemates. Originally from Japan, she came to NMC a few years ago.


Well, technically, in some underwater part of Japan. XD



I need to ask you a super important and super serious question about the game, alright?

Which female and male RO are the kinkiest in bed?

Like I said, a very important and serious question.


I suppose it’ll depend on whether the hunter MC will be allowed to use weapons or not, then. However, it still seems unlikely that they’d be able to hold their own in a face to face fight against more experienced, magic using combatants. And if they did, it would raise the question of how, exactly, they acquired such an extensive knowledge of fighting manouvers and magic weaknesses, and we wouldn’t want that. :sweat_smile:


The female must be Cressida, you know how they say, a lady in the streets…

My human MC was able to get 100 grade in Combat class, so he is not bad in hand to hand combat. I doubt he could win the tournament, but I would like to be able to participate.

It is no secret the MC is being trained by Jarrod and took Combat as his last class. It wouldn’t raise that much of questions.


Good point. I suppose that as long as your MC doesn’t douse anyone with holy oil, he should be good. :smile:


I was waiting for someone to ask that :joy:


I’m betting Thalia (biter) and shapeshifter guy(obvious)…

Why do I always forget his name?


wistful expression




Yakov’s the only guy I can remember in the story. Well him and Altiar but that’s because of his fan club :laughing:


Have to say… “How to be a heartbreaker.” Makes me tempted to figure out (ask) how to get that…


Will we ever find out why Ebner seems to have it out for the MC?


You have to be asked out by Astrid, Leon, Kol and Thalia on your first day. Your relationships with them have to be higher than 60, and you have to turn the first three down. (not sure if you have to turn Thalia down).

Does he? He seems to treat the MC the same as his other students.


geeeez. (20 fighting characters)


How do you even accomplish that… Freaking first day? What the hell…


There’s a reason it’s an achievement. :wink: But the four of them are the people it’s easiest to have a high relationship with.


I followed the instructions you provided to a tee, and the achievement didn’t seem to work… How did you do it exactly?


Ditto! I’d love me some guides!


@RagEgnite @DisturbedOne
I thought I’d gotten it before, but I might be mistaken :cold_sweat: I went through the code, and the variables looked fine, so I guess it’s a question for @daydreamsincolor.