Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

Me too! I haven’t really explored the others relationship wise except for Leons because…i don’t really know?


Don’t forget the Roxana as mom route. Ooh boy there’s gonna be a lot of angst for Sera in book 3…


Air conditioner frowns slightly lol


Question about pets

how good of relationship with Sera do you have to have to hatch the dragon egg?


Holy whoa I loved this one so much! Easily a 10/10 for me in almost every way.

That being said, I did pick up on a few iffy things…

Firstly, there was the fact that my dragon’s scales register as golden during the intervention even though I picked ruby earlier.

And then there was this weird and funny interaction where I was disappointed in Sera for picking magic theory immediately after I was happy with her for picking magic theory…and also could claim that magic theory was easier than magic theory. That was pretty bizarre.

But yeah, amazing work despite all that @daydreamsincolor ! I can’t wait for the sequel and will probably play this 15000 times in the meantime all whilst grinning like an idiot sheep the whole way.


Oh cool. I wasn’t expecting it before a few month.
I know what I’m going to play during this “confinment” in france.

I love this sequel with all the different branches of paths and subtle payoffs here and there from previous choices are so good. I get the feeling that some content were cut to make the game more manageable because there’s a lot of events were mentioned but were not fully explored. It does make for a believable story about a full year at a magical university. The thing I “enjoy” in this sequel is that it makes me thinks that all the major factions in the Magic world is kinda scummy. It feels more realistic. It feels like a natural progression as the MC gets more involved in the Magi politics.

The nymphs force obedience in a method akin to slavery, the nephilims would threaten to sacrifice people to further their agenda, the cambions sent monster to an innocent bystander on a hunch that they might be a keeper and the keepers themselves are prone to misusing their authority and power (looking at you Brant) . All of them indicates a systemic problem due to an unbalanced system. Putting most of the responsibility of keeping the balance on the Keepers feels like all the factions are trying to pawn off their responsibilities to keep the balance for their own agendas.

Please grant my chaotic keeper the option to destroy all of them and force all of them to rebuild in the finale. I want some accountability on this powerful figures.

A question though does empathy, telepathy and clairvoyance something that only comes naturally? nobody can train/learn to get those abilities?


I was kinda confused on why there’s no option to do that even tho my MC was super willing to tell her girlfriend that her mother was alive so she doesn’t have to be alone. But I guess their schedule was so packed and I kinda felt betrayed honestly.


I know! I mean there’s never a good time to tell someone “I accidentally resurrected your dead mom because I thought she was a forest spirit kitsune like me and also she cares more about revenge than you” BUT the sooner the better really! If she finds out the hard way it’ll just be worse. But maybe that’s the point and we’ll get some book 3 drama :eyes:


I second both of these^ picking magic theory then discussing it with Sera leads to a first the positive reaction over both of you picking it then immediately to the negative one that would have triggered if you hadn’t chosen magic theory


That and your parents may be involved with the Delacroix massacre, (so near the top of her mom’s hit list) and you may have poisoned her boss/controller.


I am looking at you…Aria, Aurora and Theo

That reminds me, does anyone know if there was ever any explanation of what Roxana meant in the first flashback where she says “you’re going to kill Anetha for me’”? Because as far as I remember, MC didn’t kill Anetha? Also, is it ever explained why Roxana brought MC to the Isle on the night of the Massacre when she knew it was going to happen or is that something for Book 3? My assumption is that she brought them there so she could hand them over to the people who actually carried out the massacre as a sort of payment or something, but I’m not sure if that’s right.


Does anybody know how to get the faction achievements? The ones where you can side with the humans, cambions, nephilims, nymphs, and hunters.

I’ve tried to get it 3 times now by romancing Astrid, Cressida, and Sera. Each playthrough, I tried to favor their respective races and tried to help their political parties.


You need to use the truth potion while siding with them. For hunters, you need high cunning.


What truth potion?


At first, she wants MC to grow up and kill Anetha. However, sometime in the interim, the massacre happens.. I’d say more but I’m not sure how many routes you’ve played, and with which parents.


She wanted the mc to kill anetha for her until she was able to get in contact with frostbite and had a way to kill her a lot sooner as mc was a baby when she said that


Are love interests mandatory? I’ve built my previous character as a colossal dick and found it strange and out of character that he would have a love interest.

Nope they are not mandatory