Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

The whole saníty thing doesn´t work very well in any of the books, because it is badly explained. So unless you code dive you have no idea what it actually checks.

In book one my character always seem to have lowish sanity, but nothing they do and nothing in the way they are described actually supports that. They don´t seem stressed, not really very affected by the monster attacks, and we have no choice, but to have a social life outside our studies wherever we want to or not, so I really don´t understand why it is so low.

In book two we are canonically stressed, but there is nothing we can do about it. (At least not what we are allowed to. Even when I pick every single I need to sleep option it doesn´t help.). The therapist doesn´t help either. It honestly feels like I am dragging something with the character from book one, but at least I understand it because it is actually described what is causing this, this time.

I must admit that I am a bit worried about book three when it comes to sanity. I fear that I get locked into a bad ending, because of a stat I can´t see.


I feel like your confusing sanity with self control. All sentient beings, regardless of their mental health, experience moments of emotional fragility and tension, which skews their natural reactions toward the extreme. Controlling and limiting these response is an act of disclipline. Various serial killers have mantained seemingly normal puplic persona’s despite there psychosis or sociopathy until they were caught, some of them even after they were caught.

does anyone know how to apply as healer as our part time job in the first game? I kinda surprise that it was an option and I really want know how to get that…

While it’s perfectly understandable why the Sanity stat is a hidden factor, I must say I share the same worry for book 3. After eight playthroughs I have only managed to not lose it when the mc saw the ro’s illusion at the forest three times, and two of them were the hunter runs.

From what I have gotten, sanity is maintained by not going through the secrets like who attacked the mc, but starting to get confused on what else helps.


has anyone been able to get the coincidences achievement?

supernatural mother, confront friends mother about potions recipe, talk with other friends mother when they’re leaving the embassy

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Yuh. I got this by accident in one of my playthroughs.

To get the achievement you need to have the single mom set as family.

(I played as a hunter in this run btw)

Just play through the game until you reach the part where you need to meet with your human friends. There will be a revelation about your human friend’s mom. A few chapters later, you’ll meet the dad of said friend and you’ll automatically get the achievement.

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@Flame9091 @Kion-kun thank you!

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The parentage doesn’t matter I think, you just need to be a human, magician, or hunter


Hmmm… i can’t speak for everyone else, but purely based on my personal experience , and just like MC i am a single child, mostly alone in doing many things like study , assignment even watching movie … and i had gone through many things since school days like being bully by classmate and even met with road accident ( hit by car from behind while riding motor cycle ) … i would said these are extreme emotional experience especially the culprit who hit me tŕied to blame me instead, but in all these event i was not scared of these ppl at all ( including the bullies) , i felt strangely calm as i regard them as fate by faith, knowing that God(s) will watch over good person… hence even when these bad ppl sort of threaten me or trying to manipulate me, i just calmly asserting the situation with logic, and was not preparing to run from them at all , i wait and prepare for the worst while saying my prayers…

Well , that sort of the same thing my MC is doing, even with extreme past experience, ìs fully believing my fate is guided by thr Higher power

When you get all the invitations to a solstice party (from IIRC the nephilim, cambion, nymphs, and human embassy, choose the cambion party. Later you will have a choice to use a truth potion on the secretary. Do it. It’s shady but you know.

Honestly, doing it the first time makes it feel like it’s shady, but when everybody’s secrets have secrets you need to be willing to dirty your hands somewhat. Patil and Celosia in particular didn’t make me feel bad at all for drugging them, especially Celosia.


@daydreamsincolor I am stunned with how good the Cyrus romance is. I’ve done them all except Astrid and Katia and it is my favorite. Thank you.


It’s still shady, but not the worst thing I’ve done.

That would be resurrecting my best friend’s dead mom and not telling her about it.



Boy did that come out of left field. I’m almost tempted to switch my Seramancer from drakaina to kitsune just for that.


Does anyone know if

it is possible to have Dominic turn from Frostbite? I was considering doing a run where MC flirts/tries to date him but I don’t think I would want to if he were to stay with Frostbite.

Thank you in advance!


It doesn’t work but you get an achievement and a cool secret if you do try and you pass the stat checks


Just did my Kitsune/Sera RO file and boy do I feel like a grade A jerk. Like if she splits after she finds out I’d completely understand?? Especially after her super sweet confession.


I made another commission, and I strongly recommend the artist! Kotdan has hyped me up SO much that I had to have more MC content

Anyway, lightning-manipulating MC is best MC


@daydreamsincolor Would a lightning elemental be able to have superspeed/move really fast when they’re in their elemental form ? Also couldn’t elementals use telekinesis to fly like cambions? Lastly how many elementals are able to achieve elemental form of their respective element? what would you say are the greatest benefits of being able to turn into Fire, Ice or Lightning itself? Thanks!