Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

That scene is dependant of your RO

Thanks, I was confusing the scenes then!

What will happen and what will be the ending of the book when I take the side of Dominic?

I didn’t choose that, and I don’t want to go through the entire book for only one choice, but I’m curious about it.

if you take Dominic side he will explain that he was the one working for frostbite


What do I have to do to make killing Celosia available? I have it greyed out :thinking:

I’m pretty sure it’s your cruel stat, but I don’t know how high it has to be.

So Cruel: 64% is not enough? Uhh…

I believe you need something to give you a proper motive. Either be on Leon, Sera, or Katia’s route, or support the Nymphs and slip Celosia a truth potion when the option comes up, which I think requires a certain degree of Chaotic.


Actually, you don’t need chaotic to slip the potion; you just need 30 cunning, But yes, you basically need to meet one of those motives; you can’t just kill her because you want to

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This may be an odd question but can you start a relationship with one of your dormmates in this game or do you have to import a save or pick someone at the very beginning if you want a romance?

I ask since I was trying see if a romance with Astrid could naturally develop in the sequel, but I ended up getting blindsided by Astrid/Leon.

Yes, if you want to romance them you need to choose it at the beginning of the second game.

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Question. My RO in book 1 was Astrid, and I saw the option to do a messy break up with her at the beginning of book 2. Does this give any good scenes in book 2 or is it just a way to make a new a RO available?

The latter

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No full scenes, but you can get an extra line or two acknowledging it here and there and the option to say you’re sorry about how things turned out near the end of book 2.


Sad, would have been a cool addition. Ty guys