Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

Omg yesss! Her book 2 end scene though would make a good, but late start :eyes:


It’s because Celosia likes Sera because she’s an emotionless robot, so she needs to continue presenting that way for her own safety, even after she develops feelings for the MC (romantic or platonic) and becomes more emotionally expressive when she is alone with them. Celosia cares for Sera, but only for what she wants and imagines her to be, not who she really is.


Fr, like it gives me Disney channel nostalgia. It’s like a Disney channel movie that would be about a magic college, but it’s actually good :relieved:

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Finally did a Hunter character with high cunning. Fascinating storyline!


Because marcelas timing really was suspicious and she wasn’t being attacked all the time like us. Dominic had his suspicions too though. He showed up randomly, we never knew his business, and his orders purpose was supposed to be protecting people, yet he nor his people lifted a finger to help anyone


How do you get coincidences achievement

Play is a human, hunter, or magician

Don’t worry, I almost did the same, then realized my character, oddly enough, had a much higher relationship with her than him, like 15 difference.

Out of curiosity, when you psycho murderous dad, are you referring the Anderson family? Of so do they have family magic?

Yes to both questions.

I drew my mc Luna with her hair down and wings out! (pls ignore the messy lineart :upside_down_face: )

Also a bonus with my other mc Ember and her bf Yakov when they promised to save Yakov’s siblings together :relaxed: (i know the height differences isn’t exactly correct so just imagine Yakov is leaning down real hard :sweat_smile:)


Meh, lets just say youre sitting on his lap xD

I like them, but for some reason cant picture him so “nice”. For some reason, to me he is some sort of moody guy that looks like an emoish nerd. Kind of my mental image of him.

I wish the book was longer :frowning:


Please @daydreamsincolor I need a Marcela route in the next book >_<

Try not to laugh


In chapter 11 it’s missing the choice to transform into a dragon to stop the dude attacking you,looking at the code it seems to be because it uses “dragon” instead of “drakaina”


Also, the first chapter is missing the +3 boost for the element choice in the beginning.

I mentioned this around the time the game first released, but didn’t send in an official bug report. Might be worth doing that


@daydreamsincolor Just tagging the author in case this gets lost :slight_smile:

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Found an error

Here, he’s not even awake. It’s in the iced-themed restaurant part.

Also, what do we have to do to be present when he wakes up? Is some stat check?

I have been meaning ask when we choose our options for our parents for the Anderson route Julian is our father and Drusilla our aunt then what happened to the third sibling Lucas and if we choose the Castella route is still same but in reverse without knowing Tremblay

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