Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

Too bad, that’s my job

Love the demo! Keep up the good work!

I really like this so far.
It kinda reminds me of attack on titan (the last seasons…) specially if at some point mc goes against their friends(which I’m hoping for lol).

Well done!

Is there a way to import a save from the Steam version of the Keeper series for this or will that function only be accessible after the game releases? If not, then is there a way to at least have our progress match what we experienced in the previous two games?

Im reasonably certain that nearly every game that gets a continuation to another gets a import but typically that happens when the game is released and the option to start saveing the previous one is when something like 80% of the next game is finished.

Oh, I thought the book was nearly finished

I think it is lol but what i stated was what i think i recall from the past about such things far as saves are concerned for games that have been released.

Then I guess I’m gonna have to continue waiting until this game finishes cause I don’t remember most of the stuff I did with some of the MCs I made in the previous Books and I have a few saves. So I don’t even know much on what’s in this Book since I didn’t want any spoilers. The only thing I remember glancing by chance was that some players kept mentioning how their MC is going crazy and they like it or something.

Yeah i had a ton myself lol but ended up deleting most for fresh starts. Can unserstand the spoiler bit so wont say more than i have in the past but i am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the end.

Nope, you have to wait until the actual release, and no, you can’t mimic your play through perfectly because a lot of those variables either haven’t been introduced or haven’t been built into character creation yet

Not that I know of, no; everything intended for the public demo is out, but the full thing is not completed to my knowledge